Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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False Teacher – Sha’i ben-Tekoa

As part of our distribution of Victor’s letter to PM Bibi Netanyahu, Sabine Smit sent the following email to Sha’i ben-Tekoa, author of Phantom Nation:

From: Sabine
Sent: Sunday, 17 March 2024 21:49
Subject: (No Subject)

Dear Mr. Ben-Tekoa,

If I may, I would like to share this letter with you, it’s an important message.

An Open Letter to PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Response to the October 7, 2023 Hamas Attack – The Path of Truth

Who Will Bibi Choose, Biden or Jehovah? – The Path of Truth


Sabine Smit
An appreciative former listener of your radio program

Sha’i responded:

——– Oorspronkelijk bericht ——–
Op 19 mrt. 2024 13:38, schreef Shai Ben Tekoa :


I do not appreciate being sent Christian material, especially quotations from what Christians call the “Old Testament” which as a name is simply wrong. When a book is translated from one language to another, it is common practice to translate the name. “OT” is not the name of this volume, and in fact is an antisemitic insult for suggesting it is “old.” The acceptably correct name if “the Jewish Bible.”

You say, “There is nothing “old” about the words of the eternal G-d of Israel.”

Every Christian translation of our Bible contains innocent mistakes but also willful insertions of words signifying the coming of Jesus that simply do not appear in the Hebrew.

Also, Jews do not pray to the “four letters” you wrote here. We do not pray to letters.

Also, Christians call their conception of G-d by his first name. Do you call your parents by their first names?

Lastly, we also do not use the term “Jehovah.” This could not be more wrong as a mispronounced transliteration. First of all, there is no syllable in Hebrew for “Je…” Jews never try to pronounce the Name of G-d. In our history, it was pronounced only on one day a year by the High Priest in our Temple and will once again be pronounced when the third and final temple is built.

Best wishes,
Sha’i ben-Tekoa

From: Sabine
Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2024 10:48 AM
To: Victor Hafichuk; ‘Marilyn Hafichuk’; Harvest Haven; Ronnie Tanner
Subject: Fw: (No Subject)

Hello Victor and all,

Years ago I listened to the radio program of Mr. brn-Tekoa, he is the autor of Phantom nation. I received a reply from him.

Do you know which willful insertions he means?

I wasn’t surprised by his reaction but do want to ask now, do we also put names on the list of people that we suspect may not be reveptive of our message? I had put mr. Tekoa on because I appreciated much of what he had to say about the news related to Israel.


From: Ronnie Tanner 
Date: Thu, Apr 11, 2024 at 9:21 AM
Subject: Re: “Old” Testament
To: Sha’i
Cc: Sabine, Victor Hafichuk, Paul B Cohen

Hello Sha’i.

A friend of ours, Sabine Smit, sent you a message from Victor Hafichuk regarding his open letter to PM Bibi Netanyahu. She passed along your response to several of us who are in touch with her. Another friend of ours, Paul Cohen, had some things to say that I’m including here. 

Ronnie Tanner


Hi Sha’i, Paul Cohen here.

I’ve known the author of the letter to Netanyahu for many years and know for a fact that he doesn’t consider the term “Old Testament” appropriate. He told me essentially the same thing you say in your letter to Sabine, that there’s nothing “old” about God’s words. So your complaint is a non-starter, having nothing to do with what’s at issue.

The same goes for your problem with “Christians” quoting from the Jewish Bible. Was anything in the quotes presented out of harmony with the original words in Hebrew? I’m not aware of anything and you haven’t offered corrections, only a general dismissal and condemnation without justification.

Given the context of the letter and the intent behind the words quoted from the prophets, do you see anything substantially amiss? I don’t.

Regarding calling God by the Name of Jesus, God’s express manifestation in the flesh, don’t you call your spiritual fathers “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,” their first names? Do you not respect them? I say you give them lip service, if anything.

Those you call Christians, if they are in fact (many are not, such as the Catholic Church you’ve rightly called out on their hypocrisies and lies regarding so-called “Palestinians”), call God many things, as also spoken by the prophet Isaiah (quoted from the Jewish Virtual Library):

9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.
9:7 Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.

You’ve chosen to pick an argument with someone whose message and intent is in support of Israel, a cause to which you’ve apparently dedicated your life. So why do you oppose yourself? Are you actually in favor of Netanyahu taking counsel and orders from the criminal sell-out, Joe Biden, rather than looking to the God of Israel? A serious question – sadly many Jews are doing that very thing.

