Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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False Teacher – Yinka Akintunde

Satan’s MO: The Master of Misdirection

We are attacked by a wannabe false prophet for listing and exposing his Nigerian religious scamster brethren, whose fame and fortune he hopes to achieve for himself. This prolific liar deflects answering for his outrageous lies by redoubling his accusations. This is the modus operandi of his father, the Devil, whose motto is: “The best defense is going on the offensive.” This is Satan at his best (or worst), who is no match for the Word that exposes him in the Light.

“And He said to them, I saw Satan fall from Heaven like lightning. Behold, I give to you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the authority of the enemy. And nothing shall by any means hurt you” (Luke 10:18-19 MKJV).

We got this response to False Teachers in Nigeria, Too:


I saw a write up where you answered a supposed atheist about certain men of God including Bishop Oyedepo, Pastors E.A Adeboye and W.F Kumuyi. Having gone through all the ramble rousing, you are a million mile off target and worse off by decades than the people you were criticising. All of your so called truth were full of delusion, confusion and ultimately self rigteousness, self praise and self promotion of which you accused some of these men of God.

You were so contradictory judgemental and naive that they can only border on mental imbesility off sort.

Take for instance, you condemned tithe as an old testament doings but extoled feasts such as the pentecosts and feast of terbanacle. The whole household of Corneliuswas saved, Andrew drew his brother, Peter, to Jesus and yet you rather people families be lost in hell to prove your dellusion right. You prayed prayed and your families were not saved because God didn’t here you. Whatsoever spoke to you ofthem being reserved for other ages is the devil of deception; it is appointed for man once to die after which is judgement-Hebrews 9:27. When will you families be saved after dying in sin without knowing Christ?

You rather aligned with an atheist (who believed there is no God) than a believer in God whose doctrine you contest.

You are of the devil and a physician of no worth of value.


Yinka Akintunde
Diadem Ministries

Victor’s reply:

Yinka, you are one confused fellow, and the Word of God we preach in Him has apparently pricked your guilty, defiled conscience.

Where do we speak against tithing? You say we do, but where and how? Have you red the articles in our section Tithes and Offerings? It does not appear that you have red them, yet you open wide your mouth in ignorance, false accusation, and blasphemy, “doctor.” And people should come to you for spiritual ministry? Wow! Only those appointed to death and Hell are sent to you, my friend. As it is written, “The deceiver and the deceived are His” (Job 12:16).

Your blog on tithing (and all else you express) is ignorant and evil, with misinterpreted and misappropriated Scripture, not rightly divided. You justify tithing not as it should be, but the way you want it to be in order to finance your works of destruction, line your pockets, and glorify yourself, “doctor.”

Where do we extol Feast-keeping? You say we do, but where and how? We are the Feasts of God, having entered into their reality, of which Feasts you are entirely ignorant, because having never repented. Have you red The Feast-Keeping that Is Sin? Apparently not. You are a liar, Yinka, as phony as the men you presume to defend, your diabolical partners in crime in Nigeria – phony hypocrites, antiChrist, all of you.

What you write about family salvation is confusing and contradicts Scripture, along with everything else you say. Religion has not served to make you wise and understanding, because it is the false kind, inspired by Mystery, the Mother of harlots. She has diseased you with false knowledge, pride, presumption, and covetousness. She is Satan’s wife and you are a member in particular of her body, even as we are members of the Body of Christ. You are another worker of iniquity to whom the Lord has now said by us, “Depart from Me. I don’t know you; I never did.”

You ask, “When will you families be saved after dying in sin without knowing Christ?” Our families will be saved in the fullness of time – if not in this age, then in another to come. Christ will reconcile all men to Himself, even the self-righteous devils like you, through faith and repentance, even as those who perished in the flood were granted faith when Christ preached to them after His resurrection. Isn’t that a wonderful promise? I know that you don’t believe the Scriptures, not knowing them or their power, but what we say of, and from, them is true. Read The Restitution of All Things.

You are a religious whoremonger, Yinka. YOU repent. Your time of judgment has come. Your place in the Lake of Fire is reserved for you and assigned to purge you of your iniquity. Your presumption that you can speak the truth and represent Jesus Christ to mankind is exposed as a delusion, and you will know it. We are not here as you, to promote and prosper ourselves in the things of this world, but to speak the Truth, as sent and given by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Replace the pretentious diadems with the appropriate ashes and dirt. Glory seekers, God destroys, but He shows mercy to those who humble themselves.


Yinka’s response:

Compare your doctrine, language and mannerisim to that of our Lord Jesus, compare them to all the epistles written by Holy men to the early Churches, you are way off.

