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Free Will

What a debate there has been from the very beginning on this matter of free will, ever since Adam and Eve exercised a choice contrary to God’s command that they not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil! As it was demonstrated, the desire and demand for free will is the expression of the very essence of sin. In this section we address the false teaching that man has a free will, and can exercise it for good.

Diabolical Doctrine: Man Has Free Will

Jesus Christ demonstrated what true freedom is, what it does, what it cannot do, and what it means to be fully committed to God: “Thy will, and not mine, be done….” He, Christ, is therefore the One to Whom all men are drawn, to learn in due time that none can resist His will.

Choosing Free Will: The Fallacy of Free Will Without Christ

Are you in charge of your destiny or is God? Who forms your circumstances, and what can you do about them? What is the outcome of the choices you make? There is only one freedom given to men that is not an illusion, and its outcome is life and peace.

Justin wonders aloud if man cannot have a small part to play in the outworking of all things by the exercise of his will in certain choices. It is so hard for mankind to accept the sovereignty of God! It is impossible. Salvation IS knowing God rules over all. We close the door firmly on any notion that humanity has its hand on the rudder.

In 1976, the Lord spoke to me saying, “I am hurting! I am hurting!” He said people were believing lies, thinking they believed godly truth, and those lies were killing them. He was hurting because they were hurting. The prominent gospel preached in evangelical circles is an insidious one, a product of deceived and ignorant men, naively serving Satan and his bride, Mystery. Herein, we explicitly identify it for what it is.

What treasures of God are hidden in the sign of Jonah? Hear what this rather obscure and short book, which of all Scripture was singled out by the Lord Jesus Christ as the sign of His coming, has to tell us about the momentous work God is doing today through the recounting of a singular and marvellous episode in the life of the prophet Jonah and the city of Nineveh.




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