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Exposing Evolutionists

“For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead…” (Romans 1:20 KJV).


Creation Speaks for God: Manifest Proofs of Intelligent Design

Are there any proofs of creation? You are surrounded by a multitude of them, within easy grasp, no heavy lifting required! It is not hard to see, but hard hearts have made it complicated and impossible. The Creator tells us why this is so and gives every answer needed by man.

Some evolutionists may not be lacking in intelligence, but all are lacking in spiritual life that comes from the Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ. What follows is a discussion with professed atheist, Drek, about how his arguments for evolution collapse because essential components, beginning with God, are missing. Drek’s unbelief and other forms of entropy are no match for the power of Christ. By laying down His life and raising it from the dead, He is the Creator and Sustainer of all life.

“If He sets His heart on man, if He gathers to Himself his spirit and his breath, all flesh shall perish together, and man shall turn again to dust” (Job 34:14-15 MKJV).

Disorder Produced by Disorder          

Can intelligence and organization come from chaos? This brief correspondence demonstrates that like comes from like. The one espousing chaos as his origin exhibits disorganized thinking, though concealed behind educated and intellectual sounding propositions that might even sound logical. To those whose minds are in a muddle, it all sounds very impressive, but with critical examination we find a dog’s breakfast of notions incoherently assembled into an inedible mass. The antidote is sound thinking from the source of our existence, the One Who organized and created us.

The Creator Is the Foundation of All True Science          

Is believing in the Creator of all things an assumption, or is there a sure knowledge to be had of Him, which guides one into all Truth? That is the experience of the authors of the Scriptures (people just like you and me). It is also our experience, who have been given the same faith. Jon, an atheistic “theologian,” finds fault with this because he relies on man’s powers of observation and understanding. That has led him to argue for evolution, a belief we show to be the assumptive one, leading to poverty of soul.

The greatest “secular” lie of our times, imposed upon the world at large, is that of evolution. While the entire world indulges in this deception, it is more than secular; it is spiritual as well, because in its essence, it denies the existence of God as He is. I say, “as He is,” because there are those who think they can reconcile evolution with God the Creator. To do so is to deny the Scriptural testimony He has bestowed on mankind concerning His Nature, Character and mode of conduct. Denying the Book of His Authorship is to deny Him, for the theories of evolution are not compatible with the God of the Bible. Any reasonable person can know that. Either we believe the Bible and therefore God, or we do not.

“We Are Fools for Christ’s Sake, But You Are Wise…”          

Beth the church-goer is insulted because a man who was either ignorant or careless labeled all scientists as godless. She wants him to know that her career as a scientist proves that not all evolutionists are without profession of faith in God. But what good is your faith in God, Beth, if it pits you against Him, building the rationales of rebels who deny Him? You need His faith, not that which is conjured up by a proud and sinful mind.

Deconstructing Evolution Is Good          

There are many professors of Christ who think it is poor Christian manners to be boldly and outspokenly critical of evolution. Nothing could be further from the Truth! Giving any scintilla of honor to the preposterous and ungodly concept of evolution only feeds the beast of intolerance and ungodly independence.

Why the Flutterby?          

Who knew the power of the The Gas? Contemplations inspired by the beauty of butterflies.

Evolution – A Poem of Tact, Diplomacy, and Gentle Persuasion
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