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Why the One Professing Christ Had No Answer for You, Muhammad

On a recent Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program called “The Current,” Tina Pittaway interviewed former Army specialist Joshua Casteel, a soldier who served in Iraq as an interrogator at Abu Ghraib prison.

The reason of interest in conducting such an interview was the transformation Casteel underwent during his tour of duty. He went from being the most recent in a family with a history of serving in the US military to becoming an active member of “Iraq Veterans Against the War,” practicing “a tough love approach to [his] government.”

Pittaway calls Casteel a devout Christian whose conscience was severely tested in Iraq. The story (according to Pittaway): While serving as an interrogator at Abu Ghraib, “he met a Muslim prisoner that challenged his fundamental belief in America’s God and Country.” This encounter “transformed Mr. Casteel from interrogator to conscientious objector.”

According to Joshua, he aspired to be a force of restraint and justice in the Name of Christ, but instead found himself in the depths of a moral quagmire to which he had no answer. Many North Americans who consider themselves Christian share this dilemma – they do not know how to deal with or answer Islam in the Name of Christ. All efforts to do so have led to unpalatable and even disastrous results. This article will expose the lack of clear understanding and direction that underlies the current strife, and provide for that lack.

Muslim onlookers who witness the dissension and confusion of the West in its responses, especially as typified by Casteel in his story, must necessarily walk away, if not with contempt and derision, at least with the conclusion that Christians have no answers. That would be premature because there are answers, which are given here in the story of what happened during Casteel’s attempt to interrogate the Jihadi. What is insoluble for man is soluble to God, and He has not left us helpless.

Here is a condensed overview of the story Joshua presented to Tina, with our explanation of what really happened:

Most of those Joshua interrogated at Abu Ghraib professed innocence. He tended to believe them, though he also found himself, to his surprise and dismay, strangely transformed by his role as interrogator to become, with great ease, a raging accuser. While trying to build a case against those he interrogated, profanities would flow out of his mouth as he felt the anger associated with being the agent of justice dealing with those who were criminal and evil. It was his job to acquire justice by getting the truth out of his subject. He felt justified because, no matter what he did, he was “right.”

Obviously he was not right to think or act this way. A man who is not in control of his tongue or his actions is not always right. A Christian (one walking in the Spirit of Christ) would not be heaping profanities on those not certified guilty, or even those who are. At this point, all that was required to fully expose Casteel’s spiritual bankruptcy and to cause his moral posturing to collapse came in the form of a confessed Jihadi from Saudi Arabia. This fellow had been recruited by a Sunni cleric to fight the infidels. Just 22 years old, the Jihadi had never fired a gun and was arrested only two weeks after crossing the border into Iraq. By openly declaring himself a committed Jihadi, he was basically telling his US captors that he was guilty and never wanted to be released. It was a slam-dunk case.

Joshua opened the interrogation by asking the Jihadi why he came to Iraq to kill. The Jihadi replied by asking him, “Why did you come to Iraq to kill?” The Jihadi reasoned that if the US had a peaceable intention it would have sent different people, not soldiers. Soldiers are sent to kill.

Are soldiers just sent to kill? If so, why were they not killing every Iraqi in sight? How was it the Saudi was now being interviewed, instead of sitting in front of a firing squad? Obviously killing was not the sole mission of these soldiers. Joshua answered that he did not come to Iraq to kill, but because it was his duty, and he was trying to prevent the killing of innocent people. That is true, for when soldiers are sent into a potentially hostile area they must be armed to accomplish good, and to bring about order where it is lacking and where others are opposed to seeing it established.

Nevertheless a subtle, though overt, change of power had taken place, and Joshua, instead of conducting the interview, was now the one interrogated.

He should have been asking the Jihadi just who he was, as one following Muhammad – a man who conquered and plundered his neighbors, to cast moral doubt on the actions of soldiers commanded to establish order in a land filled with hostilities caused by Islam. These hostilities preceded the entry of the US army. What were Jihadis doing to address other previous invasions of soldiers, such as the Iraqi attacks on Iran and Kuwait? War is Muhammad’s legacy, passed on by his diabolical commission to Muslims to subjugate all “infidels” (those who disagree with you and with your rule over them). It is Muhammad’s example and teaching that loosed the passion in greedy men for acquisition and domination, justifying and empowering them, which has spawned many wars. Who are they to talk to others that are trying to deal with the fallout of their actions?

