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A Conversation with “Free Muslims”

Paul sent this to a Jew who converted to Islam:

Hi “Ibrahim,”

I understand you were born a Jew. I can say this: you are laboring under great delusion. True Islam is opposed to true Judaism, which is true godliness. I also did not buy into traditional Judaism (man-made religion), but, in my 21st year, I asked God to show me the truth. He put in my heart to ask, and He faithfully answered. He revealed Himself through Jesus Christ, the Messiah, Who is the express image of the unseen Spirit, God the Father. There is only one true God. Just as God appeared to Abraham in a body, so did He appear in a body as the Christ, born of a virgin, to lay down His life to put away our sins.

Now, 29 years later, I can tell you that the Lord God and Savior has abundantly done all that He promised. He has given me to serve in the gospel of Truth with a brother I met in Israel. Please read this, and get back to us.

Paul Cohen

The Answer to Islam

While we all hear many claims and declarations made from all quarters and levels of Islam, we perceive not only blatant contradictions among themselves, but also great inconsistency between their beliefs or claims and their deeds and the clear record of the Koran. We see no true peace, for example, in their deeds or in the Koran, quite the contrary. The declarations and commands of Muhammad are explicit and beyond question to any person with any understanding who reads the Koran. We find not only non-Muslims but also many Muslims to be quite ignorant of the Koran, deceived into thinking they serve God, even as many who call themselves Jews or Christians are grossly ignorant of the Bible.

One of the purposes of this paper is to discover the contents of the Koran to all, and to expose its spirit and essence. Perhaps as importantly, we want those who call themselves moderate Muslims to know what they are calling themselves and to what they are committing themselves when calling themselves “surrendered ones.”

“Ibrahim’s” response:

….blah blah blah…….or should I say… baaaaa baaaaaaa baaaaaaa

Paul’s reply to the organization “Ibrahim” belongs to,

To Muslims who would be free,

Is this the articulate, mature, well-reasoned, full-of-grace-and-truth reply by which you people think to win or deceive the world to your version of Islam? Such delusion would be consistent with actually believing the false representation of Islam as the way of truth and peace, which you try to convey to the world. All the more reason to read what we have sent you, and to carefully consider the words and acts of the true Lord God Jesus Christ, Whom Muhammad and the Koran contradict and defy.

Thus far, your group’s sole reply to “The Answer to Islam” does not serve well, lacking basic human civility, much more reason. I will not even mention the lack of love of God (Who is the Truth) and fellow man because that is obviously out of the question for this fellow. “Ibrahim,” you have criticized the acts of the extremists (the true and authentic Muslims), but now you mock and defy the living God. Taking this stand, how well do you think it will go for you, and for all those that stand with you?

Paul Cohen

“Ibrahim’s” response:

good grief…another madman who see’s his brand of religion as “THE RIGHT ONE” and every one else is “WRONG”…definetely fanatical, terrorist thinking…do me a favor Mr. Cohen, judge not least ye be judged…my path to the living God, Creator of the Universe is my comfort yours seems to be your cudgel…

Paul’s reply:

“Ibrahim,” you still have apparently not red the paper we sent you, or the Koran (have any of you?):

[48.28] He it is Who sent His Apostle with the guidance and the true religion that He may make it prevail over all the religions; and Allah is enough for a witness.
[48.29] Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah, and those with him are firm of heart against the unbelievers, compassionate among themselves;

If thinking one has the right religion makes one a madman, what does that say about your prophet, Muhammad, who not only says he has the right religion, but threatens others that do not? Not only did he threaten, but he also carried out his threats, often by subterfuge, deceiving the populace about his true intentions to this very day.

And what does this say about you, since you, according to your own definition of the word, follow a “madman”? How is it that you can follow your madman, yet condemn others that do not follow a man and a fabricated religion, but follow the living God and Lord Jesus Christ?

How can you people think to have it both ways, as did Muhammad, who called Christ a prophet, but denied His mission as the Lamb of God and His testimony of the resurrection from the dead? Jesus Christ did not say His religion was correct (He did not come to create a religion), but said that HE is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Obviously you call Him a liar and madman because you believe Muhammad, who said that his was the right religion while he denied the Scriptures, the fathers of the faith, the prophets, and finally the Son of God, Jesus Christ, God come in the flesh to save humanity from such wretchedness and sin.

Obviously all of you are unable to refute these things. The best you can do is sputter and act out in mock indignation, as though there is some kind of moral superiority in being ignorant and proud. Yes, the truth is a cudgel to such as you, “Ibrahim,” even as the Scriptures declare:

“ Let godly people triumph in glory. Let them sing for joy on their beds. Let the high praises of God be in their throats and two-edged swords in their hands to take vengeance on the nations, to punish the people of the world, to put their kings in chains and their leaders in iron shackles, to carry out the judgment that is written against them. This is an honor that belongs to all His godly ones. Hallelujah!” (Psalms 149:5-9 GW)

Paul Cohen

“Ibrahim’s” response:


I have not “RED” the paper?

Victor’s reply:

How deep of you! It seems that when there is fish to catch worthy of a giant trawler, you have a straight pin tied to a string at the end of a flimsy stick to do your fishing. And even that you will not put in the water. Go your way then. We have faithfully, solemnly warned you.

Victor Hafichuk

Reply from someone else in the organization:

Time out everybody!

I think we should agree to disagree on theology or whatever everybody is trying to convince either side. Each one of us knows what is best for oneself.

We are not preachers here, I don’t want proselytising to be at my inbox from anybody.

These type of discussions will go nowhere online, that is just the fact of the nature of this type of communication. Let it go! Assuming things or insults of either side does not bring any type of progress. So again, just let it go and use your energies where is best needed.

Have a good day y’all.

Victor’s reply to Mona:

Mona, it is true that none of you is a preacher. We know this. It is not true that we are trying to convince, yet if we do, we have infinitely good cause to do so. It is also not true that we are proselytizing. We are turning nobody to religion. We do, however, speak the truth, responsibly, without apology.

It is also a false notion that each of you knows best for yourself. Why do you think the world is in the mess it is in? Why do you think you have had the problems you personally have had if you knew best for yourself? There are two elements for consideration here: one, you do not know what is best for yourself, or you would not be where you are, doing what you are doing and saying what you are saying, and two, without the truth, one is incapable of knowing what is best. To receive the truth, one must hear preachers from God speaking the truth. That is why we write to all of you. We are preachers, not appointed by ourselves or by other men, but by God, directly. Of course, you do not believe that. The fact nevertheless remains. Read Our Testimonies.

In this letter, you “assume things” and thereby speak foolishly, interfering with what God is doing. Look a bit closer, if you could, and you will find that what we write has nothing to do with “theology,” though it may appear so to the unlearned, careless mind. Neither are we assuming anything or casting insults, although all of you are guilty of those very things.

If you do not wish to waste energies, then you ought to heed what we have to say, because we have taken the trouble and time to write things of supreme and urgent value to you and all those on this mailing list who are in abject darkness. Not heeding, you could not be a greater waster of energies.

Knowing Him personally and intimately, speaking by His Spirit,



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