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While we all hear many claims and declarations made from all quarters and levels of Islam, we perceive not only blatant contradictions among themselves, but also great inconsistency between their beliefs or claims and their deeds and the clear record of the Koran. We see no true peace, for example, in their deeds or in the Koran, quite the contrary. The declarations and commands of Mohammed are explicit and beyond question to any person with any understanding who reads the Koran. We find not only non-Muslims but also many Muslims to be quite ignorant of the Koran, deceived into thinking they serve God, even as many who call themselves Jews or Christians are grossly ignorant of the Bible.

One of the purposes of this paper is to discover the contents of the Koran to all, and to expose its spirit and essence. Perhaps as importantly, we want those who call themselves moderate Muslims to know what they are calling themselves and to what they are committing themselves when calling themselves “surrendered ones.”

Islam directly contradicts the Record of God of the coming of His Christ, His death, and His resurrection. We thankfully know this contradiction is untrue, because He has forgiven us our sins, and raised us to life in Him. Praise God! In this writing we take a cursory look at these conflicting testimonies, and confirm the narrow way to life that brings true peace.

Meir Ben-Shabbat of the Misgav Institute for National Security & Zionist Strategy wrote the following article, Without total victory there can be no new regional order.

In response, Paul Cohen wrote Meir the following letter, addressing the true source of enmity with Israel’s enemies – Islam.

Not all religions have the same God, which proponents of Islam claim as they try to equate “Allah” with the God of the Bible. But how can they be the same God when they say and do such contradictory things? We track where Allah’s story deviates from God’s account in the Bible, and how that negates His work of salvation through the Jews in order to make Muhammad and corrupt flesh preeminent. We also show the falsehood of so-called “Christianity,” which claims to worship God, but abhors walking in the light and serving truth and justice.

While the West has been self-absorbed watching the Super Bowl and the Olympics, monster trucks and American Idol, and while hypocritically singing the praises of God in day-time nightclubs called churches and on TV, the Muslim scourge has slipped in the door, with a vengeance and ruthlessness not anticipated, catching people unawares of their hour of visitation and judgment.

The Moderate Muslim Is the Most Dangerous Muslim

People have it backwards thinking the “extremist” jihadists of Islam are the greatest threat and “moderate” Muslims aren’t so dangerous. You will pull your gun on the man brandishing a sword to cut off your head, but you will put your gun away to welcome those who hold up an olive branch and feed you hummus. Samir Bitar is such a man; behind him and every “moderate” Muslim stands true Islam in all its barbaric naked aggression, coming to get you.

Who Is That Prophet?

Part 1 – Eliminating the Fraud

Muslims have proclaimed that Muhammad is the prophet prophesied by Moses who would have a relationship to God and the people similar to what Moses had. In this part we examine this claim according to the characteristics of Moses and his ministry, and consider the matter of the identity of this prophet.

Part 2 – Identifying the True

In this part I further distinguish the differences between the Messiah and that prophet. Many confuse the two, which leads to erroneous conclusions, expectations, and decisions, thus withholding from them the release, freedom, joy, and power of the Truth. With truth and clarity of vision, according to Scripture, the confusion is eliminated and I identify who that prophet is.

God and Violence

There are critics of religion who fail to distinguish between what man does and what God does. They blame God or, not admitting His existence, the Bible and presumed revelations from God, like the Koran, for all the violence done by man. They conveniently forget all the good that has come from the Seed of Abraham through the Jews and Jesus Christ. They do not perceive or acknowledge the vast difference between the legacy of the God of Abraham in our world versus that of the god of Muhammad. In this writing we look at who is violent and why, and where it is all headed.


Hassan says, “We all choose our own paths so saying one is better than the other creates enough conflict in a world which is already in turmoil.” When we answer of the one true path, he accuses us of calling names, because we tell him the one he is on is not true or good.

Abdullah proposes that true Islam is peaceable, and that lies are weak things that truth easily overcomes. We show by various Scriptural arguments that these things are not so, and that many in this world have been overcome by religious lies.

A man berates and accuses us of “attacking” Islam. We tell him how he has it all wrong.