Regarding the role of soldiers, did not the United States military help to stabilize Europe and the Far East in the aftermath of World War II by the presence of armed soldiers, who did not kill citizens but protected them and their goods? The problem in Iraq is not the presence of US soldiers, but the presence of Muhammad’s doctrine of spiritual superiority that entitles him to subjugate the world, and permits no one else to tell a Muslim anything, even and especially the truth for his good. What a steep price comes with Muhammad’s pride!

The followers of Muhammad, today’s terrorists and Jihadis, design and execute sieges, attacks, murders, and all manner of public relations stratagems in order to force others to bow to them in the name of their devil god, Allah, a bloodthirsty and lustful demon. If any country or people resist the execution of Muhammad’s charge upon them, in whatever manner deemed necessary, who are these lying hypocrites, the militant Islamists, to judge and condemn them?

If killing was such a problem to this Jihadi, where were he and other Jihadis when Saddam Hussein was murdering their fellow Muslims and Arab brethren? Perhaps he did not count Iranians as human beings because they were Shiite and not Sunni, or Persian and not Arab? What about the Kuwaitis Hussein attacked? Does the pursuit of war spoils transcend even brotherly connections? Apparently it does.

After Saddam Hussein (the man who not only attacked his neighbors at peace with him, but even killed his own countrymen) was overthrown, the United States army did not commence an attack on the Iraqi people. It was a minority of Iraqis, plus others like this Jihadi from Saudi Arabia, who began attacking the US soldiers and their own fellow Muslims. How can anyone take seriously these complaints from one who follows in the footsteps of Muhammad and his raiders, terrorists and subduers of peoples and lands by the edge of the sword? Who are they to cry foul when their own tyrants are overthrown?

Unlike Muhammad and his followers, who conquer and force conversion or penalty taxes on their subjects (if they have not killed them), the United States does not force Muslims to convert or pay extra taxes. They are not required to pay for the horrendous cost of freeing them from a madman. They have simply been handed the golden opportunity to be delivered from tyranny and the Muslim agenda of hate. If the Iraqis were united in wanting peace, surely it would be theirs, but how can they free themselves from the self-imposed straitjacket of Islam?

The insanity of the United States has been that they expect to gain cooperation and goodwill from those who consider themselves the true representatives of God, who have been at war with the infidels of the West and at each others’ throats for over a thousand years.

It is plain enough to see that Jihadis and followers of Muhammad are not for peace. There is a long record that attests to this fact. From the very beginning, Muhammad set a pattern of war and hostility. He was a lying thief, stealing the Name of God to provide cover for his dastardly deeds. In doing so he declared war on Truth and thereby on all mankind. The fruit has not fallen far from the tree; his followers do the same as he did. They will not rest or be content unless they rule over all. If the Iraqi people want peace, they will have to resist, to the death, those among them who are committed to Muhammad’s program of world domination. But how can they do that when they are all Muslims?

Back to the interview: The Jihadi, going for the kill, asked Joshua if he was a Christian. When he answered in the affirmative, the Jihadi replied to Joshua that he was a very puzzling man, because he was not following the commandments of Jesus to love his enemies or to pray for those who persecuted him, turning the other cheek.

If only Casteel was a Christian in truth and knew the Lord Jesus Christ, he would have recognized the contradictions of his accuser and the misapplication of Christ’s words. What an audacious charge the Jihadi made, for one who, by his religion, denied the authority of Christ and Scripture, yet acted as if he really knew or cared what Christ said or meant! A Jihadi is one dedicated to the mission of hate and persecution taught by Muhammad in the Koran. Who is he to lecture others in the Name of Christ about their response to his violence?

The only reason Jihadis mention the words of Christ is to confound and weaken the resolve of those they wish to subjugate at the soonest possible moment, and to whom they will show none of the love of Christ they hypocritically require of their enemies. Was this Jihadi loving his enemies, as Christ commanded, or turning the other cheek? What a liar! How great was Joshua’s blindness!

Though his reasoning about Christ was perverse and self-serving, the Jihadi was right about Joshua; he was not a Christian. It is true that he did not love his enemies, because he does not love the Truth. Joshua was religious in the Name of Christ, but not a Christian in the Spirit of Christ. There is a profound difference between the two: one is man-made and destructive; the other is God-made and life-giving. To truly be Christian means that something supernatural from God happened within a person to make him or her a new creature. It is God’s doing and a manifestation of His Presence (Christ). True Christianity is not religion; it is the Nature of God bestowed by the grace of God through the faith of Christ, which is not recognized or known by unregenerate mankind. If it were, mankind would not have crucified God come in the flesh, Jesus Christ, and would not persecute His followers. The Real cannot be imitated, but everywhere we see false Christianity making God in man’s image. Joshua is part of a vast multitude just like him, members of Babylon (“confusion”).

