Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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False Teacher – Rick Joyner

An Ungodly Mixture

Rick Joyner claims that God has spoken to him. What he reports hearing, however, is from his own imagination, mixing together the Scriptures with devilish concepts.

Our friend Daphne wrote us this note:

Hi Victor, Paul,

Have you ever read the book: The Final Quest, written by Rick Joyner? Just a few quotings i’ve cut and paste for you to read [in blue]. Maybe you’ve read it already.

The Path of Life

I was pondering the things that had been spoken by Lot and Jonah when the Lord began to speak.

“You asked to know the reality of this place even as you walk in the earthly realm. This is the reality for which you asked—to see as I see. It is not this place that is the reality. Reality is wherever I am. My presence gives any place true reality and made everything you looked at seem so alive because I Am Life, My Father made Me the Life of all creation, both in the heavens and on the earth. All of creation exists through Me and for Me, and apart from Me, there is no life, and there is no truth.

“I am the Life that is in creation. I am even the Life in My enemies. I AM. All that exists does so through Me. I AM the Alpha and the Omega; I AM the Beginning and I AM the End of all things. There is no truth or reality apart from Me. It is not just the reality of this place that you seek, but the reality of My presence. You seek the true knowledge of Me, and this knowledge gives life. This reality is just as available to you in the earthly realm as it is here, but you must learn not to just look for Me, but at Me.

“My Father has entrusted Me with all power. I can command the heavens and they obey Me, but I cannot command love. Love commanded is not love at all. There will be a time when I demand obedience from the nations, but then the time to prove your love will have passed. While I AM not demanding obedience, those who come to Me obey Me because they love Me and love the truth. These are the ones who will be worthy to reign with Me in My kingdom, those who love Me and serve Me in spite of persecution and rejection. You must want to come to Me. Those who become Our dwelling place will not come because of a command, or just because they know My power—they will come because they love Me and they love the Father.

“Those who come to the truth will come because they love Us and want to be with Us. It is because of the darkness that this is the age of true love. True love shines the brightest against the greatest darkness. You love Me more when you see Me with your heart and obey Me, even though your eyes cannot see Me as they do now. Love and worship will be greatest in the great darkness that is coming upon the earth. Then all of creation will know that your love for Me is true and why we desire to dwell with men.

“Those who come to Me now, fighting through all the forces of the world that rebel against Me, come because they have the true love of God. They want to be with Me so much that even when it all seems unreal, even when I seem like a vague dream to them, they will risk all for the hope that the dream is real. That is love. That is the love of the truth. That is the faith that pleases My Father. All will bow the knee when they see My power and glory, but those who bow the knee now when they can only see Me dimly through the eyes of faith are the obedient ones who love Me in Spirit and in truth. These I will soon entrust with the power and glory of the age to come, which is stronger than any darkness.

“The coming judgment for those who call upon My name but do not seek Me will be that they will increasingly fall out of timing with Me. They will be at the wrong place, doing the wrong things, and even preaching the wrong message. They will try to reap when it is time to sow and sow when it is time to reap. Because of this, they will bear no fruit.

Truth and Life

Abel continued without answering me, which I understood to be the answer. “The blood sacrifice has already been made for you. Trust the power of the cross, for it is greater than life. When you trust the cross, you cannot die. Those on earth have power for a time to take your earthly life, but they cannot take your life if you have embraced the cross.

“A great unity will come to the Lord’s people who dwell on the earth. This will take place when His judgments come upon the earth. Those who are in unity will not only endure His judgments, but they will prosper because of them. By this He will use His people to warn the earth. After the warnings, He will then use His people as a sign. Because of the discord and conflict that arise in the darkness, the unity of His people will be a sign that the whole earth will see. His disciples will be known by their love, and love does not fear. Only true love can bring true unity. Those who love will never fall. True love does not grow cold, but true love does grow.”

What He is about to do, He will do through His people, and His people will stand as Elijah in the last days. Their words will shut up the heavens or bring rain; they will prophesy earthquakes and famines, and they will come to pass; they will stop famines and earthquakes.

The Door

“That is the difference between the Old Covenant and the New. You will write My words in a book and they will inspire My people. Even so, the true power of My words can only be seen when they are written in the hearts of My people. Living epistles are more powerful than letters written on paper or stone. Because you are not writing Scripture, the words you write will have you in them. Even so, your books will be as I desire them to be because I prepared you for this task. They will not be perfect because perfection will not come to the earth until I come. For perfection, men will have to look to me. Even so, My people are the book that I am writing, and the wise can see Me in My people, and in their works.