“I Am a Muslim and I Respect All Religions”

God is no respecter of men or of men’s religions. Ali tries to prove us wrong about the Koran, but ends up providing more backdrop against which to demonstrate the errors and wickedness of Muhammad’s invention. Instead of showing us that Islam has a superior and succeeding revelation to the Bible, we show him that he has nothing but the opinions of lying, fallible mortals and nothing from the truthful, infallible Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Lying Mouth of Islam

What happens when Islam is not given respect as a legitimate revelation from God, let alone the preeminent place of influence it demands? All pretense of tolerance is dropped and its true stance of bigoted hatred is made manifest, as here with Ali after we have answered his arguments against the preaching of Biblical truth.

A Proponent of Muhammad Responds to “The Answer to Islam”

Ali sends us a number of objections and answers to the questions posed in “The Answer to Islam.” We respond by affirming that the Lord Jesus Christ is indeed the True God, with His Words recorded in the Bible, and Allah is not God, as revealed by his diametrically-opposed words in the Koran. At this last reply, Ali falls silent.

Abu sends us a sarcastic reply to “The Answer to Islam,” trying to demonstrate that the Bible promotes many evils. Victor holds the mirror up to him that he might see where the evil is really coming from, his Islamic teachings and spirit.

Can Muslims be reformed to be peace-loving, secular, and tolerant? We have an exchange with those who answer in the affirmative, and expose their utter lack of defense when challenged by the spiritual facts, and the contradictions of their stance.

Hassan challenges us to the “ultimate debate,” and we take him, his various Islamic materials, and the Muslim he proclaims is the world’s “#1 comparative religion scholar,” on, with exciting results.


We correspond with a professional peace advocate who thinks he is the answer to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Gershon Baskin calls himself “The Negotiator” and claims to be responsible for the secret back channel between Israel and Hamas that traded kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit for over a thousand Muslim criminals and murderers held in Israeli jails. With peace like Baskin’s, who needs war?

A customer at Harvest Haven takes leave of us, “shocked and horrified” that we “spread such inflammatory words about a whole religion,” and regretting “every dollar ever spent in [our] store.” She says, with a straight face, that she will never come back because she “values freedom of religion and respect for ALL people.”

Apparently that means you can say whatever lies you like and commit whatever atrocities you can get away with in the name of your religion, and no one is free to point these errors and transgressions out except they can expect to be censured and ostracized. We are so very thankful and honored to pay whatever price is necessary to exercise this most precious freedom that is to the benefit of all people, and is our solemn duty before God to perform.

Which is “hate literature,” the Koran that promotes bigotry and subjugation of all those not in agreement with it, presuming to be mandated by God, or that which refutes this presumption and exposes the ungodly spirit underlying an unholy and abusive religion?

We answer another former customer at Harvest Haven who is offended at the wrong literature.

Mark Siljander’s Deadly Misunderstanding

Former US Congressman and “evangelical Christian” Siljander has written a book proposing that concern in the West about Islam’s intentions is a misunderstanding because we share a common belief in the same God, according to the Bible and Koran. Nothing could be further from the truth, which we demonstrate in our correspondence with Mark, who never believed in the God of the Bible according to His definition of belief.

No matter who you are, or what you believe, the fact remains that Islam is a declaration of war on any other claim to authority or belief. Yet Jesus Christ, after He was resurrected from the dead, said, “All authority is given to Me in Heaven and in earth.” He did not say it was given to anyone claiming to come in His Name, but to Him. The story in this writing is one of an encounter between one who comes in the name of Muhammad, and, by his arguments, puts away one professing Christ, because the latter does not know the living God or His mind.

Jeffry Camm uses the Koran as an authoritative source of truth to preach Jesus Christ to Muslims. We expose his faulty reasoning and arguments, and also show the disastrous results of convincing a Muslim to seriously follow the Koran, which would lead him to resemble Muhammad, the criminal, rather than Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Are all religions beautiful, deserving of praise and respect, if not admiration? Muslim Mike says so. But what does his Koran say about that? What does the Bible, God’s Word, say? We answer Mike’s contention that we are out to bash Islam.