You’re unhinged, behaving as the ultimate racist against any people other than your own. If anyone other than a Jew quotes from your Bible, you find a reason to condemn them.

A light to the nations? You fight against the nations – foolishly to the detriment of your own supposed cause!
We know better, however, and will still stand with Israel, despite you and your enmity. And the God of Israel will correct you, as He will Israel, which suffers from a pernicious enemy because it turned its back on Him and hasn’t repented.

Or do you not believe God judges the nations, including yours, for its sins? What makes you different from your fathers who suffered from enemies raised up by God for this cause, as warned by Him and related in your Torah?

From: Shai Ben Tekoa 
Date: Thu, Apr 11, 2024 at 1:17 PM
Subject: RE: “Old” Testament
To: Ronnie Tanner

  1. Was anything in the quotes presented out of harmony with the original words in Hebrew? While numerically most of the words “OT” translation are accurate (I don’t have time to check your quotes here which may be trustworthy) but there are numerous, blasphemous insertions corrupting the words of G-d Who dictated the first five books to Moses. These insertions in your “OT” make the text “appear” to forecast the coming of a man believed by those who corrupted the text to be the Jewish Messiah, when there is absolutely nothing in Jewish Scripture foreseeing our Messiah being tortured to death by Latin-speaking barbarians. And surely our Messiah, when he appears, will not leave the world unchanged which yours certainly did. After his life and death, it was the same-old same-old world; and the authentic Jewish Messiah will not need a second coming to complete his mission.
  2. If you think “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” are on a par with the Creator of the Universe, you know nothing of the religion of the Jews.
  3.  “…unhinged…behaving like the ultimate racist” You are misusing this word. Is English not your native language? Race is a biological condition that produces different skin colors, hair textures and other anatomical features every person is born with and cannot change. Where did I mention anyone’s race? What we do object to is Christians like yourself who try to get Jews to return to idolatry, which is what Christianity is. The opposition to idolatry is right there in the second of the Ten Utterances that ignorant-of-Hebrew Christians like yourself mistakenly call the Ten Commandments. It is a bad translation. We Jews are forbidden to worship images of any kind including that of nice-looking, 30-something man with a beard but also the long hair of a female; kind of an androgenous image, don’t you think? Versus us Jews who pray to….no image! You pray to your image of this man and thus violate the ban on idols. We don’t. You Christians also think the “Old Testament” belongs to you including the mistranslated “Ten Commandments” when the first one makes perfectly clear they were not given to gentiles. The first Utterance identifies G-d as He Who took the sons of Jacob-Israel out of slavery. And only the Jewish people. No other nation experienced this. It is not your history. On the contrary, G-d gave gentiles like yourself Seven Commandments (do a Google search for the Noachide Laws if you have not heard of them), five of which are virtually identical to five in the Ten, but not the other five. They are exclusively for Jews.
  4. And as for supporting Israel? That does not change Christians corrupting the direct dictation of G-d Himself whenever you mistranslate words in the Five Books of Moses and insert words in English not there in the Hebrew. Your Bible also includes books not canonized by the Jewish Sages and rearranges the order of them. No less, the chapter breaks in your “OT” are all wrong which corrupts understanding.

Above all, the arrogance of believing you know what’s in a book written in a language you don’t understand. You also miss the deepest levels of meaning since the Holy Language of Hebrew is rich in allusions and multiple meanings impossible to see and understand in translation.

Paul had these things to say in response to Sha’i’s objections:

Here I answer a few items in this letter that may not have already been directly answered on The Path of Truth. Sha’i won’t listen – there’s no point in responding to him. His judgment is already set, a vessel of dishonor who despises the goodness of God. Let him have the destruction he craves. Others, however, may hear, see, and fear God to their benefit.

And surely our Messiah, when he appears, will not leave the world unchanged which yours certainly did. After his life and death, it was the same-old same-old world; and the authentic Jewish Messiah will not need a second coming to complete his mission.

After Yeshua’s death and resurrection, EVERYTHING changed.

“But I have a baptism to be baptized with, and how am I straitened till it be accomplished!” (Luke 12:50 KJV).

The Jews were judged as Yeshua foretold, because they didn’t recognize the time of their visitation.

The Temple was destroyed as Yeshua foretold, not one stone left upon another.

The dispersal of Israel to the four corners of the earth proceeded as Moses warned and Yeshua foretold, because they turned their backs on Him.

