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Selfishness Exposes False Love

We received this letter from CiAnn:

Dear Paul,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is CiAnn Masi and I am writing about a letter that just came up to me, as I was running a google search on my name. I would like to say that first of all, I do not work at the living essence foundation. Mainly because I do NOT believe in Arjuna Ardagh!!!!! the man is a FRAUD, that doesn¹t care for people just takes their money (this of course is my opinion) ! I worked for them for one year and have not worked for them or been in communication with them for over 2 years. If someone from their foundation contacted you in my name I would like to know. This would be classified as identity theft and proper action will be taken accordingly. I am sending them a copy of this letter. I am appalled but not surprise if this has happened as he is not a reputable man, once again in my opinion.

A prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
CiAnn Masi

Paul’s reply:

Hi CiAnn,

Regarding your concern about identity theft, here you will see the original correspondence (with your signature) that I responded to by personal letter in 2005, which was published this year in a new section on our website dedicated to exposing the deceitful and false love that those such as your former employer, Arjuna Ardagh, trust in and teach others. Perhaps you did not get my letter because when it arrived you were already gone from your position, or you simply did not bother to read it. Whatever the case, it seems certain that my letter was in response to your authentic unsubscribe request from The Issues of Life.

If this is so, your problem would not be identity theft, but that you chose, for a time, to identify with a fraud. One may think, “I am just an employee, and I am not responsible for the actions of my employer,” but when one works for the “Living Essence Foundation,” which claims to “exist to celebrate and to support this shift in global consciousness, from separation to the embodiment of a Deeper Love,” one is identified with this claim, like it or not, believe it or not, understand it or not.

It was this claim that I was addressing in my letter to you as Arjuna’s personal assistant and proxy who refused the Word of Life on his behalf. If you did not believe this man’s claims, then you ought not to have been assisting him in his work of deception, and representing him and his company to the world. If you believed him, and found out otherwise, then you are now in agreement with what I wrote, at least in part. Perhaps what I wrote helped you to see the Light. There should be no problem, in any case. We will publish your latest letter so the record can show your current stance, in your own words.

The one major and important difference here is that what I wrote to you was not my opinion, as you classify your sentiments of Arjuna and his work, but the truth according to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. He laid down His life to give us this access and knowledge of the truth, so it is our precious responsibility to speak it where He sends us. We brought the Light of the Living Essence Himself to the darkness of that which claims to be the “Living Essence Foundation,” and, for that, you can be very thankful. Isn’t that what you are hoping for?

“For all creation, gazing eagerly as if with outstretched neck, is waiting and longing to see the manifestation of the sons of God. For the Creation fell into subjection to failure and unreality (not of its own choice, but by the will of Him Who so subjected it). Yet there was always the hope that at last the Creation itself would also be set free from the thraldom of decay so as to enjoy the liberty that will attend the glory of the children of God” (Romans 8:19-21 WNT).

How are the sons of God made manifest, except against the backdrop of what is false, as light is perceived by contrast with darkness? Take your eyes off of Arjuna and lift them up, CiAnn, from your constricted self-concerns to the glorious Light, Who has come to bring you life. Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

P.S. – I now have, after writing this letter, received the letter from your attorney. I intend to reply to him, and will send to you to pass along to him, along with this letter, if you will.

CiAnn’s reply:

this is a computer signature on THEIR computer and it is not me !

Paul’s reply:

CiAnn, are you saying that you were not working for the Living Essence Foundation on December 22, 2005? If that is the case, and you can prove it, I will gladly amend our posting to reflect the misrepresentation perpetrated using your name. But, frankly, I see no reason whatsoever for these people to forge your name to unsubscribe from our correspondence letters. Where is the necessity; what is the point? Nevertheless, supply me with the facts and we will faithfully report them. At the very least we are willing to post your contention, if the facts cannot be proven or admitted by others, those you presume to be guilty. (Stanley [Arjuna’s associate], can you help us out here?)

Now, let me talk to you about your fraudulent representation of Another, a far more important matter at the heart of your trouble.

