Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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False Teacher – Walter Martin


The Cult “Expert” Is a Cultist

Here’s an example of one who prided himself on his supposed knowledge and expertise in the things of God, using it to charge others with wrongdoing he was guilty of himself. This is hypocrisy of the worst sort, because it drags God’s Name through the mud.

We received a question about the late Walter Martin:

Hello brothers in Christ,

I find your list in line with what I have thought about many of the false prophets you mention. The nature of the end days is deception and false prophets. My question is in regards to Christian Research Institute (Hank), I had my suspicions about him, however his Father the late Walter Martin taught correct Biblical doctrine, is that right?

Victor replied:

Greetings in Christ Jesus, Sargon,

Let’s briefly answer your question about Walter Martin, founder of Christian Research Institute. Yes, he taught some true Biblical doctrine, but he also taught much false. If you were to go to The True Marks of a Cult and Diabolical Doctrines and examine his life and doctrine by those criteria, you’ll find much error with “Dr.” Martin.

What man of God calls himself “Doctor”? Not one. Walter Martin had several educational credentials posted. No man of God boasts of degrees earned in men’s institutions of learning, particularly in theology. Doing so is the clear mark of a man who doesn’t know the Lord or anything about Him. Paul, after coming to know the Lord, said he counted such accomplishments and honors of men as dung (Philippians 3). And rightly so, for who can ever boast of having revelation, which is an act of God and of no man, an undeserved gift, the only way to know and learn of God?

Men’s institutions give intellectual knowledge, never revelation. They inform minds; they don’t transform them. They educate; they don’t illuminate. They entitle men; they don’t humble them. Without humility, it is impossible to worship, never mind serve, God. Their members are enthroned and crowned when they should be crucified instead. Men praise and glorify themselves and one another, but those who know and love the Lord, praise and glorify Him.

At this video, you will find Walter Martin saying that the United Pentecostal Church sets itself up as the judge of all churches. Hasn’t Martin done exactly that? How has he not? Who is he to accuse? Not that I defend the UPC; I don’t. We are talking “Doctor” Walter Martin now.

Walter believes in the pagan trinity doctrine. He believes in eternal torment. He is an orthodox Christian, agreeing with the “grievous wolves” Paul warned would soon enter in among believers after his departure, and would even rise from among believers, speaking perverse things, drawing disciples to themselves, and ravaging the flock of God.

Who came immediately after the apostles? Some of the wolves that came to be known as “church fathers,” so-called successors of the apostles. Did nobody know that apostles are never officially succeeded? Orthodox Christianity is wrong. Orthodox Christianity is the harlot, Mystery Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots.

Hank Hanegraaff succeeded “Dr.” Walter Martin at the CRI helm and isn’t his son. He continued the traditional teachings and practices of their organization, with some changes. Ironically, Walter Martin established CRI to fight “cults,” and it was by the occasion of their doctrines and ways that we developed The True Marks of a Cult, which exposes the wolves in sheep’s clothing, including CRI, Walter Martin, and Hank Hanegraaff.

Victor Hafichuk


  1. Dr Walter Matin was a fantastic apologist, and I NEVER heard him misquote ANYTHING in scripture… Sadly, his untimely death caught CRI off guard, and Dr Martin did NOT have things in order on his passing.
    His self proclaimed “replacement”, is a fraud. Hank Hanegraaff is NO “Bible answer man” and if I believed Dr Martin was still in his grave, I’d be saying he’s rolling over in it listening to what HH has done with CRI..!

    Dr Martin was a man of God, who KNEW his Bible like no one else! Dr Martin insisted on higher education, ie Masters degree in theology as a minimum to be able to properly speak on the subject.
    Hank H had NO studies, not even a certificate or correspondence course diploma!! But he pushed his way into the position forcefully. Hank was the company accountant!! His involvement never had anything to do with theological matters! But immediately upon the untimely death of Dr Martin, Hank being an opportunistic individual, schemed a way to bribe and push, and then by force, become the “on air bible answer man”,
    His theology couldn’t be further at odds than Dr Martins as it is.
    Whenever I think of CRI, and how hard Dr Martin worked to build CRI, just to be overtaken by a self proclaiming “expert”, makes my blood boil! But I’m sure Dr Martin looks down with forgiveness on H Hanegraaf, because that’s the kind of good God fearing Christian he was.


  2. To call a man,especially Walter Martin a “false teacher” because he earned the right and privilege to be called “DOCTOR” is beyond petty..
    At a time in our country is killing millions of unborn babies,and letting criminals out of prison and JAILING others by governor mandate,I WOULD HOPE THAT “THE CHURCH” WOULD MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO,RATHER THAN ATTACK A MAN WITH ENCYCLOPEDIC DETAILED KNOWLEDGE OF NOT ONLY THE HOLY BIBLE. BUT GREEK,AND IF I’M NOT MISTAKEN ARAMAIC AS WELL! Go attack and cause a brother in Christ more than 30 in the grave,is a very shallow thing indeed!


  3. I’ll be the 3rd. This article is libel.
    Walter Martin was the REAL Bible Answer man. His sermons are scripturally sound.
    This website is hypocritical. To call Walter Martin “false” because he called out (many forms of unrighteousness not only) the occult. While calling Walter false whilst this website does what? Calls people false.
    Hypocrisy: “behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel”


    1. How is this website hypocritical, Luke? What behavior contradicts what we claim to believe or feel?

      We plainly showed how Walter Martin was false, using his own words.


  4. Pagan trinity doctrine? You’re insane.


  5. Walter Martin in his appearance on a 1986 show discussing homosexuals told the host) quote: You can be gay and a christian, but not a practicing one. You can be an adulterer/fornicator and a christian, just not a practicing one. Don’t listen to the freemasonic Martin or Hanegraff. Anyone who is in Christ is a new creation, old things have passed away, and all things have become new, Apostle Paul 2 Corinthians 5:17 Amen


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