The Nations (Gentiles) were brought into the faith of Abraham through the preaching of the Jews who testified of Yeshua by the Spirit of God.

The influence of Gentile believers in Messiah Yeshua brought freedoms and prosperity to Western civilization and the world through their faith and laying down of their lives.

(I’m not talking about those who have used and do use the name of “Christian” religion to further their personal ambitions through controlling others, as Jewish religious authorities had done and still do.)

The faith of Messiah in Gentile believers led to the restoration of Israel as a modern nation. This was an act of Messiah, yet we hear this ungrateful and bitter soul say nothing has changed since Messiah came.

There were many Gentile Christian supporters and enablers of Zionism, but perhaps the most effective was William Hechler, a 19th century European. Hechler advocated for the restoration of the Jews in the promised land in writings and through meetings with influential decision makers. And after being so moved by his faith, Hechler heard of Theodore Herzl’s book, The Jewish State, and sought Herzl out.

Herzl, an unbelieving and unobservant Jew, sought a Jewish State for practical reasons, at first considering location wasn’t critical. But Hechler had the faith of the Hebrew fathers and believed the will of God was for the Jews to be established in the land He promised to gather them after the dispersal. Herzl adopted this stance, influenced by the faith of Christian Zionists.
Hechler facilitated meetings for Herzl with German royal family members, which spring-boarded the Zionist movement towards realization of Jewish statehood in the land of Israel.

Hechler also helped with the settlement of disenfranchised Jewish victims of eastern European pogroms in the land of Israel, as did other Gentile believers who preceded him. They were as farmers sowing seed, without either of which, there would be no crop.
Sha’i would deny this is of God because he’s a racist. No one but a Jew (trained in Hebrew and following the dictates and teachings of their self-anointed “sages”) is kosher to Sha’i, for a Jew alone can tell others what the Scriptures say and mean.
Sha’i’s the fish in water, not knowing he’s in water.

You are misusing this word [racist]. Is English not your native language? Race is a biological condition that produces different skin colors, hair textures and other anatomical features every person is born with and cannot change. Where did I mention anyone’s race?

No race needed to be mentioned because it’s already baked into Sha’is’ response that no people other than physical Jews are keepers of the “truth.” There is the Jewish race, the physical descendants of Israel (Jacob) and no Gentile believing the testimony of Yeshua HaMashiach can tell Jewish Sha’i anything new about God or the Scriptures that disagrees with the narrow dogma and
doctrines of his Jewish teachers.

Gentiles are spiritually inferior, without the “special” knowledge of Sha’i’s Jewish teachers. The Gentiles are unfit to speak revelation truth to his uncircumcised ears because he doesn’t even believe in God’s revelation to the individual – such Jews rely on knowledge taught by fallible and misguided men.

And if a Jew like myself believes in Messiah, we are therefore unclean, contaminated in a knowledge embraced by Gentiles, though the revelation that brought this knowing came from Jews who received it from Messiah, the God of Israel.

So it’s no surprise Sha’i objects to Christians being on a first-name basis with God the Messiah because he hasn’t a personal revelation from God and denies such is possible. This firsthand relationship and knowledge of God in the flesh, Messiah, connecting with man made in His image, is the only way to speak of Him with authority. Whereas Shai characterizes this relationship as lacking respect, it is his own disrespect that it exposes.

I asked Sha’i if he lacks respect for Abraham because he speaks of Abraham by his first name. He responded:
If you think “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” are on a par with the Creator of the Universe, you know nothing of the religion of the Jews.”

The issue isn’t what I think, which Sha’i doesn’t know and can’t understand. The issue is how Sha’i behaves, in which his “beloved” Torah rebukes him. The Torah shows that respect for God’s authorities (even evil ones) indicates respect for God.
Jacob, Israel’s namesake, said when meeting his brother Esau:

“And he commanded them, saying, ‘Speak thus to my lord Esau, ‘Thus your servant Jacob says: “I have dwelt with Laban and stayed there until now. I have oxen, donkeys, flocks, and male and female servants; and I have sent to tell my lord, that I may find favor in your sight.” (Genesis 32:4-5).

Aaron, regarding the matter he presided over of making the idolatrous golden calf, said to his brother Moses:
“Do not let the anger of my lord become hot. You know the people, that they are set on evil” (Exodus 32:22).

