Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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False Teacher – Pam Dewey

The Exposure of an Exposer

Pam Dewey raises the alarm on false teachers at her “Field Guide to the Wild World of Religion” website,, which she describes as, “Your one-stop resource for accurate information on the wild and wooly world of modern religious groups and teachers.” In a series of correspondences we show that knowledge of some falsehood is not enough, but one must have personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, The Tree of Life, which Pam lacks and disdains.

Paul writes Pam and tells her that she is long on what is wrong, but short on what is right, and that such a diet is not life-giving. Pam is offended and disagrees.

Victor clarifies and expounds on Paul’s letter and offers Pam a wide open door to enter and consider the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ, and how she could have much better if she would do so.

Pam gives a broad definition for the word “cult,” because she does not know the Lord, and therefore cannot speak definitively of what is true. This leaves the door open to all kinds of falsehood and confusion. Her works give knowledge, but do not give Life. By this knowledge no one can be led out of the self-righteousness and error in which she dwells.

Where Pam went astray, and what we say to her husband when he gets involved.















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