Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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A Vision of Gene Shaparenko

We sent the following letter to Gene Shaparenko:

Gene, here is a vision Victor had of you. You may post it on your site:

Somewhere in the week of July 20 to 26, 2006, I had this dream or vision (it was in the night and I am not sure which it was) wherein I stepped up behind this great hollow image of a heavyset man, apparently a goon. It had the hollowness of a piggy bank or hollow chocolate rabbit. The image was so great in size that when I raised my right hand fully over my head to hit him, my hand reached below the calf muscle of his left leg. I, with little effort, and with no evil intent or emotion, effortlessly slapped him with a forward motion of my open hand, not far above his ankle. The image immediately fell forward, face down to the ground, being light and unstable, though so big.

Ten days later we checked in:

We have not seen this posted on your site yet, Gene. Perhaps you did not get it.

Gene’s response:

Yes – we received it but feel it would be inappropriate to label Victor and yourself with occult baggage such as this. You already have enough problems to cope with.

Subconscious imagery such as this is sourced out of fear and normally from the same part of the spirit world that we have linked to victor’s past and which many writers to us have independently acknowledged as accurate.

Maybe we should begin printing your Montana webmistress’s (or is it mistress) parents’ letters on the web…that might be more interesting than the occult imagery that you folks seem to be receiving.

Victor’s reply:

While Jesus directly and publicly rebuked His adversaries, be they the Pharisees, Herodians or whoever, He did not make it His mission to attack and falsely accuse them, as you do with us. However, they certainly made it their mission to destroy Him. You have not seen us post anything on our site against you, though you are Satan’s son. We are not the least interested. Neither do I say these things now so that you will cease your evil works. Read The Persecutors and the Persecuted. There can be no doubt whose side you are on.

If you wish to post the Schmidt letters, be our guest, Satan. That goes for any letters we have written, of which you may be aware. We are neither ashamed nor afraid, as you seem to suspect. But are you willing to post, in their entirety, the letters we sent to the Schmidts? We highly doubt it. I expect they can furnish you with those letters, though they are as deceptive and prejudiced as are you. However, we have the letters on file in their entirety, should you children of Satan pervert them, as is your nature. Or is this your version of a “Christian” kangaroo court to prosecute without truth, balance or justice? You have certainly demonstrated your capability and propensity, indeed, compulsion, to do so, as have they.

Contending for the faith once delivered to the saints, without fear, but with great thankfulness to the Father of spirits and the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ, Whom we serve with glad and willing hearts,

Victor Hafichuk

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