And David, to King Saul:

“David also arose afterward, went out of the cave, and called out to Saul, saying, ‘My lord the king!’ And when Saul looked behind him, David stooped with his face to the earth, and bowed down… Look, this day your eyes have seen that the Lord delivered you today into my hand in the cave, and someone urged me to kill you. But my eye spared you, and I said, ‘I will not stretch out my hand against my lord, for he is the Lord’s anointed’” (1 Samuel 24:8,10).
Finally, there’s this:

Above all, the arrogance of believing you know what’s in a book written in a language you don’t understand. You also miss the deepest levels of meaning since the Holy Language of Hebrew is rich in allusions and multiple meanings impossible to see and understand in translation.

This is the exact argument given by Muslims regarding any analysis or criticism of the Koran by Westerners. “You cannot understand the Koran if you don’t read it in the original ‘holy’ Arabic.”

Therefore, regarding any “heathen” who comments on the Koran, they’re wrong automatically, or at least the pretext is there to reject them.

The Koran isn’t inspired by God, however, whereas the Holy Scriptures are. One who knows God recognizes the difference and states this categorically.

The Scriptures that Sha’i worships, on the other hand, which are holy, are holy by virtue of the Spirit and not the language. Sha’i worships the letter of the Word, not the Spirit of the Word, by which God communicates to all the souls He chooses of all languages.

And as with all idolatry, Sha’i’s destroys him in his pride and arrogance.

Sha’i is a Muslim at heart. 

Essentially, in our world today, one either bows to Muhammad or Yeshua.

Muhammad represents the creature, the created thing, and the love of money that equates to power over the creation with the adoption of any and all lies that serve to protect and project self-interest. Muhammad sits in the “temple of God, showing himself that he is God,” and those who do likewise honor him.

Yeshua represents and is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Those who don’t bow to money or choose the way of self-serving, but efface themselves in order to bow to the Truth are on the Way to Life.

God sees the hearts and knows who is who. He said to Elijah, when Elijah thought he was alone in worshiping the God of Israel: Yet I have left Me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which has not kissed him” (1 Kings 19:18).

God didn’t approve of men because they went to the Temple and did so many other observances that Sha’i would laud (some good, some not). He said those who hadn’t bowed to man as supreme, in self-interest and preservation, were reserved for Him. That’s what He is after and He will separate the wheat from the chaff.

From: Victor Hafichuk <>
Date: Thu, Apr 11, 2024 at 5:29 PM
Subject: Re: “Old” Testament
To: Sha’i


My name is Victor Hafichuk, an acquaintance of Sabine Smit, who forwarded my urgent message for PM Netanyahu to you and your reaction to me. You have been inconsiderate, and rude. Am I right?

I will try to be forthright and bold with you, not mincing words. This will be for both our sakes – for my conscience’s sake before your Creator and mine, for your sake because I’m personally obligated to be a light to the world, to both Jews and Gentiles and for His sake Who wills that all men, in all ages, come to be reconciled to Him, as the Tanakh boldly and invariably declares.

Allow me to clarify some things and to correct you on several points, which will frustrate, if not thoroughly enrage you by my “chutzpah.” I will lay before you how you are full of chutzpah, though you would deny it because you don’t know you have it.

You think to be in a position of properly instructing and correcting others, especially Gentiles when it simply isn’t true, and I’ll declare exactly how and why it isn’t true.

