Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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Grander Slander

After Gene attacked our association with Grander Water Revitalization, Paul replied with the following letter, quoting material from Gene’s website, and showing him what a hypocrite and liar he is:

Paul: Gene,

We have found your website information to be the same as your spiritual condemnation of us; it is in error, without substance, ignorantly assumptive, relying on false premises, speaking from false sources, and slanderous.

To set the tone for a product you sell, the Vitalizer Plus, you quote Dr. William Tiller:

Tiller:Although we presently have some understanding of how to produce such beneficial structural changes in water, it is still very meager considering the vast potential that seems possible with water.

Paul: In other words, one must tread carefully when criticizing a water product that works on some unknown or little understood principles of water, which have kept mankind from reaching the “vast potential” Tiller alludes to. Proceeding from there, you corroborate this by writing:

Gene:Before we begin our discussion it is important to point out that as in virtually every emerging science there are those who take up the mantle of antagonist and dispute the basic claims in functional waters, or worse, dispute the very existance of any empirical data which validates the emerging functional water sciences.

We find that most of these antagonists come from the academic world and appear to have some book knowledge but little or no practical or hands-on experience in the sciences they criticize. We cannot find any scientific, peer-reviewed papers or studies by these highly critical individuals and must conclude that they have failed in the research or development areas or simply have not been able to succeed in the business marketplace for one reason or another.

They are good candidates for attending anger management courses.

These antagonists most likely have failed to keep up with their peers in scientific discoveries and now take great pride in denouncing advancements in sciences where they themselves have failed to make significant contributions. Bitterness, libel and unending ad-hominem attacks are prevalent throughout their websites.

Paul: You go on to do with Grander Water Revitalization the very thing you decry. You attempt to rip to shreds the one and only known and well-qualified success story in the field of physics and energetic water revitalization systems with measurable results (having 3rd party verification by more than one entity) in proven and successful field applications in several arenas. You disparage and ridicule the product and its inventor with lies, misquotes, misstatements, ignorant assumptions, and sheer asinine reasoning.

Here is the evidence against you in the commentary you provide on Grander Water Revitalization, with my comments interspersed.

Gene:Johann Grander is an Austrian who did not claim to be a scientist, yet claims to have developed a technique for imprinting ‘natural’ and ‘vital’ electromagnetic energies into water.

Paul: What does that mean, that he did not claim to be a scientist? You seem to imply that he is a fool who does not have the “professional” qualifications to do what others patently claim he has done. Yet you yourself just finished saying that traditional scientists have generally missed the boat. Which is it, and how do you know what Grander actually meant, if he even said what you claim to quote him on, but do not provide any proof of those words whatsoever? Where is your proof, which you require of others but fail to provide yourself?

Gene:Grander claims to be able to restore water to its natural state, removing the influence of chemical contamination, electrical disturbances and even the destructive effect of earth-orbiting satellites—all with a small pen-like device used to simply stir water in a water glass.

Paul: He does not. Again, you provide no quotes from Mr. Grander. You summarize some things he may have said, but incorrectly, out of context, and without providing actual statements. You dispense judgments without anything resembling impartial wisdom, much less wisdom diligently applied. You reduce the vast complex interrelationships in nature, on which Grander technology is predicated, into a silly statement about stirring. Stirring has nothing to do with the effect of Grander Water Revitalization devices. I will not go into details here; why should I? You are the one who should be proving what you say. You have made the claims. Prove them.

Gene:According to Grander, the ‘effective operating principal’ of the Grander Water system is the ‘implosion of electromagnetic and subtle energy fields’ (whatever that means) coming from the Grander "penergizer". He claims to be able to "restructure" water’s physical and energetic properties by this simple stirring process. Most descriptions of the Grander process are full of exotic terminology which bears no resemblence to the rest of the scientific world.

Paul: This is another lie couched in some true, but misapplied, statements, mixed in with error and derisive commentary that serves no purpose except to poison the well for your own profit. Grander never presented his technology as you describe it, and I challenge you to come up with actual quotes from the inventor to prove that he has, in full context to allow everyone to see if the meaning is as you characterize it. As for the last statement, you should be one to talk, as we will see. You warn everyone about insecure failures who unjustly debunk valid approaches and then prove yourself to be exactly that for which you openly show contempt. You condemn others, Grander in this case, with qualitative statements that are not bound to any demonstrable facts or evidence.

Gene:His ‘revitalization’ of ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ by water produced with this ‘PENERGIZER’ as it is called, is typical gibberish and New Age doubletalk, lacking only comic strip placement in the local newpaper.

Paul: Again, Grander never said those things. Gene, you are the one living in a fantasy world of comic book heroes and villains, delusional in your assessments of yourself and others. While you are the legend in your mind with delusions of grandeur, you have nothing but illusions of Grander, derived from self-serving lies.

