Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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Still Fishing

Here is a series of three letters from Gene, who, not content with his vacuous attacks on our ministry, begins to accuse us of selling occultish products in our business (Grander Water Revitalization).

Note from Gene #1:

…I have collected many of victor’s writings and am going to post on our website a rebuttal to many of his articles; I don’t normally spend time on items such as this but because you have used denegrating language to me, it will now be shown worldwide, to perhaps 35,000 visitors per day to our website, the type of christian attitude you have to those who ask questions of your position.

It will then be demonstrated by your own words and those of victor himself the unchristian way in which you view people who do not share your view.

Cohen – you are still a confused Jew and victor is still a confused Catholic – learning, but never coming to the truth; conversant in bible verses but by swelling words(and pages and pages of them) discouraging others from their Christian walk.

I don’t think there is any reason to believe that you both are not saved but when you appear at the Bema Seat your works (if want to call them that) which we will expose now on the internet from your and victor’s responses to various people(including someone called Jim) will show people just how vicious your words are; clearly not Christian in any manner way or form.

We are aware of your trip with victor to Grander in 2004; many people go there and are mesmerized by the anecdotal information but as I noted earlier, no peer-reviewed or analytical information to demonstrate the science has validity. When such data is available, as I noted on our webpage, we will be happy to present it; until then, without that data, which you obviously cannot supply either, our position stands as stated.

The attitude that victor and you have shown on your postings is similar to what we see from Reconstructionists who presume a level of intelligencia which seems to mesmerize the young bible student and mislead them(in the case of Kingdom Now theology, which seems to be similar to what victor is espousing) into anti-semiticism.

I came from a SDA background and had many relatives in Canadaa(BC) who were "sabotniks", or sabbath keepers as they say in the Ukrainian language. While my father and his father before him kept Saturday, they did not not because they attended(but were not members) of the SDA church. The kept it because of their earlier beliefs from their predecessors. They never joined the SDA church because of the false Ellen White prophecies and the SDA deviation from bible teachings
regarding soul sleep, continuing judgement and other misunderstandings that were being promoted by the SDA church.

I never heard the gospel in the SDA church until I heard it in a Baptist church many years ago when I then accepted Christ. Like Victor, I see many things in various churches that I don’t like as well but unlike you and Victor, I look for those things in fellow christians which they do correctly, as opposed to Victor painting all activities of these sincere christians as demonic.

I think the Lord expects us to try to work together to reach people with the Gospel. We are not unequally yoked with these other Christians as victor would have us believe; we reject the Charismatic and modernistic ways of many churches but in many areas we do find people doing things the bible way and sincerely reaching out to neighbors in love and charity to bring them to ?Christ. I don’t find that in Victor’s dialogues; just hatred and virulent words, even like your "scum" talk, which is not Christian in any sense of the word.

We reach people around the world with our business – bringing help in water and missionary support where we find the need – we are all called to do that; and not denigrate others who are doing what can to lead others to Christ before his return.

You apparently have no shame for your verbiage; and that is probably understandable having been outside of Christian beliefs in the past and not really knowing what Christian love for co-workers is all about.

I believe God will burn your works at the Bema Seat as He has no place for the bitterness that you and Victor set forth. Much of what you say is correct but you don’t stop there unfortunately and must denigrate others, which of course negates the good things that people might gather from your excellent knowledge of the Bible.

I believe that if you cut the sharp tongue verbiage, people would benefit from your otherwise seemingly sound theology. Otherwise, it is of no value to people seeking information and help as they see a non-Christian attitude in your words and writings.

Note from Gene #2:

The prophets of the old testament did go out with fire in their words but they did not denigrate others in the process. Men of God do have fire in their words – men without the word of God use vicious language to supplement their dialog.

I have difficulty finding any writing of yours or Victor’s that does not have vicious language attached to otherwise fairly accurate bible references and discussion. I have to conclude, therefore, by comparing what you and Victor are attempting to do with your writings to that of sincere Christians who are rightly dividing the Word, that you do not carry a Christian message but one which mingles some truth with man’s virulent attitude toward others who he should be trying to reach out to rather than denigrate with idle words.

We will list those idle, virulent words in our internet posting and let others decide if those idle, virulent words are from the mouth of a Christian or from the mouth of men posing as Christians. We are told that by their works we will know them as Christian brothers or not; we will post your words and let lay and pastoral individuals alike decide if they want to listen to or read material which, for all intensive purposes, should be constructive(by way of instruction of course) and not ad hominem denigration.

I seriously doubt if God will bless that sort of ministry – he blesses the humble and the seeker and those who would minister in love and not vicious dialogue. He will judge the idle, virulent words…and it looks like there will be a long list for him to review in your case.

Note from Gene #3:

You are probably not aware that the Chi Machine and Grander devices are promoted and sold by dozens of organizations deep in the occult who view the virtues of these devices as paranormal and consistent with their occult viewpoints. I am surprised that you would align yourselves with people who have that view. For an organization which supposedly prides itself on separation from the world, you have missed the boat it seems in these areas.

You need to apply some solid scientific instrumentation to your products, as the clustered water people who have been involved in hexagonal water have done for about 18 years now(Lorenzen, et al.). Chi does not seem to fit the life of a Christian – but one who is sympathetic to New Age beliefs. I don’t think you are sympathetic to
those beliefs, are you?

Answer from Victor:

To the innocent and just, we are as a fresh and delightful breeze, and a cool drink of delicious water on a hot day; but to the wicked, as a hurricane or tornado, and a cesspool. As Paul said to the Corinthians:

“Now thanks be to God, Who always causes us to triumph in Christ, and He revealing through us the odor of the knowledge of Him in every place. For we are to God a sweet savor of Christ, in those being saved, and in those being lost; to the one we are the savor of death to death, and to the other we are the savor of life to life. And who is sufficient for these things?” (2 Corinthians 2:14-16 MKJV)

Thankful to be His, and to represent Him as He is,


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