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Broad Way Lover Despises Narrow Way

We received this response to Further Along on The Path of Truth:

I never asked for these emails to be sent to me so PLEASE take me off your email list!! It’s very annoying. You shouldn’t be invading people’s privacy by helping yourself to their mailboxes!!!!!!!!!!! In short……………..GO TO HELL!!

Victor’s reply:

Hi Joanne,

We have had several people who have had a very different reaction to our “invading their privacy,” thankful ones.

We were in Hell (really!), and we would not choose to go back anymore than one living in a palace, having been delivered from a torture chamber, would choose to go back to it. By your words and spirit, it is evident that you are in that torture chamber, though you would not know it. Those in Hell often do not.

Nevertheless, according to your “request,” we remove your name from the list. We are sorry for your choice. We wanted to share palatial comforts and pleasures with all who would.

In Heaven and thankful,


Joanne’s response:


The only hell I endure on a daily basis is the one caused by ‘self-righteous’ people like you who claim to be so humble and Christ-like, but are in actuality the most judgemental unChrist-like people on this earth. And for the record, I do not live in HELL. I am very proud to be a person who does not judge others based on their skin-colour, hair-colour, whether they have tattoos or piercings everywhere, and above other things I do not judge others on their religious preferences. Thanks for taking me off your list. Quite honestly, I find many more ‘palatial comforts and pleasures’ from taking a walk in the mountains, by helping those less fortunate in my community, and by loving those around me than receiving emails from you, that are in so many ways self-centered and very judgemental to other religions. It doesn’t matter what you say, we are all God’s children and it is he who will save us one day, not you!!! So again, thank you for taking me off your ‘hit’ list! The rest of my days will be lived in the peace and comfort I receive from enjoying all that God has put on this earth for all to enjoy (and that does not include your emails)!

Non-denominationally yours,


Victor’s reply:

Joanne, you have expressed yourself, and I would like to respond to some of your accusations against us, which are unfounded. You speak of loving others, yet make false accusations. This I know, that if you truly love others you will love all, and if you accuse one falsely, you are quite capable of accusing all.

Why would you say that I am “self-righteous”? Do you know the meaning of that term? I happen to know, without a doubt, that I am not trusting in my own righteousness. That went long ago when I was crucified with Christ, receiving His righteousness. I also happen to know, by your letter, that you are trusting in your own. So you accuse me of something of which you are guilty yourself. Is that love? Is it just? Is it wise? If not, how can you honestly claim to have the “virtues” you mention?

Who said I claimed to be humble or Christlike? Are you not condemning me along with many with whom you have had undesirable experiences, whether you or they are to blame for them? Why do you accuse falsely, painting all with the same brush? Is that love? You tell me. You speak of “Christlikeness.” Does He falsely accuse? I think you have another Jesus in mind. Both Jesus and the apostle Paul spoke of and against the accuser of His brethren. Is that not what is happening now with you?

So you are “very proud of not judging others…on their religious preferences.” No? What have you done here with me, Joanne? Are you not contradicting yourself? What about my “religious preferences”? You mention the other bases upon which you do not judge. I do not judge on those or on religious preferences. But if I were judgmental on one, God has said that I am judgmental on all. Where does that put you? If you were perfectly honest with me and with yourself, you would necessarily admit that you are indeed judgmental, and, as you judge and accuse me of being, professing one thing (even proud of it) and living another.

Love is substantial and essential. Your words, “go to hell,” come not from love, but from hatred, not from goodwill, but from bitterness and resentment. First Corinthians chapter 13 describes love well. Your brand is not very attractive, though apparently you think otherwise. Yet you call me “self-centered and very judgmental.”

As for salvation of God, I am now saved. I came to be saved because God sent people to share the truth with me. (Read Victor Hafichuk.) That is how He does it. There is no other way. Jesus came to bring truth, made disciples, gave them His Spirit, and sent them forth to bring others to God, and to disciple still others to do the same. To reject the “Christlike” way is to reject Him, God, and love. So what do you think you are doing? Are you not contradicting yourself with every word and thought?

As for who are God’s children, Jesus and His disciple, John, were very clear on that:

“But as many as received Him, He gave them the authority to become children of God, to those who believe in His name; who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God” (John 1:12-13 EMTV).

“He who believes in the Son has eternal life; and he who does not believe the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him” (John 3:36 EMTV).

So much for, “The rest of my days will be lived in the peace and comfort I receive from enjoying all that God has put on this earth for all to enjoy.” The very emails you reject were God’s expressed intention by us to that end.

We are not denominational, Joanne, addressing another accusatory presumption. You are not honest, fair, impartial, or loving, and I think you know it. I have written you, in spite of your verbal abuse and judgmentalism toward me. That is LOVE.

Unless you engage me again, I will no longer write you.

Contending for the faith once delivered to the saints, which has been misrepresented by many, who vainly and hypocritically profess love for Jesus Christ,


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