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Deconstructing Evolution Is Good

Paul sent this note to Samantha:

Hi Sam!

I saw Josiah’s site, and could not find his email address. I sent him a posting, which I hope he will receive. I also went to your blog, and saw that you are searching.

In 1977 I was finishing my college career, which no longer seemed relevant in my search for Truth. In 1978, God answered my question, and showed me His Messiah, Jesus Christ. As a Jew (nominally religious, proclaimed agnostic – which to me meant withholding judgment because not knowing), this was not something I had anticipated or previously contemplated, but the sun had risen and there was no going back. On the contrary, I had immense joy in the Light of Day, knowing the Truth and beginning a journey that has been much more than I could have ever imagined. How can mortal man know the things of Heaven? But God has revealed them to us (1 Corinthians 2:10).

We have found the Scriptures to be true, not as dead doctrine, but as living Truth. Jesus Christ is alive; He reigns! Believe it. Go to our site. Share with Josiah.


Paul Cohen

Samantha’s response:

Hello Paul!

Josiah did receive the comment, I can see it on his page, and I forwarded him your email. =) Thank you for your concern; we are both committed Biblical Christ-followers.

Sam, off to watch fireworks =)

Paul’s reply:

Hi Sam,

I ran across Josiah’s blog while looking up something about evolution. I am in the process of writing a letter that I could perhaps share with the two of you. You might find it worthwhile.

I notice on your site you say:

On the other hand, a great many Creationist organization list in their
mission statements that part of their goal is to deconstruct Evolution (with the goal, one would imagine, of leaving Creationism the only viable alternative). This is not Biblical.

I am not sure you realize what the word “deconstruct” means. I quote from an online dictionary:

“1. To break down into components; dismantle.2. To write about or analyze.”

Perhaps you think the people that used the word meant something different by it. Whatever the case, there is nothing unBiblical about analyzing something if that entails refuting what is not true. In fact, the Bible itself stands as a Refutation of all things not true.

There is nothing in our physical world that is more untrue than the teaching of evolution as the explanation for God’s creation. And the source of this lie is found in the spiritual realm, where man, the rebel, says, “Who are You to tell me what to do?!”

Peace in Christ, Lord and Creator, and Savior of those that believe on Him,


Click HERE to go to “Exposing Evolutionists.”

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