We have previously seen how you will use other people’s quotes as you choose, representing them as though you said them (as you did with us in one of your replies to our letters), or simply making up whatever suits your purposes (as you do here), without being anchored in reality and truth. You take no personal responsibility for maintaining standards of integrity as a businessman or scientist, and far less as one professing to be a Christian. You have the nerve and audacity to associate your business with Jesus Christ, as you openly do on your website, even calling it a ministry? We tell you in no uncertain terms that you cause others to blaspheme God when they observe your wicked ways. You are not held guiltless for this. There is a fearful price to pay for your blasphemy.

Gene:His products are promoted as being able to increase plant growth biomass, decrease the germination time for seeds, help biodegradability in septic tanks and grease traps and provide ‘an environment unsuitable for harmful bacteria such as E-Coli and Coliforms.’

Paul: They actually do help in these areas and it is well-documented, if you knew where to look or cared to know.

Gene:If this claim is true the device would be carried by every world traveller, military individual, missionary and emergency worker in the world. It would have been handed out after hurricanes, earthquakes, typhoons or other natural disasters to decontaminate fouled drinking water. Frankly, we haven’t seen that happen.

Paul: Because Grander Water Revitalization helps in the aforementioned areas does not mean the technology instantly cleans contaminated water. Grander has never implied or intimated, much less claimed, anything remotely like that. Unscrupulous marketers with bogus products will try to do that, and are often successful, for a time. The fact that this kind of marketing hype does not happen with Grander cannot be taken as evidence against the truth of what Grander does, and in fact the responsible approach taken by Grander actually works against your faulty thesis.

Gene:And why not? Well, all of these claims come without peer-reviewed studies or technical confirmation. I think you can get the drift of this discussion. (I love the part about the earth orbiting satellites!)

Paul: We have information with technical confirmation and share it with those interested in the truth. That obviously disqualifies you.

Gene:We receive a lot of hate mail from individuals (obviously, spiritually and scientifically confused people) who criticize our analysis of this product. They, of course, offer no science to support Grander’s technology but are upset that we bring this obvious lack of science to the attention of the public.

Paul: “Facts” without substantiation recited by a known plagiarist are not to be depended upon for accuracy or veracity.

Gene:Most of these individuals seem to have deep occult or parapsychology beliefs as they find the Grander ‘subtle’ energy concepts (as described at the onset of page to be on a par with verifiable science.

Paul: Talk about ad hominem attacks. This is a classic! You divert any attention from the facts with bogus charges. You may fool those who do not know better, to their eventual hurt and chagrin, but to the informed your assertions are ludicrous. You believe in “subtle” energy concepts, but when someone else speaks of something similar they must be occult. What a hypocrite!

No doubt if it were up to you, Gene, there would be an Inquisition, and many would be burnt on the stake as heretics for denying the gospel according to “You.” This is your “Christian” love at work. God save us from your kind!

Gene:I am really glad these whacko people are not in the teaching profession, spreading their misguided garbage to fertile minds eager to absorb new and different scientific facts.

Paul: Tried without evidence or a jury? No problem when Gene is judge. Do you wear a pointed hood with eye slits, too, while judging?

Gene:If Grander’s technology had even a thread of verifiable science, and not only anecdotal commentaries, then it would merit more consideration.

Paul: Several years ago the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences spent over 2 years in a formal study of Grander. That study concluded by awarding Grander the highest honor possible, being the first non-Russian ever to receive such recognition. But Russians and Europeans are not proper scientists, according to Gene.

Gene:Most interesting is his claim of restucturing water clusters using basic tap water as a starting point. As noted elsewhere in this website, the creation of water clusters beneficial to health or to configurations which achieve any of the above noted results requires the presence of only a select set of ionic materials, not the general conglomerate of ions found in tap water.

Paul: And that would be according to whom with what evidence? What about God, Who put the elements into water in the first place? Did He mess up, so that we are now dependent on you to provide us with the appropriate mineral formulation? Since the beginning of creation, have men been lacking “water clusters beneficial to health” because God messed up on the mineral formulations of water around the world? Excuse me; I forgot that you are now God. You determine reality, and it must be as you say, even when all else says otherwise.

Gene:This proof alone shows the basic thesis of the Grander process to be completely bogus. His supporters conveniently ignore this fact or simply don’t understand the water clustering process.

Paul: Oh yes, it surely does! How foolish of anyone to think that there should be some kind of proof for your statement of what Grander has claimed, a look at the evidence Grander might have provided had he made that claim, and your evidence that what he has provided does not work, if he ever said what you claim he said. How rude of anyone to want facts!