Let’s go sentence by sentence, phrase by phrase, word by word through your letter full of pride, darkness, and error, written by someone who is in complete unbelief concerning the Creator. Is the “Almighty” a term safe enough for your ears? You write to Sabine:
“I do not appreciate being sent Christian material, especially quotations from what Christians call the “Old Testament” which as a name is simply wrong.”
You don’t “appreciate” being sent Christian material, period. Are you saying Sabine or anybody else doesn’t have the right to do so? Why not? Says who? Almighty, Omniscient Holiness Shai? Wow, you exude omniscience, don’t you!
Christians may or may not be wrong in calling the Tanakh the “Old Testament.” But who are you to judge, the one in your glorious knowledge to rebuke summarily and rashly someone for something that might be called innocent error? Tell her the better way if you have the desire and power to guide her but who are you to get indignant about her lack? After all, this isn’t about you and the defense of Sha’i ben-Tekoa.
Aren’t you in essence defending your highness and righteousness with indignation for your own sake, in condescension, serving yourself instead of being a help and a light to those you judge to be in fault and darkness? Are you not demonstrating the spirit of Satan, the adversary, instead of a savior, which is the true calling of one under God’s favor and anointing? Sure, you are.
Aren’t you there presumably as a Jew (more on that later) to be a light to the nations, the heathen, the Gentiles, as Isaiah and other Hebrew prophets declare? Or are you so unfamiliar with the Bible that you so jealously call it by its “right title”?
And what does the title, “Old Testament” have to do with translation, anyway? The “Old Testament” has been called the “Tanakh,” and the Tanakh the Old Testament, while written in Hebrew. Don’t you know that, Shai?
But IS it wrong to call the Tanakh the “Old Testament”? Says who? Your holy highness and company? Who says you are right or “the right ones” to judge these matters? You pride yourself in calling yourself a “Jew.” But what kind of Jew? We’ve spoken and corresponded with and witnessed many kinds of Jews, with radically diverse beliefs, customs, laws, doctrines, and attitudes.
Are you a rabbi? Not that it matters, but so what? This world is full of erring, ignorant, self-righteous “rabbis” who assume to be teachers of holy things, presuming to be in the light while in abject darkness, yes, like you. Yes, you’ve met not a few yourself, haven’t you?
I’m speaking harshly because I sense it won’t matter – you won’t listen anyway, so what’s to lose?
And what’s wrong with people, non-Jews, Christian or otherwise, quoting the Tanakh to you? What’s your problem? Do you think Christians, of whatever persuasion, have no right to quote the Bible? Who are you to judge and even despise these things? How are you justified? Answer me.
Besides, many Christians of many stripes and colors, and others as well, call this “volume,” as you put it, the “Tanakh,” as I do here. Many of these people, such as I, mean no evil or harm in doing so. Is it necessary to satisfy you by translating the title? So, why get your blood pressure up? But, for your sake, I’ll call it, the “Tanakh.” I’m good with it.
Is it an insult to call the Tanakh “old” if it is understood and taught by multitudes to be a former era of the history of the Almighty’s redemptive work with both Jews and Gentiles? An era preceding another era as perceived in the minds of many, parting at a time of great upheaval in the world, never mind with Israel? Wasn’t it around the time in Israel’s history that the Jews lost their nation for almost two millennia – a phenomenal event? Even you, in all your righteousness, might admit so.
As for the “acceptable” title, the “Jewish Bible,” I can tell you that both the Tanakh and the “New Testament” are Jewish. The Tanakh was written by Jewish prophets and so was the record of the new era in God’s work of redemption, moving from the chosen Jewish nation to the rest of the world.
The Gentiles were not the writers of the “New Testament.” The “old” and “new” are both Jewish Bibles, the newer founded upon the older. And upon the Gentiles becoming Jews by faith in the testimony of the Tanakh, they put both Bibles together as one because the new era is a fruition and continuation of the former, the older era.
Those who call it the “New Testament” do so because they declare that Abraham is the father of their faith. No offense, no insult, but credit to the God of Abraham through the faith they have miraculously received through Yeshua HaMashiach, Whom you deny to your peril and great historical suffering.
I’d be interested in hearing from you about these so-called “willful insertions.” Give me some examples. I’m not denying such a thing can happen but if you can get over my alleged Gentile inferiority to your Jewish superiority, please do indulge me. I really would like to know. Just as Jews see “Christians” erring in Tanakh translations, and they do err, so do I witness Jews erring in what they presume to be in the Christian record. Give me your honest, accurate argument.
Meanwhile, if you’d like to save us both some time, Paul Cohen and I have already answered many arguments of Jews against Yeshua HaMashiach: The 76 Jewish Questions.
Let’s help one another out here, Shai. Can you get over your “Jewish” prideful spiritual superiority? Can you bear and display some patience, tolerance, and “appreciation”?
I’ll also acknowledge up front that I’m not in denial of the fact that my salvation from the Almighty was directed through descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, through the nation of Israel, through the patriarchs and prophets of Israel. I cannot, dare not, forget, or deny the origins of my spiritual ancestry, not by Jewish virtue but by God’s grace extended to Gentiles by them.
You may not be aware (seems not) that the Jew, Shaul of Tarsus, aka, Paul, the faithful apostle of Yeshua HaMashiach, who was instrumental in my deliverance from Gentile to Jew, has warned me and the rest of us to never forget how the Jews were there before us and were instrumental in our salvation through faith in One God (Romans 11:17-24). And many other things you are seemingly unaware of.

