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No Buying or Selling without the Mark

“Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” (Galatians 4:16 KJV)

Hi Rick,

I see you have taken me off your mailing list. Either that, or you did not send out a mailer this Sabbath. I suspect the former, as you have not answered my letter to you, and have not commented on the letters from the Jacks, or ours to them, along with my reply to Paul Krueger.

Can you tell us what is going on?

Here is what we see:

Jack Zimmerman does not agree with Is Your Profession of Faith Vain, Christian? Though he cannot refute what is said there or in Victor’s answers to him, he maintains a presumed right to worship God as he sees fit, at the altar of an idol he calls “Jesus” and “Lord.” He begs off talking to us because he cannot justify what he does by the Word of God, the Person or the Scriptures. He tries to make his dismissal of us appear as though he is taking the high road, affecting “Christian love” towards us.

The only true and real Christian love is obedience to the Lord. Doing your own thing and covering it over with lying, sentimental slop is the love of this world and of a false god. Jack is worshipping, but not the Lord Jesus Christ. He is serving idols in the high places he has made for himself. The reason he does not receive us, or do any spiritual business with us is because we do not have the mark of the beast, as does he.

That would be the same reason you have put us off your list, and also do not talk to us. We are rejected by you and by all who have the mark of the beast, because we do not bow down to your images, or serve the flesh as do you. We preach the crucifixion of the flesh, the death which you abhor, and for which you reject us.

The mark of the beast is the mark of man, manifest in the religious works of the flesh. (Read The Mark of Cain.) Those you do, because, in your heart, you have taken the place of God, deciding what is right and wrong. You do not love the Truth. That is why you reject Christ when He comes in others, such as us, who speak His words that convict you of wrongdoing. Instead of getting rid of your sins by repenting of your wrongdoing, you get rid of the Anointed One Who shows you your sins, just as your fathers did. You garnish the tomb of the Lord (which is empty), showing yourselves to be the children of those who also did not know Him or confess His coming in the flesh, but killed Him and His servants.

Today you can only metaphorically kill us. Today is the Lord’s Day to have His say. He has come to slay the wicked with the sword of His mouth, and none can stop Him. Who can resist the Lord or His will? This is the true love, sown in truth, for good and not for evil, for Jack, for you, for Arlene, and for all. Without manifest truth, love is a sham, which mocks God as He is.

“Wounds made by a friend are intended to help, but an enemy’s kisses are too much to bear” (Proverbs 27:6 GW).

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