On your website are the following pictures, depicting the Lord Jesus Christ in abominable and ungodly fashion, contrary to the Second Commandment of God that human beings are not to make images of things in Heaven:

CiAnn, how can you find fault with my condemnation of what the Living Essence Foundation stands for, as the work of a man you call a “fraud”? In my letter I was not depicting you, but the nature and work of the foundation you represented. You were not the issue, except inasmuch as you identify with the falsehood and false love they propagate.

But now you are depicting the Lord Jesus Christ in a disgusting manner, and associating Him with the false gods of Hinduism. So, if you are looking for the guilty party of perpetrating identity theft, look in the mirror. You are the woman.


CiAnn’s reply #1:

Dear Paul,

I felt your letter needed to be addressed but I do not choose to argue over “religion”. Nor do I feel is it my place to force my beliefs or opinions on you. That would make me critical and judgmental. I would rather live my life by example rather than to push my beliefs down your throat and classify them as “TRUTH”. For my truth and your truth, may be two different truths. This would be based on our life experience, observations, perceptions and projections. You seem angry? Perhaps its because you live your life with such a closed mind and restrictive lifestyle? Just food For thought…. I’m not quite sure? Pray about it?…..WWJD?

Regardless, I’ll get to my point. This “unsubscribe letter” you speak of was computer generated by Living Essence Foundation. It was not “my signature”, plain and simple. Also, to assume that I was a devotee of Arjuna Ardagh because I worked for him, for 8 months, is ludicrous and also quite amusing. Thank you for the humor. Did you know you can burn 32 calories with a good belly laugh? Paul, I am asking you, respectfully, for the last time to cease and desist. I do have a question for you though. Do you get this angry every time a person does not want a newsletter from you? Hmmm, It IS hard to imagine why anyone would “unsubscribe”? Lets see….I’ll love you with the LOVE of the LORD if you subscribe to my newsletter and publicly humiliate you if you don’t. I got to tell you Paul, it DOES make me want to convert. Oooops, 32 more calories! Ok, well I guess its all about choices.

I pray the Lord would open the eyes of your heart and you would learn to live from that sacred place. I pray you would see ALL people with equality. For with out it there is no love.


Oh, and Paul, if “your way” IS TRUE? You know: the harps, the big man in the clouds with the long white beard and pointing finger of condemnation…. the pearly gates…..

And I arrive and they ask me why I didn’t believe….. My response would be “because people like Paul Cohen turned me off with their arrogant pomposity, unmitigated temerity and self righteousness. Then I’d asked…. was that because he was “chosen”…. 32 more !


Reply #2 from CiAnn:

If you need the last word…. Have it. I find your letters uninteresting and frankly boring. I do not need to supply you with anything. I have asked you to cease and desist. If you choose not to do so, I will proceed how I deem necessary. At this point you are harassing me.

Paul’s reply:

CiAnn, you are a great liar and fool. You tell me to have the last word, and then threaten me to “cease and desist,” again. The first time I heard any such request was in a letter I received an hour before this latest one, and I had not answered it yet. So what is it you want me to cease and desist from, breathing?

If you are asking me to look into a matter, and making charges left and right, what am I supposed to do – not answer or engage you, unless it is in agreement with everything you say and wish? Are your charges to be believed without proof or providing simple answers to help ascertain the truth? You want to go to court? Won’t a judge expect answers as well? Or will he drop to his knees, as your attitude demands, and declare you the Queen of Heaven and earth, whose word is law?

What a hypocrite and wicked woman you are! You pretend virtue, condemn me for judging, then mock and scoff, accusing me of the very things of which you are guilty. And you think yourself to not be “critical and judgmental”? Liar.

By the way, this is not about religion (we speak from God directly) and we were not out to convert you – it was not His intention. We are not here to do that with anyone. We were here to do what we did with you, and the results are here, as we speak, confirming our job to be successful. You will be burning many more calories now, more than you counted on, but for a very different reason than you might think.