You say, “There is nothing “old” about the words of the eternal G-d of Israel.”
Nobody suggested there was. Your problem is that you don’t know “your” Scriptures. For example:
“Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert” – Isaiah 43:18-19 King James Version (KJV)
He does new things everywhere, all the time. But these things are never perceived by the dead because “the dead know not anything.” That’s you, Shai. You’re deaf and blind as the corpses in the grave. I speak to the dead in his grave and the dead and blind can’t resist the Power of the Resurrection, of which the Tanakh testifies again and again. You’ll see and hear one day.

All your argumentation is proud darkness. But I think you say something extra-super silly now: “Also, Jews do not pray to the “four letters” you wrote here. We do not pray to letters.”

The Tetragrammaton is not for praying to and nobody says it was, but must you be so foolish as to point that out as though we think so? Your estimation of your intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom are the things “gravely” at fault.

“Also, Christians call their conception of G-d by his first name. Do you call your parents by their first names?”

Paul Cohen answers that for you, seeing you can’t.

You say, “Lastly, we also do not use the term “Jehovah.” This could not be more wrong as a mispronounced transliteration. First of all, there is no syllable in Hebrew for “Je…” Jews never try to pronounce the Name of G-d.”

Oh, aren’t you a pious one, now, a splendid self-representation of God’s faithful defender, as deeply righteous as a watered-down coat of whitewash covering rotting wood or a cold heart of stone?

True, you don’t use the term “Jehovah.” We erred by making a common nominal Gentile identification for PM Netanyahu’s sake, who is also a Gentile (unbeliever). It was an error on our part to use that term, which we don’t normally use – see the evidence of that in our thousands of pages of writings and public correspondence these past two decades at

And no, you, as a pious Jew wouldn’t dream or have a nightmare, of using a “Je” about the Holy One. Nooo, not Shai ben Tekoa. You can’t possibly do anything “wrong,” can you? You are a good boy, never breaking the traditions of your fathers, right? Yechh! You have no idea how God emotionally and gratefully swallows when Shai avoids the “J” letter and skips the vowel in “God.” So impressed He is with you and your ilk.

You say, “In our history, it was pronounced only on one day a year by the High Priest in our Temple and will once again be pronounced when the third and final temple is built.”

Should you make it this far, you’ll read that this coming third temple is an abomination to the God of Israel, Yeshua HaMashiach, our Creator and Only Hope of Salvation. This coming temple, if it ever materializes, and it appears it may, albeit very temporarily, will only serve to deceive the carnal Jews and all nations. It will be the Deception of deceptions, the abomination prophesied. Only those with a pure heart towards God will see it for what it is. Many will be amazed.

Despite the name used, and only by God’s grace, PM Netanyahu will know Who we’re referring to, and if his heart turns, he’ll not have insurmountable difficulty receiving the message, regardless of our innocent error and your resistance.

You are a legalist, that is, a worshipper of the letter and the laws of men and God rather than a true worshipper in spirit and truth of the Lawgiver. You disregard the Spirit and importance of the message, withholding the Truth of it to the damnation of many souls, both Jews and Gentiles.

As Yeshua said to the Jewish hypocrites in His day, “You strain out a gnat and swallow a camel.” And you count it a virtue to be “serving ‘G-d’” so piously. You show-off hypocrite. Carelessly let your people perish by not receiving this message of deliverance from above, from Elohim(?), the Almighty Creator of all, just to show off your stupid, stinking, self-righteous, self-serving, self-satisfying knowledge. Woe to you! Won’t the Almighty see these things and call you into account?

And as for Sabine Smit, while she seems to have gained some knowledge as your audience years ago, it was carnal knowledge, political, historical, religious, and social, perhaps somewhat factual, but it was not Spiritual Truth that alone can give life and save the soul. You have not served the Almighty as well as you think you do today, despite your knowledge and supposed intelligence.

I have one apology to make that I know of, to you, to PM Netanyahu, and to all who read the message, the only message to perfectly answer the destruction we face today. It is for mistakenly using the term, “Jehovah.” I should have known better, and I do.

That said, there are those appointed to be the truly chosen and saved to receive the Spirit of Truth, the Same Spirit of the Almighty Whom Abraham, Moses, David, and all the Hebrew prophets and saints knew. Knowing the Almighty, I’m persuaded your unbelief will not stop the message I send to PM Netanyahu from reaching the hearts of those intended for Yeshua HaMashiach to redeem them from the Islamists, the Judaists, Christians-in-name-only, and the heathen, none of whom have anything to do with the One Almighty God of the Universe.