It is to be expected that Muslims do not know Christ. How can they when they do not come to God through Him, the only way there is, and confess Him as the Son of God? Islam rejects His resurrection, by which Christ was openly declared before mankind to be the Son of God with power and the Savior of all men.

Rejecting the Savior in the Name of God is evil enough, but what is even worse and by far the greater shame is that those professing the Name of Christ do not believe Him but deny Him in all their ways. That is how it has ended up that heathen idol worshippers, who worship a sinful man and pay homage five times each day to a black stone in Mecca, are defining Christ for such as Joshua here, who believes the Jihadi because he is no less an idolater himself.

The Jihadi says to the Western Christian: “You are supposed to do what your Lord, Christ, says, which is to love and pray for me. Don’t pay attention to the fact that I have come to supplant what Jesus says with what my lord, Muhammad, says, and to deny you your freedoms.” In other words, “You do what Christ commanded so I can enact what Muhammad commanded upon you.”

But Jesus said His sheep will not hear the voice, or follow the instructions, of another. We do not obey or countenance those planning to murder or subdue us in the name of their god, any more than sheep would follow the wolf into his killing lair.

Islam, openly rejecting Christ, serves as a sharp rebuke to the lukewarm Western “Christians,” who reject Him in their hearts while professing with their lips to follow Him. For this reason the Jihadi had Joshua dead to rights, and that is why he prevailed in his argument. He had no gun, but his words were far more effective than bullets could ever be. Whereas the Jihadi had a passionate commitment to the cause of Muhammad and his god, Allah, Casteel lacked knowledge of, and commitment to, the One he professed, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Jihadi claimed that he had such peace from his faith in Islam that if he were to spend the rest of his life in prison he could accept it as the will of God. Joshua, he observed, did not have this kind of peace or faith, because he was not following the commandments of Jesus to love his enemies. Joshua called this the Jihadi’s “ace in the deck,” because it left him speechless except to admit that it was true.

Of course the Jihadi was right that Joshua did not have the peace of one committed to the Lord or to a cause (though those are two different kinds of peace, one real, and one of delusion). Not standing on the rock-solid Foundation of Truth, Joshua failed to notice that the Jihadi, by invoking the love of one’s enemies, was admitting that he was an enemy in his service to the cause of Islam. The same applies to all dedicated Muslims, going back to Muhammad. And these are not simply philosophical enemies, disputing about doctrines, but ones who have taken up arms to carry out attacks that let us know their bloody intentions. The West remains asleep, though, in part because this is not the full-blown, head-on, Hitler-style land war of the kind that cannot be denied.

The war of the Muslim to subjugate or convert all infidels (Christians, Jews, Baha’i, Buddhists, New Age, etc.) is patterned after Muhammad’s example, hiding behind talk of peace and biding his time until he thinks he is strong enough to win. Until then, the Muslim will use agreements and appearances to deceive and hide his true intentions, though these intentions are openly declared in several ways, most notably in the Koran, which book any lover of peace and truth would burn and ban from any society that cherishes virtue and freedom.

With the Jihadi’s open confession of being an enemy, backed up with an existing enormous body of evidence of intent to commit bodily and material harm, a soldier and his army have every right and, yes, even duty, to respond accordingly. The Jihadi’s goal, as stated in his own “holy” book, is to rule the world, and to do whatever it takes to accomplish this end. All must face Mecca and bow to Muhammad’s false god, Allah. It certainly is no sin for the governments of men to resist their demise at the hands of despotic, God-denying, blaspheming maniacs.

Does that mean the governments or rulers of men have been righteous? Not at all. It is, in fact, because they have not been righteous that God has raised up The Muslim Scourge as a chastening for the evils and hypocrisies practiced by the nations. They are reaping as they have sown.

In the United States there are two major evils that have brought on the judgment of Islamic Jihad, which two are connected. The first is that those who profess Christ do so in vain, loving money rather than God. They are trusting in the creature and created things of this world for influence and to get what they want, rather than trusting in the Creator, and doing what He commands and deems to be right, which is good for everyone.

