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We were subtly approached by a Catholic in the Philippines who not only had a language problem, but an indoctrination one, as well. He was rather uncooperative and we weren’t prepared to entertain his designs. After more than an hour of conversation at our Chat Room, he began to unveil his intentions for visiting. These are Catholic apologetics we address for the sake of all who encounter the subtleties of the serpent and who would like to answer with Truth.

We have a conversation with one who claims to know and worship God through the Catholic Church, while we present her with knowing and worshipping Him through Jesus Christ. In this you will see the contrast of light with darkness, truth with error, life with death, if God gives you the grace to see.

This series from The Issues of Life answers an important question.

Scott Hahn is a well-publicized Presbyterian convert to Catholicism…”out of the frying pan and into the fire.” He once gave a speech about this experience, discussing some of the doctrinal issues with which he grappled at the time. We address these issues and the erroneous thinking which led to his conversion to Catholicism. Surely, when God sends strong delusion that one should believe a lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11), who can withstand Him? Nevertheless, we preach the truth, reprove the works of darkness, and hope in God the Truth, Whose Word will bear fruit in due time.

While God prohibits making or having images in a context of worship, cults, as those who do their own thing outside of Him, often make or have them. Whereas these things are seen by man as godly, and indicative of piety, they are a sure sign of false religion and a continuation of pagan traditions and practices dressed up as “Christian.” These are the very things the children of Israel were told to completely destroy, a command that is indicative of how truly odious to God, and dangerous to man, these things are.

Is the Catholic Church the only cult? By no means! And “a miss is as good as a mile.” In this writing, rather than letting subjective determinations decide what is a cult, as self-serving and biased men are wont to do, we give you the impartial and essential differences between man-made works and the lives and examples of the Lord Jesus Christ and His disciples, as recorded and taught in Scripture. This is a true measure by which one can see and know, with certainty, what is good, and what is evil, as by the Tree of Life.

Raised as Catholic, see what happened when the Lord took a hold of him.

We have a conversation with Deborah, a Catholic who says that Jesus asked her to put up images of Himself and “saints,” and who wishes to be a great saint in her own right. We point out the error of the ways and idolatries of the Catholic Church, which she walks in and defends.

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