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Diabolical Doctrine: The King James Version Is the Perfect Word of God


There are those who believe the King James Version, alone of all Bible versions, is accurate and inspired of God and that all other versions are corrupt or fall short in unacceptable ways. These people declare that the KJV is perfect to the letter, without error (which isn’t true of any translation). Such a notion is nothing more than the fruit of ignorance and pride.

Why has that which is perfect been revised numerous times to correct errors? How is it its worshippers don’t recognize the errors still remaining in the KJV? Those who worship the KJV as being the perfect Word of God are in grievous error and idolatry indeed.

Read Is the King James Authorized Version the Perfect Word of God?

Consider the alternative to this foolish, though subtle, form of idolatry: Worship the Creator and only Him, and He will show you the unshackled Way of Life independent of any created thing men have laid their hands on.















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