Your language does not reflect that of someone who had either repented of gutter and ghetto mannerrisms neither do you come across as one who had obtained grace. Having practiced medicine for years, I can see you need help. You are incoherent and delusional, very likely schizophrenic.

May the Lord have mercy on you. Seek help on time.

Paul’s reply:

The Lord has given us a measure to compare ourselves with His and His servants’ works and ways, documented in The True Marks of a Cult. So let’s talk facts and not opinions. How do you measure up to the standards of the Lord?

And how do the Lord and His disciples measure up to the standard you have applied to us, according to Does God Speak Only Gentle Words? Apparently they have the same gutter mannerisms that we do. How do you explain that?

And how does being a doctor, which you bring up here and advertise on your site, give you credibility as a spiritual diagnostician and spokesman for God? Have you red what we had to say to one of your fellow false teachers who also uses such worldly credentials to impress the ignorant – Dr. David Owuor: Another Self-Exposed Fraud?

You have yet to give us any substance, Yinka, and you won’t, because you are a pretentious, empty man, a slave of worldly lusts that compel you to seek the rewards of other empty fools, lusting for their fame and glory. You are a false prophet wannabe, and now you have seen your role models and idols ripped to shreds by the truth on our site, with no hope of resurrection or restoration. All you can do is vomit mixed-up spiritual nonsense and bile. How bitter it is trying to maintain hopes that have gone up in smoke!

Paul Cohen

Yinka’s reply:

Reliable sources within and outside the Church in the Us and Canada have intimated me with your delusion, I will therefore not bother myself again inglorifying your incoherent assertions. My only advice is that you should set free all your captives, especially those young girls you are camping away from their parents and using to fufil your lusts. Their parents are worried and want their daughters back home.

There are only two words that come to mind when I read your ranting- Jim Jones.

I pray your victims quickly see that your cult is an accident only waiting to happen like Jones’.

Yinka Akintunde

Paul and Victor’s reply:

Of course you would find “reliable” anonymous and unnamed sources making egregious charges that are easily disproven. Lies are the meat of false prophet wannabes, and as one you have sought out a convenient way to escape from the spotlight of truth shining on you.

But this Yinka dinka spider will not escape to spread his poison another day, because it’s not water coming at him this time, but the fire of God, which leaves him with nothing because the Lord comes to destroy all liars and their lies.

We will post this correspondence as a record for all to see.

“And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth” (Zechariah 14:12 KJV).

“And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcasses of the men that have transgressed against Me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh” (Isaiah 66:24 KJV).

Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk

Yinka’s response:

Go and read my books, POTENT WITHIN and EQUIPPED FOR VICTORY, they will answer most of your question about substance. Everyone you have beeen cursing and prophesying doom for ever since are making progress in their God ordained path while you are hidding in mountains and deserts looking for who to hate more. You are eddifying nobody, add value to nobody and blessing nobody. When you are your cults are gone in doom, I will still be here serving God, ever progressing till I will see my saviour, Jesus Christ, face to face in glory one day.

You and your group are an offence to God and humanity.

Paul’s reply:

So, Yinka, you are saying your books will provide the evidence that we have lured young girls from their homes to be our sex slaves? Your books will provide the evidence that we have created a “Jonestown” of followers hiding out with us in the mountains? And they will prove all of your other spurious charges, and give a proper rebuttal of those things we have shown about your false prophet heroes?

What a liar you are! There is not one piece of truth or decency in anything that comes out of your foul mouth. You are the most despicable of scoundrels, one who heaps up mire and dirt while trying to hide behind the Name of the Lord.

“But the wicked are like the troubled sea, which cannot rest, and its waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace, says my God, to the wicked” (Isaiah 57:20-21 MKJV).

Do those we confront on their lies and wickedness do well?

You mean like Billy Joe Daugherty, who taught divine healing and died of cancer?

You mean like Wayne Bent, a.k.a. Michael Travesser, who went to jail for criminal sexual contact of a minor?

You mean like Samuele Bacchiocchi, who died of liver cancer?

You mean like William Crews, who cursed us and then fell on his head and died?

You mean like Dick Deweert of The Miracle Channel, who scorned us (as you do), was exposed for adultery, and lost his social glory and status in the nominal Christian world? (Are you in adultery, Yinka?)

You mean like Otto Gershon, who tried to entrap us with lies and ended up losing his wife to disease and his children to the authorities, because he abused them?

You mean like Kyle Lake, who tempted God and was electrocuted in his baptistery?

You mean like John Robbins, the theologian who told us to keep our “damned opinions” to ourselves and then died prematurely of disease?