Letter from Paul Cohen to Paul Foster, whose letter was forwarded by CiAnn Masi to Paul Cohen and Garrett Stanley, Arjuna’s associate:

(Garrett, pardon me for addressing you by your last name instead of your first in my previous letter. I inadvertently switched them. We still look forward to hearing from you on this matter.)

Paul, if CiAnn worked for the Living Essence Foundation during the time of the correspondence in question, then it is hard to see how it was not she that responded to our email. Administrative assistants often handle the mail of their bosses, and there is no reason to assume otherwise here.

If CiAnn was not working there at the time, then it is also clear to see that her name was misappropriated. If it can be corroborated, I would be glad to change the correspondence to reflect this fact. Otherwise, I can and will make known CiAnn’s objections and her present assessment of Arjuna Ardagh.

As for your categorization of what transpired in this correspondence, you are in error and are the one guilty of misrepresentation. For example:

You say that I “lambasted” CiAnn for leaving our mailing list. Any careful and honest reading of my letter shows that to be a bald-faced lie. I took the Living Essence Foundation to task for their false teaching and deception about what they think to have, even as reflected by their name. There was no “attack” on CiAnn’s character, as you allege. You are building a case on a sensational and false claim, which perhaps is good for business, as you perceive it, but it is bad towards the truth, and is therefore evil.

You assert that my reply to CiAnn and the Living Essence Foundation must have been unique, that surely we would not have written back to others with similar criticism or commentary after their sending in unsubscribe requests. Are you not, as a lawyer, supposed to look into a matter before opining? Is that not good advice for anyone, lawyer or not?

“To give an answer before hearing is a foolish thing and a cause of shame” (Proverbs 18:13 BBE).

In the same section of our site there are four other such letters, which you could have easily found had you but taken a small amount of time to assess the matter:

The Ways of False Religious Love: Spearing a Slithering Snake
Broad Way Lover Despises Narrow Way
God’s Love Is Not Mushy
Reality Is What We Need

How much credibility do you expect to garner when you talk without knowing what you are talking about?

Not only will our webpage not come down, but now it will include the selfish and hypocritical protestations of an idolater that, without facts, complains about identity theft while she grossly and unlawfully perverts the identity of the Lord Jesus Christ, along with her slimy lawyer who could not care less about the truth because he willingly follows any lie that has the scent of money to lead him.

Paul Cohen

CiAnn’s reply:

you should do stand up ! lmao! man you are angry, you probably need a good orgasm ! bitter party of one, your table is ready …..

Reply from Arjuna:

Dear Ciann,

Greetings. I hope you are doing wonderfully well in your life, and that everything is unfolding magically. I am just back from a three week trip on the road, and enjoying some down time with the boys. Chameli is away at a family wedding, and sends you her love.

Upon my return from New York, Garrett told me he had heard from you, and that you were under the impression that someone here was using your name in a fraudulent way. I want to assure you that this is absolutely not the case, your name has not been used at any time in outgoing mail from this office since you stopped working here in April 2006, fifteen months ago. The address has been closed since that time.

It seems that incident which sparked your concern was an e mail you received while working in our office on December 21st 2005, from Paul Cohen at an organization called At the bottom of the message was an invitation to unsubscribe by replying to the e mail. You replied to this e mail as requested, with the word unsubscribe" in the subject line. Paul then sent you another longer e mail in response to your unsubscribe request. Apparently, he later posted his response to you, as well as your name and the name of our foundation on his website at

Apparently you later googled your own name, found his posting, and assumed we had used your name fraudulently after you had stopped working here. Please be assured that this was not the case. On December 22nd, when you sent the unsubscribe request, you were working in our office, and sending out many other e mails each day.