“The life of every person is in My book, and their lives are a book that will be read by all of creation for all eternity. The history of the world is the library of God’s Wisdom. My redemption is the demonstration of Our love, and the cross is the greatest love that the creation will ever know. Even the angels who stand before My Father so love the story of redemption that they, too, long to dwell with men. They marveled when We made man in our image. They marveled when men chose evil, even in the midst of the Paradise We had made for man. Now, because of redemption, the marred image of God is restored and is revealed even more gloriously in mankind. The glory is still in earthen vessels which makes the glory easier to see for those who have eyes to see.

“This is the new creation that is greater than the first creation. Through My new creation, we are making a new Paradise that is greater than the first Paradise. Every man, woman and child that embraces My redemption is a book that I am writing which will be read forever. Through the new creation, We will also restore the former creation, and it will be a paradise again. I will restore all things, and all evil will be overcome with good.

“My church is the book that l am writing, and the whole world is about to read it. Until now, the world has wanted to read the book that the evil one has written about My church, but soon I will release My book.

“I am about to release My last-day apostles. I will have many like Paul, John, Peter and the others. To prepare them, I AM sending many like John the Baptist who will teach them devotion to Me and lay the foundation of repentance in their lives. These apostles will also be like John the Baptist. Just as the chief joy of John’s life was to hear the voice of the Bridegroom, these will have one devotion— to see My bride made ready for Me. Because of this, I will use them to build highways through the wilderness and rivers through the deserts. They will bring down the high places and raise up the lowly. When you go through that door, you will meet them.

“I am about to release My last-day prophets. They will love Me and walk with Me, even as Enoch did. They will demonstrate My power and prove to the world that I AM the One true God. Each will be a pure well from which only living waters flow. At times, their water will be hot for cleansing; at times, it will be cold for refreshing. I will also give them lightening in one hand and thunder in the other. They will soar like eagles over the earth, but they will descend upon My people like doves because they will honor My family. They will come upon cities like whirlwinds and earthquakes, but they will give light to the meek and lowly. When you go through that door, you will also meet them.

“I am about to release My last-day evangelists. I will give them a cup of joy that will never run out. They will heal the sick and cast out devils; they will love Me and love righteousness; they will carry their crosses every day, not living for themselves but for Me. Through them, the world will know that I live and that I have been given all authority and power. These are the fearless ones who will attack the gates of the enemy and raid the dark places of the earth, leading many to My salvation. These, too, are just beyond that door, and you will meet them.

“I am about to release shepherds who will have My heart for the sheep. These will feed My sheep because they love Me. They will care for each of My little ones as if they were their own, and they will lay down their own lives for My sheep. This is the love that will touch men’s hearts—when My people lay down their lives for one another. Then the world will know Me. I have given these choice food to serve My household. These are the faithful ones that I will trust to watch over My own house. These, too, are beyond that door, and you will meet them.

“I am about to release My last-day teachers upon the earth. They will know Me and teach My people to know Me. They will love the truth. They will not retreat before the darkness, but they will expose it and drive it back. They will unstop the wells that your fathers dug, and serve the pure waters of life. They will also carry out the treasures of Egypt and use it to build My dwelling place. You will meet these, too, just beyond that door.”

As the Lord spoke, I looked at the door. Now, for the first time, I wanted to go through it. Each word that He spoke brought a rising expectation in my heart, and I badly wanted to meet these last-day ministers.

“You have known in your heart for many years that these are coming. I have brought you here to show you how to recognize them and help them on their way.”

I went through the door.

Our reply:

Hi Daphne,

You don’t say, but perhaps you are considering that we are the last-day ministers Rick Joyner talks about. What Joyner speaks, however, is an ungodly mixture of his own imagination, Biblical concepts, and demonic delusion. Some of the things he says may remind you of true things, but mixed up as it is with deceit and delusion, there is nothing wholesome to consume there. Leave it alone and drink pure water.

Since you provided quotes, we will show you briefly how this man is false by the truth in Christ.

Joyner has God saying to him:

There is no truth or reality apart from Me.

What is this statement supposed to mean? Of course nothing exists outside of God! He is over everything, and nothing happens without Him. David, the king of Israel and the Psalmist, wrote that even if he made his bed in Hell, God was there. So what is Joyner’s point? What we see is the implication that whatever he wants to attribute to God, in the way that he wants to attribute it, he can.

In this way, Joyner’s imagination is God, which is exactly what he has made it by calling his own thoughts God’s. The next statement is an excellent example:

It is not just the reality of this place that you seek, but the reality of My presence.

Here Joyner encourages and congratulates himself on his relationship with “God.” But the real and true God says that no man seeks after Him! Here is what Jesus said to those who do seek Him:

“You did not choose Me, but I chose you…” (John 15:16 EMTV).