Your religious zeal and piety will not be permitted to destroy anyone but those appointed for the fires of damnation and in due course, perfection.

Victor Hafichuk 

From: Shai Ben Tekoa 
Sent: Friday, April 12, 2024 3:20 AM
To: ‘Victor Hafichuk’ 
Subject: RE: “Old” Testament

Dear Mr. Hafichuk,

I wish I had a nickel for every one of your insults here; there must be scores in this angry, hateful, ignorant virtually antisemitic rant, when my response to Sabine contained no insults, only facts which you have no intelligent rebuttal for, only baseless insults. Christians like you have no idea how obnoxious you are in telling Jews we don’t understand our own only Holy Bible in our own language, but Christians do.
In graduate school at the University of Chicago, I took a course in the work of Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy. There were no prerequisites. It was open to all students in the university regardless of major or department, conducted in English, though the professor was head of the Russian Department who read Tolstoy in the original language. Otherwise, he would not have been head of the department, right?

Amazing, no? He could actually read and speak Russian!!

The Jewish Bible likewise is something I read in the original without any English translation. I even speak this language. I assume – I could be wrong – you can neither read nor speak Hebrew, like us Jews.

Ergo, you don’t know what you are reading. One example: we all have seen numerous Christian painters depict what they entitle “The Sacrifice of Isaac” showing a terrified little boy – maybe five-years-old, even ten – as his father Abraham wields a knife.

Only, in the text, which is very good about registering birth dates and ages, it is clear Isaac at the time was no little boy but a 37-year-old adult.  And not only was he not terrified, he is one the two heroes of the episode for willingly complying with his father’s belief in following G-d’s command.

Indeed, the “Sacrifice of Isaac” is yet another error in translation and understanding. We don’t call it the “Sacrifice of Isaac” because there was no sacrifice; that is a principal point of the story. We call it in Hebrew, the “Binding of Isaac” which has a double meaning. Not only the physical tying him up — which he even helped with — but the “binding” of him to his father’s faith.

I suggest you Google up Rabbi Tovia Singer and buy his mammoth tome on the myriad corruptions of the Jewish Bible that ignorant Christians like you have in your mistranslations and insertions of words not in the Hebrew at all, commonly experienced by you as “prooftexts” they are prophecies of the coming of your man, another misunderstanding of the Jewish religion which does not foresee the Messiah being tortured to death by Latin-speaking barbarians. When the authentic Messiah comes at the end of days, he will be as historically transformative of humanity as Abraham was and the world will be a very difference place – versus your guy who left the world as it always has been. The authentic Messiah is also not tasked with “saving” people from being sent to eternal Hellfire and damnation by that terrible, wrathful, merciless Old Testament Deity Who wants to send everybody there for their sins, which is yet another complete misunderstanding of the G-d of Israel who chose Abraham for his kindness.

Sha’i ben-Tekoa

From: Victor Hafichuk <>
Date: Fri, Apr 12, 2024 at 10:26 PM
Subject: FW: “Old” Testament

Fully expected. These guys, meaning a certain defensive category of Jews who refuse the Truth with indignant resentment will never accept blame for the greatest sin man has committed or ever could commit.

How ironic and interesting it is that we who love and are united and indwelt by the One Jew they slew are accused of perpetrating the lies false Jews have told in His Name, making our accusers as guilty as all the liars.

Being in Him, we suffer the contradiction He suffered and does suffer in us to this present hour.

But the time has come when our suffering with Him will answer the cries of the saints (true Jews), “How long, O Lord, how long?”

And he bears witness to himself by commending Tovia Singer who is another ace devil we’ve encountered. Our seeming retreat from the battleground with Singer and so many others is not an indication or acknowledgment of defeat. I do see it as having done our duty and leaving the Power of the Word of THE Jew to do His Perfect and Glorious Work that will render a fig tree full of the Most Nutritious and Refreshing Fruit one can partake of. Yes, it will happen. Check out:

Truly, we’ve already been blessed enough to possess Yeshua’s Reality, though we suffer the ignominy and reproach of being labeled and cursed as cannibals until Jesus Christ shows Himself and makes a show of all our enemies openly. It’s a done deal only to be consummated through His Gift of Faith in Him.

King James Bible
And having spoiled principalities and powers, He made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.


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