I can understand that you do not want to be listed on a web site as the office manager of the Living Essence Foundation, since you no longer work here. So I spoke to Paul Cohen on the telephone yesterday, and requested him to remove your name from his website. He is a very devout Christian, and feels concerned to inform the public at large about what he considers to be false teachings. He has sections on his site about the Catholic Church, vegetarianism, Mormons, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. He included our work within the realm of false teachings. I have told him that I would be happy to personally dialog with him so that he can expose our alleged falsehoods in a more thorough way, and he seems interested to take me up on this offer. I also requested him, as a servant of God, not to cause another human being unnecessary provocation by listing you on his site without your permission and without you feeling good about it. I suggested that he use my name instead in connection with his attack on our work, which would be more appropriate. He seems like a very nice man with a good heart, and assured me he would take my request into prayer and take guidance from the Lord. I feel confident that he will be willing to remove your name from his website in the next day or two. I have also given him my word that I will listen to what he has to say, and will be open to receive Jesus into my heart. I am happy to comply with his request, and told him I love Jesus, and have had frequent visions of Him in my life.

I looked at your new website, Ciann, it is very beautiful. It is a great idea that you are now offering ayurveda treatment for brides to be, and expectant mothers. I did a two week panchakarma treatment last winter in Kerala, which was very good for my body. I would like to go back soon and do a longer treatment. I saw that you are now living in Charlotte, NC. We were just teaching in Asheville, and had a wonderful time with a great group of people there. There is a very warm heart in the South, which I am sure you are enjoying. We have quite an extensive mailing list in North Carolina now, perhaps we could mention your services to our students there.

I hope that this letter clears up any concerns you may have about the integrity of your identity, and that we can get your name removed as soon as possible from Paul’s site.

With Love and Blessings


Paul’s reply:

Hi Arjuna,

As I have already made known by my previous letters, I am more than willing to post CiAnn’s letters on our site, which will set the record straight about her present lack of affiliation with the Living Essence Foundation, and endorsement of its practices.

Otherwise, my reply to her unsubscribe request was not about her, but addressed your claims and teachings, declaring that you do not have what you presume to have, and therefore cannot attain the goal of your organization to bring either internal or world peace. There is no inference, and one cannot assume from my letter, that CiAnn did or did not personally identify with your work. Her more recent communications will make her feelings on the matter clear, in her own words.

As a servant of God, I told you during our phone conversation that I was not free to do what you think best, or even what I think best, but what pleases God. You had asked me to ask Him about posting these correspondences, so how is it you are confident that I will do what you ask of me, which is not to post them? Are you in the place of God? Has God spoken to you? No, He has not. You simply prove the point I have already made that you usurp His seat, and show yourself to be God in His stead. You play the fool who has said in his heart that there is no God.

I will tell you what I have heard from the God Who is seated in Heaven: You have never seen or heard from Him, the Lord Jesus Christ. What you have seen and heard are devils and your own imagination. Satan comes as an angel of light, and is seen as such by those in darkness; he is seen even as the Christ. Is this not what I have said about you from the beginning, that you are in darkness? The children of Light hear His voice, and will not go to a stranger. But you go to a stranger because you do not know Him.

You tell CiAnn her site is beautiful, not seeing or knowing that it is utterly vile in God’s sight. You do not know Him, or care to. As I wrote to CiAnn (Have you red my letters? You should.) she has a lot of nerve complaining about someone stealing her identity (yet no one has), while she portrays the Lord Jesus Christ as a Hindu god, in violation of the Second Commandment.

In contrast to her blasphemous depiction of God, CiAnn’s portrait is self-drawn. If she does not like the way she appears, she ought to consider her own ways that make her so. The fault is not ours; we have simply held up the mirror by which she sees her ugliness. We are not posting a fictitious person, as she has done with God, but only her own words and image. We have pointed out her wrongness so that she would repent rather than destroy herself. That is the faithful wounding of a friend. You give her the kisses of an enemy, seeking to cover over her sin without repentance and reception of forgiveness for her sin. You do the work of the destroyer.

The truth is that you do not care for CiAnn or for anyone else. You are a fork-tongued creature, speaking and appearing one way, but doing another. In reality, the road splits where your interests diverge from another’s. CiAnn’s welfare is not your real concern; your image is. You are seeking to protect and maintain it, both internally and externally. You want to think you are a good person, and you want everyone else to think so too. That is your business and life.