You mean like Moishe Rosen, who refused the truth while suffering the diseases of the heathen, going to his grave as an unrepentant sinner?

You mean like L. Ray Smith, who bitterly opposed us in error and would not hear the truth about his wrongness, stricken with debilitating cancer?

You mean like Stacy Wood, who perished while mocking what we told him?

This is not to mention how many others on our list, and in our posted correspondences, who suffer untold miseries and calamities because they scoff at the Lord and His testimony through us and His saints. This is not to mention the many more offline, to whom we have borne witness of the Lord Jesus Christ and to whom we have brought the Word of God face to face, who have suffered tragedies in their scoffing and unrepentance. Some have perished entirely because they despised and railed on us, as do you.

You have now seen your Lord and Savior, Yinka, and you despise and curse Him before His great white judgment throne. He will answer your public challenge before all, making known whom He is with, and who is His enemy. There are, and will be, many more casualties. God is not finished.

“For by fire and by His sword will the LORD plead with all flesh: and the slain of the LORD shall be many” (Isaiah 66:16 KJV).

Get behind us, Satan. Your lying, obfuscating days are over.

Paul Cohen

Yinka’s response:

My books have nothing to do with your cult but I rather mentioned them as a response to your asking for the substance of what we teach and admonish.

I could see you are a sadist who rejoice at the calamities that befall many, you are of the devil who rejoices when people fall into sickness or sin. Jesus healed the sick, cleanse the sinner but you are preaching another self righteous and accursed gospel.

The reality is you talk with both sides of your mouth. You accused me and others whose academic degrres were mentioned as seeking social status and glory and yet you saw Dick losing same as a plus for your sadism.

To answer your question, am not in adultery (although you wish), what a sadist you are!

You are not a christain, you are not reconciling anybody to God, you delight in dooms and calamites, you belong to the thief who had come to kill, steal and destroy. You are a control freak, a megalomaniac who can never tolerate contrary opinion and would rather God destroy anyone who does not belong or believe in your silly cult. None of your filty words or actions can be backed up by the teachings of our Lord Jesus nor that of his apostles in the new testament, you are worse off than the pharisees, you are not preaching or teaching christianity.

While you are gone, I will still be standing, preaching the good news.

Paul’s reply:

When I asked for substance, Yinka, I was asking you to prove your accusations against us using reliable and proven criteria. Are you not just playing dumb, Satan? Why would I ask for what you teach, when you are a proven liar and what you teach has nothing to do with the specific lies you have told about us?

And why would we pay for the books of a liar, who sells what he calls “the truth”? That falls under Money Solicitation, one of The True Marks of a Cult. You also beg for outright donations on your site, just like the false teachers you came to us defending have taught you to do, mammon lovers all.

So we give you applicable substance, but you don’t give us any because you can’t – you don’t have anything. That why you are finished, Satan.

You are the one who cast the lie in our faces that everyone against whom we have spoken is “making progress in their God ordained path.” When I list for you the terrible results of their contending against Christ, you call that “sadism.” Since Jesus Christ is the One judging and slaying them, it is Him you blaspheme and call a sadist.

Read about the One you charge with sadism, and all that He does with the disobedient, starting at Deuteronomy 28, verse 15, continuing to the end of the chapter. Here is the summary of what one who rebels against God’s commandments can expect from Him:

“It shall happen that as the LORD rejoiced over you to do you good, and to multiply you, so the LORD will rejoice over you to cause you to perish, and to destroy you; and you shall be plucked from off the land where you go in to possess it” (Deuteronomy 28:63 HNV).

Dick Deweert was exposed before the world as a hypocrite and liar. The time is short before you are exposed before everyone as well, losing all that you covet or think to have. Will you call that “making progress” with God? We call it a sinner being destroyed in his sins, which indeed is heading in the right direction – judgment by the Word of God and fire.

Finally, we asked you if you are in adultery, whereas you charged us with abusing young girls without proof. So who is the sadist and liar, Satan?


In response, Satan could only rant and rave:

Your word are not like the words of Jesus

your character are neither

Your words are not the word of the apostles

nor your scriptural refrences

There is nothing that represents the finished work of Christ for human salvation in all you teach and represent.

Just a deluded, self-righteous, egocentric, pharisee-like zealot.

If Jesus Christ were to be alive today healing the sick and doing good to all men, you and your cult would have been the first to shout “crucify him”.

Away with you.

Away we went, and we took his head with us.

The Destroyer, as manifested by Yinka Akintunde, second from the left, showing you the true face and attitude of the Accuser of the Brethren, jubilantly smiling as he gives everyone the finger.

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