Gene:I have observed what I thought were sensible, scientific professionals pour a glass of standard tap water and swirl the Grander pen in the glass a few times and then claim that the water has been returned to a ‘natural’ state, with all of the functional properties of what water really should be like in nature.

When I ask for proof of such restructuring, I got a combination of blank stares and agitated responses questioning why I would not doubt that such a process is indeed working.

Paul: When I attended a five day seminar in Austria on Grander Technology, I did not hear anything remotely like this explanation, though if some people get frustrated talking to you, I can readily understand that part of your complaint. Maybe the issue is not Grander, but Gene? I once heard a man declare of another that he had “optical rectumitis,” that is, everything looked like crap to him because he was looking at the world through his asshole. We see these symptoms in you. All we hear are complaints and vitriol, whenever and wherever the world does not move according to Gene, which is everywhere.

Gene:If this is science in action – let me get off the boat!

To repeat, we cannot in good faith provide a positive review of this device since we have yet to see any chemical or physical laboratory tests, conducted by independent laboratories or with scientifically acknowledged instruments and testing protocols which prove that any of these Grander claims are true.

Paul: And what would you do should you get that information? Have you not dug yourself into a hole, which you cannot crawl out of except your pride is totally destroyed? The Pharisees also demanded proof from the Lord Jesus Christ, and He told them they would get no proof because their hearts were wicked. Your heart is wicked, Gene, and you will also get no proof. It would not do you any good, either. That is why you do not get it.

Gene:This technique is obviously very popular in Europe where in most secular sections of society, verifiable science is treated as unimportant to the day to day activities of the populace.

Paul: I have no idea where you get this notion, what it means, and what conclusions we are to draw from it. It is another fantasy notion from a delusional mind.

Gene:Techniques such as the Grander process thrive in such dumbed down scientific environments but fail to make the grade when tested in discriminating societies where such claims are subject to laboratory procedures which can produce tangible, repeatable results.

Paul: Yes, that is why the Austrian authorities, with some of the highest standards in the world for water quality, have granted Grander the longest shelf life of any bottled water anywhere – 4 years – after stringent, measured, laboratory testing. But what are facts to a liar who lives (and dies) in his lies? And who is Austria but another silly and naïve entity in Gene’s wisdom?

Gene:Unfortunately, it is devices (and promoters) such as this which provide fodder for the ‘skeptics’ who thrive on decrying the veracity of all advances in functional water processing. It takes only a few pieces of junk such as the Grander system to color the remainder of bonafide water processing techniques which are able to hold up under the bright lights of rigorous scientific inspection.

Paul: Surely this is a case of the stove calling the kettle black. We will see how well your system holds up under a little analysis. I quote from the Vitalizer Plus section of your site:

Gene:Scientific research from many studies found in the newly translated book ‘The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key’ makes a strong, well documented case for the observed presence of hexagonal water around healthy cells and organs and five sided or Penta water structures around cancer cells and sick organs. Magnetically produced hexagonal water is the most stable according to research, vs. structured water produced by ionizers.

Paul: While the alleged author of this book, Prof. M.S. Jhon, was an actual scientist from Korea, and author of numerous research papers on water, he died in 2004, and there is no proof that he personally came to the conclusions being presented in this book as they relate to the product you are marketing. Unlike Grander, who invented Water Revitalization systems, Prof. M.S. Jhon was a research scientist who has no inventions, and therefore has not proven his theory in practice. Mr. Grander is an inventor who has proven water revitalization in practice, making theory superfluous.

I have written to those who maintain Prof. M.S. Jhon’s scientific legacy regarding his association with the device you are selling, and they have replied to my inquiry. He did not endorse your product as a verified and proven method to accomplish transformation of water according to his theories.

Another scientist, Dr. Paul Shin, wrote this article:

It raises several important questions about “hexagonal water.” His experiments show there is no special quality that can be proven by the testing to which you refer. You will see that Shin’s paper is not filled with derogatory and sarcastic remarks, unlike your bombastic canard against Grander. He also has substance to back up what he is saying, unlike you.

I am not saying I endorse or agree with everything in his article. I cannot vouch for it, or all that it means. I only use it to point out the holes in your claims, and that where you ridicule Grander for not providing hard evidence, you play the liar and hypocrite, because they (Grander) have far more evidence than you do, and your evidence is far from conclusive. It appears that it is perhaps meaningless.

The Lord rebuke you for your evils. You condemn yourself at every turn, and pride yourself in it. To top it off you do so in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who laid His life down for you, and Who is the Truth. You are a classic example of putrid irresponsibility and contempt for all that is good and decent, vile in all your ways. How can you escape the consequences and the judgment of the One you hypocritically profess to serve? You can not, and will not. Mark our words.

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