The other sin, which stems from the first, is the betrayal of Israel, God’s chosen people in this world. While playing the part of a friend, the United States has continuously sold out Israel to its Islamic neighbors, hobbling Israel as she fends for herself in a life and death struggle, while the US has sat in relative safety, maintaining its business interests. The US is ever putting pressure on Israel to make suicidal concessions to avowed enemies, in order to maintain its own relationships with oil-rich Muslim nations and other countries aligned with them in opposing Israel, kowtowing for black gold and the self-serving friendships of this world based on mammon.

Now the US is finding out firsthand how easy it is to appease and deal with the Arab Muslims with which Israel has been dealing for sixty years and more. And how blind are the president of the United States and his secretaries, who say Islam is a religion of peace! How can people of such enormous responsibility for the well being of their nation possibly be so naïve, ignorant, and irresponsible, even criminally negligent? We choose not to think they are deliberately selling out America and the West, yet the Koran is there for them to read at any time and the evidence of its desired, specified fruits everywhere. George Bush professes faith in Christ. If he truly had it, he could not praise murderous Islam, which directly denies the Son of God, not after reading the Koran and assessing the fruits of its leaders the world over.

President Bush, it is radical Islam that is the real Islam. “Moderate” Islam is merely a prepared field of harvest in due time for those terrorists who are of full age. And are they not recruiting in mosques the world over? Sir, your eye is not single. You have sand in your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Please lift your head.

Here is Islam’s perverse definition of “love” that they apply to and demand of the West: “You should not resist me while I cultivate a hatred and demolition of all that you are and have. Can you not see that I do not attack you with my left hand (the “secular” Muslims), though I do with my right hand (the Koran-believing Jihadis)? Who will you believe, me or your lying eyes?” This love, which the Jihadi preached to Casteel in order to convert him to be a stooge in Islam’s cause, is all about how you treat him, and has nothing to do with how he treats you, or how he intends to treat you. It is the very opposite of the love of God in Christ, which is about how you treat others. Obviously the Jihadi was not doing what he preached.

But shouldn’t he, if, as a Muslim, he invokes Jesus Christ as a prophet of God? Even if America was there to steal everything, he should lay down his arms and love them, just as he demanded of Joshua, according to his own definition and application of the words of Christ. While Muslims call Jesus a prophet, they refuse to acknowledge Him as the Christ, the Son of God. Nor do they believe anything He says. Whenever these warriors for Allah quote Him, it is for their purposes and not for His. If anyone quotes His words from the Bible to them, and it does not suit their agenda, they quickly object that the Bible has been corrupted and cannot be trusted. Yet it is they who are corrupt and untrustworthy altogether.

But Jesus Christ is not as Jihadis depict Him to serve their evil purposes. He is not the fool they paint Him as. He does not ask a people to allow others to make them bow down to their false gods and be murdered. He has put the governments of this world in place to deal with such matters:

“If you would have no fear of the authority, do good and you will have praise; for he is the servant of God to you for good. But if you do evil, have fear; for the sword is not in his hand for nothing: he is God’s servant, making God’s punishment come on the evil-doer” (Romans 13:1-4 BBE).

The Muslims seek to rule this present evil world in the name of their god, but Jesus Christ said, “My Kingdom is not of this world,” and, “Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.” That is why I said that this Jihadi and Islam know nothing of God or Jesus Christ, because their ways are manifestly from beneath, earthly and devilish. They use the counterfeit endorsement Muhammad issued in the Name of the God of Abraham and Christ to attain all that they wish on earth, and, if this is denied them, they promise their followers they will attain it in the next realm – sex and carnal delights to their hearts’ content. (It is not certain, however, if Muslim women will find the same level of gratification promised to their men, if any at all, unless knowing the men are fulfilling their lusts is gratifying to them.)

When Jesus said to love your enemies, He was not talking about foreign policy. He was speaking to individuals about an attitude, an inner readiness and obedience in leaving the matter of vengeance to God, recognizing His sovereignty and the fact that He raised up these enemies in the first place, for their good. Correction and understanding are necessary to be conformed to His image, without which we cannot reap the rewards of His righteousness. This is the true and abundant life that Jesus Christ came to give the world, which Muhammad and his followers deny, not knowing or having it themselves, and fighting to keep all others in the same darkness.

By all means Jihadis must be resisted and fought by the governments of this world. They that live by the sword (promote its use without just cause) shall die by the sword. It is not dishonorable or ungodly in the least for nations to engage mortal enemies in combat, with whatever kind of engagement is necessary. Casteel had nothing to apologize for, but rather ample cause to soundly rebuke the hypocritical double standards of Muhammad’s follower. He could not do this, though, because he was blinded by his sins, guilty, even by his own admission, of walking in a superior attitude and making unsound judgments without substance.

