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Diabolical Doctrine: Some Are Predestinated to Burn in Hell Forever


We have the true answers from God for those who believe or were taught the false doctrine from Calvin that God has predestinated them to burn in Hell forever, time without end. There is a time to stop drinking from the poisonous wells of the doctrines of men, treacherously mixed with Biblical Truth, and to start drinking from the Well of wells, Jesus Christ alone, Who gives the Pure Water of Life freely to whoever thirsts.

“The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and rich in mercy. He will not always chasten, nor will He keep His anger forever. He has not dealt with us according to our sins, nor rewarded us according to our iniquities” (Psalms 103:8-10 MKJV).

Read True Hope for Dutch Reform Church Members and All Calvin Doctrine Victims.

Consider the alternative to this most horrid of diabolical reasonings of an evil man: God is love, as demonstrated on the cross He suffered for the redemption of the entire world.















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