“For this cause have I said to you that no one can come to Me, unless it is given to him by My Father” (John 6:65 HNV).

So if any man does seek God with his whole heart, as God commands, it is because God has given him to do so. And the true seeker is after God Himself, not just the “reality of [His] presence.” He, and not His Presence, is the Reality. God is, after all, already present everywhere, but only those who seek Him with all their hearts will find Him, by His grace.

Joyner takes the credit for seeking God out his own way. That is because his “God” is a vehicle to glorify Rick Joyner. That is the nature of all false gods, and it is what demonstrates their falseness. They give the glory to man, often using Christ’s or God’s Name to do so. Only the true God deserves and gets the glory through the living Lord Jesus Christ. Only those whose eye is single will see it.

One of the sure marks of a false prophet and a false prophecy is the attribution of words to Jesus Christ or God as if there are two entities, one speaking of the other. For example, from a portion you sent:

Those who become Our dwelling place will not come because of a command, or just because they know My power—they will come because they love Me and they love the Father.

Jesus spoke in a somewhat similar way when on earth, because He was in a physical body at that time, representing man for our sakes. We, as men, may be filled with the Spirit of God, but we are not God. The Spirit of God moves us to pray to Him as we ought. The same went for Jesus Christ.

Christ fully lived as we do, in these earthly bodies, but without sin, because He was God in the flesh. That is something no man could do. After the resurrection and ascension of Christ, however, there is never a hint of God having two voices. At that point, as Paul the apostle said, we were to no longer know Christ after the flesh. We now know Him only as God. When Jesus Christ speaks, it is God speaking, and when God speaks, it is Jesus Christ speaking. There is no difference.

Anyone can check this out in the Scriptures and see for themselves. You will never find any such instances as Joyner creates, putting words in the mouth of Christ as though He were separate from God.

We have also written about the One True God and His manifestation to mankind in the section Jesus Christ Is God.

Joyner is one very confused man, letting his imagination run wild. Imaginations are what need to be reigned in when entering the realm of knowing and being one with God:

“For the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, pulling down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought into the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:4-5 MKJV).

The following segment is an example of the gobbledygook that comes out of Joyner’s heart against the faith and reason of Christ:

Because you are not writing Scripture, the words you write will have you in them. Even so, your books will be as I desire them to be because I prepared you for this task. They will not be perfect because perfection will not come to the earth until I come. For perfection, men will have to look to me. Even so, My people are the book that I am writing, and the wise can see Me in My people, and in their works.

The Scriptures, though inspired of God, also reflect the personality and idiosyncrasies of the persons writing Them. They were written by men moved by God, just as we are moved by Him today. Neither are They, the Scriptures, perfect, as we have demonstrated (see Is the KJV the Perfect Word of God?), not just because of translation problems, but because of human error. Perfection is ever in the realm of the spirit, not the flesh.

And perfection has already come, because we have received Jesus Christ the Perfect. Christ has commanded perfection of us (Matthew 5:38). How can we attain or have this perfection, if He is not here with us now? But He is; and what is impossible for us is possible with Him. As stated, this perfection is not in the flesh, but in the spirit and motive of the one in Christ. In the flesh is nothing good, as Paul said.

Joyner is confounded. He puts Christ and His perfection into the future, yet alludes to the Scriptures, all written before this alleged coming, as perfect. How do we have a perfect Book, but not perfection in the earthen vessels, which Joyner rightfully says are God’s intended object of work, who brought forth the Book? And if Christ is with us now, being our very lives (those crucified with Him), how is it we are not speaking His words and wisdom, presently, which is perfect?

Question: Jesus said that we would do greater works than He because He was going to the Father:

“Truly, truly, I say to you, He who believes on Me, the works that I do he shall do also, and greater works than these he shall do, because I go to My Father” (John 14:12 MKJV).

If He could only do what He did because He was perfect on earth, then how can we do greater works than His if we do not have His perfection? Furthermore, did He not come to give us that perfection? Isn’t that what salvation is all about? Yes, it is. As the Father worked in and through Him, so He works in and through us.

We have sent this to Mr. Joyner, giving him the opportunity to hear and answer for himself.

Paul Cohen
Victor Hafichuk


The Bottom of the Barrel: A Motley Crew of Demonic Mockers

“But evil men and seducers will go forward to worse, deceiving and being deceived” (2 Timothy 3:13 MKJV). All manias end with a blow-off phase where all sense is abandoned, because people are given over to their lusts entirely. So we know that we are nearing the end of evil men and seducers when they laugh like devils and call that the worship of God.

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