This is the state of affairs for all self-righteous do-gooders who try to emulate a “Jesus Christ” manufactured by their imaginations. With some variation, this is the “Christ” depicted by the multitude of pretentious religions parading in His Name, all claiming to be the true people of God. The result is, that instead of peace, they find turmoil and unrest in their works. Not being founded on the Rock of Ages, but on the rot of false sages, they reap all kinds of evils and are ripe pickings for the jackals and wolves of the world, such as Islamists and those among themselves who serve their own bellies. Not able to overcome evil with truth and perhaps save a man from damnation, he was instead brought deeper into his hell by the Jihadi.

After being eviscerated by the Jihadi’s arguments, Joshua went on to spill his guts and shame. He told the Jihadi that his moral heroes had been prisoners, like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, St. Paul, and Jesus – “people who had been wrongly accused and unjustly imprisoned,” and that his life would have been more coherent from a spiritual perspective if he were the one in prison instead of the Jihadi. The Jihadi replied that he did not believe this, and Joshua admitted that he did not think he truly did, either.

How could Joshua compare himself to Jesus and Paul, when they were taken prisoner for their testimony before God, and he had none? Jesus and Paul were not soldiers in an earthly war. They had no armies and no intentions to overthrow the government, or to even be involved in its affairs. They represented the God of Heaven, and fought the good fight of faith. Jesus, when being taken by the ruling powers of this world, said that He could have called on the Father for as many angels as necessary to resist them, if He so chose. He chose not to, because He came for the very purpose of laying down His life to reconcile us to God, all of us.

Casteel came to Iraq not in the employ of God, but in the employ of the US army. That does not mean he could not have sought to serve God in his station, but he had no business mixing in his mixed-up theology with his job. That is what the Jihadis do, and do it well, because their founder was all about mixing theology with the political machinations of this world, just like the source of his inspiration, the Catholic Church.

As for what a soldier is to do before God, John the Baptist answered the soldiers who came to him asking what God required of them. He said:

“Neither intimidate any one nor lay false charges; and be content with your pay” (Luke 3:14 WNT).

Joshua, by his own admission, was intimidating those who were not proven guilty. He was failing to do what was his God-given duty. How could he then presume to know what would please God, since he was already doing the opposite? Not walking with God, how was he to preach about Him or to hypothesize with one it was his job to question? By doing so he failed both his employer and the One he professed as God.

Defeated, Joshua tried to rally by drawing on his “faith to find common ground” with the Jihadi. Is this not very revealing? How does one that professes Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior of all men find common ground with one who denies Him, calling God a liar and the testimony of His saints fabrications? Could there be any more fundamental and substantive a divide? But the reality is that there is no divide, because Joshua does not have the faith of Christ and does not believe in Him any more than does the Jihadi. The Jihadi was just a tad more open about it.

Joshua talked about the cycle of vengeance shared by Christianity and Islam, not recognizing or acknowledging that true Christianity does not preach or practice world conquest by carnal means, because it is a direct reflection and representation of the One after Whom it is Named and Who inspires and energizes it. True Christianity has had nothing to do with the “cycle of violence.” It is false Christianity, practiced by the likes of the Catholic Church, which has brought violence to men in its quest for world domination in the name of its god – mammon, the spirit that animates it. In that respect, Joshua was right.

Islam has no such dichotomy, spiritual and carnal, true and false, because its program for world domination is simply a reflection of the singular nature of the corrupt man who conceived it, who had nothing to do with God, and whose record speaks for itself and is not hidden from anyone. Islam is totally carnal in word, thought, and deed. It affects spirituality, but is not connected to the Spirit of God, as so many thoughtlessly declare, saying, “It is all the same God.” No; it is not. There is a God in Heaven Who is not the product of men or conducting Himself in their ways.

Casteel says of the Jihadi and himself:

“I realized that I couldn’t tell him anything because I needed to show him, and be that answer, and to be able to say that there is an answer to that cycle of vengeance that says I am justified to kill you and you are justified to kill me – let’s both take this path together and set aside this cycle of violence – and I couldn’t say that sitting there in my uniform, being in the position of interrogator.”

No, he could not say that, particularly being in the position of a non-Christian. As a military man, however, his reasoning is so foolish! It is the rationale of “useful idiots” who unwittingly serve as Islam’s best boosters. Joshua suggests the laying down of all arms without knowing what he is talking about. If he knew anything about the Koran and the history of Islam, he would be aware that getting its takeover targets to voluntarily set aside their weapons is the ultimate goal of Islamic propaganda and posturing. And how much easier it is to spread poisonous lies and evil influence when your victims consider you harmless and peaceable! How much easier to conquer them when they lay down their arms! Casteel was totally confused and without a clue.