The hold up here, for you, is that God already knows what you are like; you cannot fool Him, and, as we are with Him, you do not fool us. This is the true Light that gives light to every person.

I will speak of your contradiction. How is it you direct people into an awareness of their godhood, which places the burden of realizing themselves in this way on their shoulders, but when they behave odiously, speaking foolishly with crap pouring out of their mouths, you do not address it or hold them responsible, as here with CiAnn? You cannot have it both ways. If I am responsible to realize my innate godliness, then I am also responsible if I fail to do so. But the reality, and the problem for you, is that neither you nor I have any innate godliness. On this the Scriptures, and the real Lord Jesus Christ, are clear (corroboration further along in this correspondence). That leaves you with a mockery of true godliness, and you are held responsible for perpetrating this sham on yourself and others. As Jesus said to those like you:

“If you were blind, you would have no sin. But now you say, ‘We see.’ Therefore your sin remains” (John 9:41 MKJV).

You excuse CiAnn, not because you care about her, as has already been said, but because you excuse yourself from the responsibility of your words, deeds, and actions, and try to prevent others from seeing them by a cloak of deceit. You are playing a losing hand. Jesus also says to you:

“For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest, nor anything concealed which will not be known and come to light” (Luke 8:17 EMTV).

That is happening right here and now.

During our phone call you asked me to consider that CiAnn has had a rough past with more than her share of problems, and that I should not make it harder for her by giving her unwanted publicity. I would say that I am not making things worse for her; she is doing that by insisting she knows better and by refusing to listen or reason. I do not condemn her even for that, but you are quite mistaken about the Lord Jesus Christ and His ways. Though He has not come to condemn, neither does He forgive the unrepentant who persist in their sins. He gives them over to their chosen destruction, that they reap what they have sown, and may, in due time, learn to fear Him.

At His coming, the Lord also does not spare in addressing them publicly:

“Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints, to execute judgment against all, and to convict all the ungodly among them about all their ungodly deeds which they have committed impiously, and about all the harsh words which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him” (Jude 1:14-15 EMTV).

“What I say to you in the dark, say in the light: and what comes to your ear secretly, say publicly from the house-tops” (Matthew 10:27 BBE).

You also mentioned having a debate, and sending me your book so that I might better know what you teach, in order to critique it, if I wish. Perhaps you did not know or remember that almost two years ago I responded to your article called “Cultivating Translucence” in reply to an invitation from a local group to discuss it. I had sent a copy of my response to your office and your personal address. #post# Perhaps you did not get it or did not read it. I am enclosing it here again, that you might read it now.

You also have my letter to CiAnn/Living Essence Foundation and the additional correspondence resulting from that, including this letter. I would say the ball is in your court if you wish to reply and contest what I have said. I am satisfied that I have adequately described and addressed the substance of what you have to say. But if you have an answer, and would like to send me your book as part of that answer, have at it. I will hear what you have to say, and, Lord willing, will answer you.

On a couple of minor notes, our site does not contest vegetarianism as a false teaching. We contest the teaching of George Malkmus, who falsely uses the Word of God to condemn meat eating and eaters. It is also not right to say we contest Judaism. We do not contest true Judaism, which is the worship of God in spirit and truth, and is synonymous with true Christianity. We are true Jews and Christians.

Paul Cohen

CiAnn’s reply:

A rough life? Are you kidding me? LOL ! I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Maybe that’s what has caused the forked tongue? So Arjuna, not much has changed with the lies and speaking behind peoples backs? Hmmm…. Doesn’t surprise me. Yawn….

I personally, think this is all a complete joke. There is nothing loving about any of this. I am choosing to extricate myself from the situation. (not casting my pearls before the swine, that one is for you Paul)

I truly wish you could see that we are ALL trying to get to the SAME place and just arguing over what words to use to get there. Let that drop from your head to your heart. In the end…. We are all a little right and all a little wrong. You will spend your whole life arguing in pride to stake your claim, to feed your ego, to say I WAS RIGHT. There is nothing spiritual, holy or Christ like about it.

