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Letter from Paul Foster

Dear CiAnn,

Thank you for taking the time to come in and see us regarding a complaint against the Living Essence Foundation (Nevada City, CA.) represented by Arjuna Ardagh and represented by Paul Cohn.

You most assuredly have a solid case. If an employer willingly uses your name in any manner, without your consent or without your knowledge, they are in fact committing a crime pursuant to California Penal Code 530.5. You also have a very strong civil case against your former employer, the civil code is more expressive in this regards. It is very clear that misrepresentation, fraud, and outright malicious behavior in regards to using your name has been perpetrated by Arjuna Ardagh.

After reading the text found online, I feel that Paul Cohn is responding rather harshly to the request for removal from his mailing list. I’m sure others have asked to be removed, but there are no other letters lambasting them leaving. Whatever your former employer said, in your name, to evoke him enough to post this particular public scolding, is most likely defamatory to your character and personal beliefs. Not only did your former employer fraudulently use your name, but he also, by direct action cause an attack on your character, that was public declared. Which only further strengthens your case against them, for they are intentionally misrepresenting your character.

If you like you may forward this letter to them expressly this section:

1. They should cease and desist using your information in any way.
Continuing to do so is showing further contempt for the laws they have already broken. In fact, beyond their legal requirements as past employers for keeping your records, they shouldn’t have any dealings regarding your name or character or any representation therein.
2. The webpage in question should come down immediately and a retraction, clearing your name should be posted, indicating a public apology from all (both Arjuna Ardagh and Paul Cohn) parties involved. This action will specifically name that you were misrepresented and clear your name from involvement in this scandal.

We will keep this information on file in the event you wish to further pursue legal means to clear your name. Please feel free to contact us.

Yours Truly
Paul W. Foster
Farnsworth, Kellerman, Foster & Traub

Read Paul’s response to CiAnn Masi, Arjuna Ardagh, and Paul Foster.

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