He concluded that both he and the Jihadi were idealists believing in their faiths. For once he was right, except that instead of their faiths having any credibility whatsoever before God, as he allowed, they have none because both are man-made. Yet the Jihadi has the advantage, being convinced of his cause, while Casteel, as so many others, deems all religions to be legitimate and equal in their own right. How can he then stand for anything, particularly Christianity?

He also rightly called the Jihadi his “Muslim mirror.” Joshua knew that he had been correctly called on his contradictions and that the Jihadi had exploited his anxieties. What he was supposed to do in his interrogations with detainees, was turned back on him. No longer gathering intelligence as per his job description, he went to his chain of command and told them his objectivity had been broken. He filed for conscientious objector status and was eventually dismissed from the military.

After leaving the military, Joshua converted to Catholicism and met with pope Benedict, trying to pressure him and the Catholic Church to take a more vocal and active stance against the war.

How fitting that Casteel should join the Catholic Church! Its false and treacherous ways are dedicated to waging war (by now you must know that not all warfare is with guns) for unjust gain. Its well-attested history of seeking world domination is what has spawned Islam, an imitator that follows her evil example and comes against it as a competitor and adversary. Now the Roman Catholic Church’s sins have come home to roost, and Joshua, serving as a guilty conscience for all the murders, intrigues, and crusades, whispers in the pope’s ear to actively support and campaign for the laying down of arms in the West.

What is a pope to do?! His flock (which includes many “Protestants,” estranged children of the same mother) is physically vulnerable to Islamists in various places around the world. He dare not incite the anger of Muhammad’s henchmen, yet he cannot afford to let Islam run free and without restriction, converting the world to its cause, thereby utterly humiliating him, if not rendering him obsolete. Stripped of the armies he once had in the days of old, he is bound to appeal to world powers for protection, the very ones of whom he thinks to be the savior, and yet has abused as the self-proclaimed and false “Vicar of Christ.” What irony! What horrid contradiction!

One such power, the United States, was founded, by and large, as a place of refuge from religious tyranny and persecution by the Catholic Church and her daughter, the Episcopal Church of England. In the name of liberality and freedom of religion and speech, the US welcomed the very same vipers into her bosom, as she has also done with pernicious Islam. No wonder this country is so divided and confused! When the eye is not single, how great is the darkness!

Here is the conclusion of the matter:

The Muslims cry, “Foul!” when the West uses the term “Crusade,” understandably so; yet they use the term “Jihad” freely, by which they have slaughtered many non-Muslims throughout the world without provocation. Both terms can loosely be defined as “holy war.” Muslims constantly reserve the right to do whatever they disallow us, and all that they please, demanding that we have but one right, that being to do as they say in their perfect hypocrisy.

The constant, blatant contradiction of Islam is a marvel indeed. It claims and pretends righteousness, yet is unapologetically responsible for every evil imaginable, and not only so, but exploding with indignation when we but mention one of its evils in passing. It is free to kill, rape, and plunder without cause, call Jews and Christians “apes and pigs,” and we commit heinous crime in their sight for criticizing, even questioning, much more decrying its atrocities. “You call us violent murderers? We will kill you for that!”

Lies and deception are acceptable to them by Allah, Muhammad and the Koran. No good thing is sacred to them. They use our laws against us and retain the right to break them as they please, according to their advantage and convenience. By our laws, we hand them the sword, tie our own hands behind our backs, and give them the right to behead us, all in the name of freedom of religion. Their religion teaches to kill and to subjugate all infidels (non-Muslims), and Muslims lie, denying it is so, in spite of the clear dictates of their “holy” book. And while Western society exists and survives by denouncing such conduct, it now permits Islam to impose its values upon it with impunity. Can there be greater contradiction? Be assured and forewarned: Where resides contradiction, there comes defeat and destruction.

“But Jesus, knowing their thoughts, said to them: Every kingdom being divided against itself is made desolate, and every city or house being divided against itself shall not stand” (Matthew 12:25 EMTV).

Does one do right by sanctioning wrong? Does one preserve freedom by sanctioning and giving equality of status and power to forces against freedom? Freedom to be innocently wrong and freedom to do deliberate wrong are two entirely different freedoms, are they not? They are therefore to be treated quite differently.

Victor Hafichuk

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