Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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Who Is Spreading Heresy?

Sara received this letter from Gene:

You would do well to come to grips with the Hafichuk heresies in which you have been entrapped and now retransmit to unsuspecting readers.

Your testimony is indeed a cry for help; may God help you to now find your way out of the web of deceit in which you have been caught. See for an overview of what you have become part of.

Sara’s reply:


What are the “Hafichuk heresies” to which you refer? I do not know of any. You seem to not have a clear understanding of what Victor and Paul preach, for you associate them with a number of organizations that they denounce (The True Marks of a Cult), and with which they have no affiliation. It seems like you are confused to me.

Why do you compare my dream of the sacrifice to something from “The Church of Satan”? What is the “web of deceit” in which I have been “entrapped”? Can you spell out for me what is wrong?

You made the following statement in your website: “So, Hafichuk’s deviations from orthodox beliefs are not unique in any manner.

How do you know that the “orthodox” are right? Didn’t the “orthodox” Bible-believers of their day crucify Jesus Christ?

You also said: “What IS different is that most if not all of the above individuals and their ideologues are unafraid to publicly identify themselves with their movements and beliefs.

How can you say that Victor is afraid to publicly identify himself with his “movements” and beliefs, when he has put his testimony, his revelations, and lessons learned from God out on the web, publicly?


Shaparenko never replied.

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