I made a request. That was to cease and desist. That holds firm. At this point I am being harassed and I will take action deemed fit.


Much love to you though, Chameli and Glenn you are pure light 🙂 Shanti Shanti Shanti

Paul’s reply:

As long as CiAnn, or anyone else, chooses to throw out false accusations built on lies and framed by insipid platitudes without substance, I will exercise my God-given right and duty to answer them. Let her prove her points, as I have proven mine. I will not run away, as she would like. She cannot intimidate me by calling my answers to her lies “harassment,” and threatening me with lawyers like “Paul Foster,” who, if he exists, has been willing to pursue a non-existent case on trumped up charges, blinded by a self-serving love of money.

In truth, CiAnn is the one harassing me with her persistent unsubstantiated opinions and immature heckling. I am not complaining, though. I relish the opportunity to answer her foolish thinking and the wicked idolatry that fuels it.

(If any of you are lacking previous correspondence, with the evidence of this harassment, please let me know and I will send it to you.)

CiAnn says there is nothing loving about any of this. She certainly speaks for herself, because obviously there is nothing loving about her attitude and behavior. Jesus says to love your enemies, but her sarcastic and derisive remarks, born of bitterness, betray her claim to enlightenment and love. These are the fruits of a selfish brat, one who is wholly incapable of recognizing true love, which, when it confronts her, she reacts to with murderous hate.

CiAnn says she will not cast her pearls to swine, meaning me. She then proceeds to give all of us what she considers to be pearls of wisdom in this matter. I agree with her, however; there are no pearls here. That is because swine have no pearls to cast. And, contrary to the thinking of many, like Arjuna, there is a place to answer the foolish and scornful:

“Answer a fool according to her foolishness, that she not be wise in her own eyes” (Proverbs 26:5).

“Strike a scorner, and the simple will beware…” (Proverbs 19:25).

Here is the foolishness of a scorner, which I will answer and strike down:

I truly wish you could see that we are ALL trying to get to the SAME place and just arguing over what words to use to get there.

If anything is an obvious and irrefutable fact, it is that we are not all going in the same direction, and, hence, to the same place. The same person that claims this also refuses to engage in mature, substantive conversation, for example, by not answering pertinent questions related to her accusation of Arjuna of identity theft. When I asked CiAnn if she could prove that she was not working at the Living Essence Foundation during the time of the alleged identity theft, she not only refused to answer that question directly, but denied that she had anything to do with the organization’s e-mail; the letter in question was generated by the computer all by itself! I know computers can do a lot, but I have not seen them answering mail of their own volition.

Arjuna has, I believe with truth and fact (can anyone prove otherwise?), set the record straight that it was indeed CiAnn that sent the unsubscribe letter. And seeing that CiAnn is in vehement disagreement with what we believe and stand for, why should she be ashamed or unwilling to admit doing so?

Thus speaks the wisdom of God, as antidote to CiAnn’s foolish notion that we are going in the same direction:

“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3 KJV)

Also, she is wrong that I am trying to get somewhere in the first place. I am already there, in Heaven, seated with Christ on the throne of God, which is how I can see clearly to speak and judge these matters. It is Christ, not I, Who is able.

Let that drop from your head to your heart.

False religion crams knowledge into the heads of her devotees, hoping in vain it will settle into the heart. “Ever learning but never coming to a knowledge of the truth.”

True religion starts in the heart and brings understanding to the head:

“The heart of one who has understanding seeks knowledge, but the mouths of fools feed on folly” (Proverbs 15:14 HNV).

“This I say, therefore, and testify in the Lord, that you should no longer walk as the rest of the Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind, having been darkened in understanding, being estranged from the life of God, because of the ignorance which is in them, because of the hardness of their heart” (Ephesians 4:17-18 EMTV).

In the end…. We are all a little right and all a little wrong.

