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The Lying Mouth of Islam

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Ali wrote to us several months after our last correspondence. Any remnant of the mask of moderation and friendliness was now gone as he openly revealed the true face of hypocritical and hateful Islam. Here are some quotes from his most recent letter (in blue) with past statements (in red) that help contrast the contradiction of his words:

Here is the smell of hatred in your heart against Muhammad and against anyone who wants to tell the truth. It is not strange of you. You are those who condemn all the sound sources.

And just what “sound sources” do we condemn? Muhammad’s Koran of course, of which Ali said about its conflict with the Bible:

To get back to the original version of the Bible, you have to look in the Koran. Any contradiction between the two Books means that there is a modification in Biblical texts.

While Ali condemns the Bible as unsound, he condemns us for pointing out that the Koran has serious and irreparable divergences from the Bible, on which the Koran claims to be founded. Not only does Ali hypocritically condemn himself by criticizing that which he does, but he also condemns his chosen “sacred” book. How can the Koran be true if it is founded on the prophets whose recorded words in the Bible are unilaterally declared by Ali and Islam to be unsound? What exactly is the Koran founded on, if all we have in the Bible are unreliable lies?

If a man shows up in Russia claiming to be the ambassador of the United States, declaring things contrary to the previously well established and known policy of the United States, the Russians know for certain the man is a fraud. The same is true with Muhammad and his Koran. His declaration of having been sent by the God of the Bible was demonstrably false, as we document in our writings.

Ali continues in his recent letter:

You have killed the prophets Zachariah, Yahya and the others and you have even tried to kill Jesus and Muhammad. The Jews only represent traitors of the messengers of God and of mankind. You are inferior people.

But further on, he contradicts himself (added emphasis):

The myth of a ‘holy people’ has caused a lot of catastrophes on mankind. We must consider others, whatever their origins might be, all as normal humans and they are never inferior.

Which is it? It cannot be both – there are no inferior people but Jews are inferior. And if Jews are always traitors of God, how can he claim the following in a previous letter?

I am a Muslim and I respect all religions.

How can he respect those he calls traitors and murderers, except that he is a liar? How disorienting is his compulsive spinning! We are inferior, he says, while accusing us of having his same attitude of superiority towards others, which, he concludes, is wrong. This he learned from his master, whom everyone should be serving:

I tell you that you can qualify me, but you can never qualify the master of humankind Muhammad (on him be the peace and the godly blessings). He is my master and your master sent by the Great master of the universe: our good God: Allah…. You, with that behaviour (of blind superiority), refuse Christians and Muslims. The others – other than Jews – according to you are inferior peoples, who are in the service of you….

If a relationship with God is only possible by the Koran of Muhammad, “Our relationship with the good God Creator happens via his words: the Koran. The Holy Koran is the secret of the relationship between us and our good God…,” then how can Ali tell us he has respect for our faith, which is founded on Jesus Christ and confirmed by His Holy Scriptures?

Ali also previously said:

In Islam, we have respect for the sensation of faith combined with the work of the brain.

How can he respect those he sees as adhering to Satan and doing evil? Obviously he does not, but disdains our faith and use of inspired intelligence to express the truth:

Mr Paul, the Koran always tells the truth about Mohammed and also about the enormous evil deeds of the Jews throughout history.

I know that you are doing this war against Muhammad and the Holy Koran, because they bring out your true face to mankind, your evil deeds, your false beliefs and your adhesion to Satan.

Any of Ali’s words to the effect of respecting the Bible and those who believe It never had an ounce of weight, which is what we told him from the beginning. We rejected his deceitful posture of tolerance and acceptance of God’s messengers other than the false one he follows. He had said:

We respect all opinions. And we look for wisdom where it exists and we are indifferent to its source. But the belief in the good God (and his Books, his messengers) is our duty (all of us on this earth) towards Him.

Now he speaks plainly without obfuscation:

To me, nothing is true except what is said in the verses of the Koran.

Out the window go the former phony platitudes of tolerance and acceptance:

We have to believe in all the prophets and their messages.

Yes Muhammad is in agreement with Jesus. We say that all prophets are from one God….

Here is the foundation for all these variable and convenient fork-tongued positions, summed up in his own words:

But I show the Truth as I see it. I respect all opinions and strongly maintain my right to answer.

The Truth as he sees it. Some opinions are more equal. Yes, he respects all opinions if they agree with his, founded on the words of a self-confessed murderer, thief, and adulterer. Because we brought these things up about Muhammad (which is not opinion but fact), Ali now says this:

Your true face is totally the opposite. We Muslims are vaccinated against those lies; of course thanks to the Koran and our experience with you.

His vaccination is against the Truth as he expresses the unambiguous sentiment of one who follows Muhammad, belying the mask of friendliness he first used to try to gain acceptance for his false religion and its nefarious aims:

The Muslim is friendly with everybody, with other men and also with nature as a whole.

His enmity, whether hidden or open, also contradicts his former advice:

We cannot be influenced by a hatred inherited from an era to another which can lead…to a loss.

And he gives himself to this influence of hatred, not just a little, but wholeheartedly:

The State of Israel are killers and assassins who want to take the land and goods of others. That is the definition of the State of Israel.

How is it that Ali could have said the following, without any shame of speaking blatant lies?

You will notice the permanent respect and peace with them [Jews and other non-Muslims].

I have only one word to add to this, I will never consider you as an enemy. Until this very moment you are a friend in spite of these differences.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Ali had also said:

So, you have the freedom and the choice of your religion. As Muslims we respect your opinion and your choices. No one is forcing you to follow our religion.

Yes, and if we believe that, Ali also has a bridge in Brooklyn that he wants to sell us. How conspicuous lies become when the light shines on liars! There is one thing he said that was true, however:

But Truth does not change and remains eternal without modification after all.

So He does: “For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore you sons of Jacob are not consumed” (Malachi 3:6). Thank God for His revelation of the Truth to us, for the sake of all.

Paul Cohen

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