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The Muslim Scourge: Ordained by God

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We got this response to The Muslim Scourge:

you are full of ****, [censored]

more you attack islam more it spreads. keep attacking it

Victor’s reply:

Mike, you are mistaken that we are attacking the Muslims. Why would we attack them if they are sent of God to judge the West? We would be found coming against the One we serve, Jesus Christ, Who sends them. Besides, who can prevent or withstand Him? We merely speak the truth of what those He sends are like, and what the West deserves and needs because of its sins. Furthermore, contrary to your threat, opinion, or speculation, my commentary on Muslims and their purpose will not hasten, delay or alter in any way their coming. That is in God’s (Jesus Christ’s) hands, and not in those of a mere creature like you or me.

Perhaps you need to consider whether you and so many others aren’t the ones full of doo doo, as you accuse us. That is why the Muslims are coming and are here, and, I suppose, you with them. You believe the lies they teach and, though they call Jesus Christ a prophet, they deny Him and all that He taught and lived, as do you.

Men who surrendered their lives to break the demonic yoke of the Catholic Church thus made available the freedoms we have today. These freedoms did not just happen. Now Jesus Christ is taking them away from all those who have despised them and lived in selfish pleasures and idolatries of every kind.

We have had correspondence with you before. Why are you so bitter a fellow? Is it not revealing of Muslims that people with your kind of spirit are fertile recruitment material for them? True, pagan religion is predominantly what the “Christian” religion is all about, but is Jesus Christ at fault for men’s sins against Him? We happen to know Him, His will, His sovereignty over all, and are thankful that He has granted us the grace to identify with Him in His creation. The Muslims are mere instruments in His hands, and when done with them, He will judge them for all their wickedness, you included. Until then, have your day; it is yours to have, unless God decides to have mercy on you. Just know that there will be a price to pay you never bargained for, or, undoubtedly, would never pay had you known what it would be.


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