This is an attempt to appear modest and generous, belied by everything else CiAnn says and does. She admits to no wrong, and allows others no right, except it pleases her vanity. She is anything but modest and generous of spirit. She is a venomous snake, ready to strike even when unprovoked.

However, her assertion here is wrong, because there is no wisdom against the revelation of God. On this matter, the testimonies of Jesus Christ and the Bible very clearly contradict her platitude. We, as in all of humanity born of flesh, outside of Christ, are in total wrongness, with nothing whatsoever right about us:

Romans 3:10-18 EMTV
(10) Just as it is written: "There is none righteous, no not one,
(11) There is none who understands; there is none who seeks God.
(12) All have turned aside; together they became unprofitable; there is not one doing kindness, there is not so much as one."
(13) "Their throat is an opened grave; with their tongues they deceived"; " the poison of asps is under their lips";
(14) "Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness.
(15) Their feet are swift to shed blood;
(16) Ruin and misery are in their ways;
(17) And the way of peace they did not know.
(18) There is no fear of God before their eyes."

You will spend your whole life arguing in pride to stake your claim, to feed your ego, to say I WAS RIGHT.

To whom is she speaking? Herself, in the mirror.

There is nothing spiritual, holy or Christ like about it.

What does one who depicts Christ as a Hindu monstrosity know about, or have to do with, Him? A worshipper of heathen idols knows nothing of the living God, and, therefore, nothing about what He is, which is holiness incarnate, the Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed, she knows everything that is defiled, which is depicted on her site and displayed by the spirit of her letters, and, calling such filth “holy,” she defiles the word and thereby everything she touches. Everyone that touches her, in union of heart or mind, is likewise defiled.

Here is her last “spiritual, holy, Christ-like” letter that she sent to me:

you should do stand up ! lmao![laugh my ass off!] man you are angry, you probably need a good orgasm ! bitter party of one, your table is ready …..

Chameli and Glenn, beware of the words of the flatterer, unless you are of one heart and mind with her:

“For there is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is wickedness; their throat is an open grave; they flatter with their tongue” (Psalms 5:9 MKJV).

“Flattery is nothing less than setting a trap” (Proverbs 29:5 CEV).

Shanti, shanti, shanti”? Inner peace? I think not.

“But the wicked are like the troubled sea, which cannot rest, and its waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace, says my God, to the wicked” (Isaiah 57:20-21 MKJV).

Arjuna, trying to appease evil does not work. In fact, it backfires. You become the enabler of monsters, just like Chamberlain was responsible, in some measure, for setting Adolph Hitler loose on the world. Those who had previously been calling Churchill a war monger, because he had ceaselessly spoken the truth about Hitler’s nature and intention, had to come calling for his help when the “yogurt hit the fan.”

Beware that you do not mock God, as does CiAnn, and there be no help for you in the day of calamity:

Proverbs 1:20-33 HNV
(20) Wisdom calls aloud in the street. She utters her voice in the public squares.
(21) She calls at the head of noisy places. At the entrance of the city gates, she utters her words:
(22) "How long, you simple ones, will you love simplicity? How long will mockers delight themselves in mockery, and fools hate knowledge?
(23) Turn at my reproof. Behold, I will pour out my spirit on you. I will make known my words to you.
(24) Because I have called, and you have refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no one has paid attention;
(25) but you have ignored all my counsel, and wanted none of my reproof;
(26) I also will laugh at your disaster. I will mock when calamity overtakes you;
(27) when calamity overtakes you like a storm, when your disaster comes on like a whirlwind; when distress and anguish come on you.
(28) Then will they call on me, but I will not answer. They will seek me diligently, but they will not find me;
(29) because they hated knowledge, and didn’t choose the fear of the LORD.
(30) They wanted none of my counsel. They despised all my reproof.
(31) Therefore they will eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own schemes.
(32) For the backsliding of the simple will kill them. The careless ease of fools will destroy them.
(33) But whoever listens to me will dwell securely, and will be at ease, without fear of harm."

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