Tyler, raised a “Christian,” believes the Koran to be like a “third Testament,” with the “prophet” Muhammad preaching a gospel of “religious toleration, charity, and goodwill.” Paul helps Tyler separate fact from fallacy.

Paul responds to a column equating the Bible and the Koran. Four respondents argue against him, and, by editorial constraint, Paul answers them in 353 words.


Pernicious Propaganda by Muhammad

Fools Believe Liars Who Malign Israel

An SDA presents us with vicious slander of Israel. With honesty and mediocre intelligence, it will be obvious that the propaganda unleashed on Israel by the world at large is nothing short of wicked deception. The malignancy prevalent today is a mystery – it makes no sense, but it is very real. By God’s grace, we will stand to oppose and expose the libel of Jews in Israel for what it is – Satan’s strategy and machinations to destroy those whom God has chosen for Himself.

Rachel Corrie: A Pacifist?

Aiding the cause of Islamic hatred of Israel is not pacifism, even if one does not shoot a gun. But those against whom this hatred is directed must take up arms to protect themselves. Then the “pacifist” shouts, “Murderers!” stoking the fires of hatred even higher, leading to more bloodshed. Here is the case of a naive and foolish girl who played with bulldozers and got run over.

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Islam: The True Source of Enmity with Israel’s Enemies

Meir Ben-Shabbat of the Misgav Institute for National Security & Zionist Strategy  wrote the following article, Without total victory there can be no new regional order.   In response, Paul Cohen wrote Meir the following letter, addressing the true source of enmity with Israel’s enemies – Islam.Shalom Meir,Responding here to your article, “Without Total Victory There Can Be No New Regional Order.”You're right; of course Israel must continue the war in Gaza and finish Hamas. This mission is long overdue. You rightly imply as well that military victory won't eliminate Israel's enemies:   “Total victory (attaining all the objectives in full) is essential to rebuilding that deterrence. Without that, Israel will be exposed to an existential threat from its enemies in the various theaters and will also lose the asset that constitutes the mainstay of its diplomatic stance, including with regards to the peace accords and normalization.”   Israel's military strength has made “peace accords and normalization” possible with enemies such as Egypt and Jordan, but this “peace” has not come with real friendship and mutual support. Enmity from the Arab nations still exists and can only be eliminated one way – the death of the source of that enmity. Islam, the great facilitator and enabler of this enmity, must be removed from the hearts of your enemies.   This wouldn't be advisable if Islam was the Truth of God it presumes to be. But because Islam is based on lies, the...

The Path of Murder vs. the Path of Truth

Abu sends us a sarcastic reply to “The Answer to Islam,” trying to demonstrate that the Bible promotes many evils. Victor holds the mirror up to him that he might see where the evil is really coming from, his Islamic teachings and spirit.

Rushing to Destroy Israel

From: Chuck Carlson To: The Path of Truth Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2014 12:20 PM Subject: San Francisco Vigl for Peace with Justice for PalestiniansTo Bay Area Jewish Voice For Peace Bay area organizations and Friends We hope you will find a way to support Vigil for Peace with Justice for Palestinians in San Francisco CA,on September 14th. John Hagee followers will perform a Christians United for Israel,(CUFI) "Standing With Israel" program at: Where: Congregation Ner Tamid  When: Sunday, Sept. 14 from 1:30 PM - 4:40 pm. We have asked Rabbi Moshe Levin to cancel this event. We hope so, but we plan to be there if CUFI is, how about you? For those with a tight schedule, It's best to come at 1:30 PM for one hour to meet the attendees on their way in, and those who cannot come early should arrive about 4:30-5:30 to educate those departing. Quintana is a high traffic boulevard, so please make your signs and banners large, simple and easy to read for moving traffic. We will have extra's and hand-out literature for those who do not have signs. Jewish Voice for Peace brought a very effective banner to our Arvada Colorado Vigil.Protesting Faith Bible Chapel's support for Ariel, one of the larger West Bank settlements We add some practical detail in for those not familiar with what "Christian Zionists" believe, and why they do. We hope you will have a chance to talk to some of the attendees. One of Project Strait Gate's signs is: We rely upon expressions f...
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