Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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George’s Reply to “The Hallelujah Diet” Letter

Dear Brother Paul,

Thank you for writing and for making me aware of a letter written to me by some fellow by the name of Victor Hafichuk, which you say was sent to me this past February 13, 2005. If it was sent to me, I never received it! But it would have been nice if Victor had made sure I had seen it and had opportunity to respond to it, BEFORE it was published, and made available to the Christian community.

I haven’t the time to respond to all of his criticisms and charges, sarcasms and ridicule, but let me say that it is very interesting that Victor chooses to totally ignore the first 1700 years of recorded Biblical history, in his attempt to belittle this preacher and the teachings of Hallelujah Acres. In fact, regarding my teaching, Victor states: “I will also reveal to you the UNGODLY, even BLASHEMOUS, implications of your doctrine.”

Then Victor devotes almost half of his letter to me, trying to justify the consuming of animal products, while telling me that my teachings are, “UNGODLY” and even “BLASHEMOUS.” But I would like to share some CLEAR Biblical teachings to refute what Victor is saying:

1.God is the Creator of the human physical body! (Genesis 2: 7)
2.Prior to the creation of the human physical body, God prepared for the nourishment of that physical body by creating plant life! (Genesis 1:11)
3.Immediately at creation, God placed His human creation in a GARDEN, and in Genesis 1:29, God the Creator, gave His human creation the diet, He, God, had designed this human creation to be nourished with. This diet was to be 100% raw plant life, obtained from the plants in the garden God had prepared for His human creation before He created man.
4.On this plant based, Genesis 1:29 diet, man lived without a single recorded instance of sickness, for the next 1700 years, to an average age of 912 (age of patriarchs at death), without a single recorded instance of sickness.
5.Then in Genesis 9:3, approximately 1700 years AFTER THE FALL, God permits man to consume animal flesh for the very first time. Because I offer several possible reasons as to WHY God allowed man to consume animal flesh, including the reason possibly being that all vegetation had been destroyed by the flood, Victor ridicules my attempts to offer possible reasons to answer the WHY question.
6.When we look at the anatomy of man, we find that God gave man a digestive tract designed by God to move food through a very lengthy digestive tract, with many pockets, loops and bends, through means of FIBER. Animal products contain absolutely NO FIBER! Thus, animal flesh moves through this lengthy digestive tract very slowly, in a very moist atmosphere of almost 100 degrees. In that atmosphere, animal flesh putrefies, the cause of body odor, while this putrefied animal flesh becomes the cause of almost all colon problems. Also, animal products are extremely acidic, and the cause of acid stomach problems, for which multitudes take Tums or a similar product to neutralize the acidity. On the vegan, Hallelujah Diet, we have thousands of testimonies from people who had colon problems that ranged from colitis to colon cancer, along with acid stomach problems, that simply went away after eliminating animal products from their diets and adopting our 100% plant-based, Genesis 1:29 diet, which includes lots of vegetable juices.

I haven’t the time to go much further with this, but let me ask this question. Was DIVORCE ever God’s will? But did God later allow divorce? Would you not consider God’s ORIGINAL teaching on divorce his perfect will! What was God’s original teaching as to the proper nourishment of man? Yes, it was 100% pure vegan, as clearly given us by God in Genesis 1:29! Did God later allow the consumption of animal flesh? YES! But what was God’s ORIGINAL teaching and perfect plan?

Victor’s letter to me is full of ridicule and sarcasm directed toward this preacher, while lifting himself up as the only person capable of rightly dividing the Word of Truth! At the end of his letter to me, Victor even ridicules my efforts to bring possibly lost readers of my writings to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I find this amazing!

Hallelujah Acres is a ministry that teaches health from a Biblical perspective. The ministry has grown from a mom and pop operation of just 2 people, to over 2-million followers today. WHY? BECAUSE IT WORKS! Tens of thousands of Christians have been restored to health by following our teachings, as their testimonies attest. In fact, we have received testimony of over 170 different physical problems disappearing as a result of following our teachings. Dozens of preachers, who had been forced to leave the ministry because of sickness, are back preaching the Gospel because of The Hallelujah Acres Diet and Ministry.

For Victor to take all that time to write 15 pages of attacks on the Hallelujah Diet must make Victor feel quite proud of himself! I am sure the Lord is pleased? But just think about what Victor’s letter criticizing The Hallelujah Diet might accomplish in the Christian community. Why, Victor might be responsible for the needless suffering and early demise of a fellow believer, because Victor’s writings caused that fellow believer to not consider The Hallelujah Diet as a possible solution to their physical problems. Or, Victor may have kept a fellow Christian from adopting The Hallelujah Diet so that they could restore health to their physical body temple, so that they could better serve the Lord.

Victor concludes his letter to me by writing: “May God open your eyes and heart to the error and implications of your teachings. Contending for the faith once delivered to the saints, for His sake, Victor Hafichuk.”

Paul, Victor isn’t contending for the faith! Victor is attempting to tear down a ministry raised up by God to restore health to fellow believers. God originally gave this Health Message to Evangelist Lestor Roloff many, many years ago. God used brother Roloff to offer me an alternative to the deadly medical modalities when I had cancer in 1976. Because of Brother Roloff, and the Genesis 1:29 diet Brother Roloff pointed me to, I am still alive and well as I approach my 72nd birthday, after almost 30 years on a modified Genesis 1:29 diet, a pure plant-based diet.

The Bible warns us of the enemies within our own household in Matthew 10:36! Victor should be rejoicing over the multitudes of Christians who have experienced the restoration of their physical health through The Hallelujah Diet so that they can better serve the Saviour. Yet, rather than rejoicing, Victor sends a letter he claims to have been written to me (which obviously was not his intent), to the Christian community, in an obvious attempt to discredit this ministry. I would not want to be in Victor’s shoes at the judgment, or in anyone else’s shoes that promotes this writing by Victor.

Sincerely for a Healthy Christian Community
Dr. George H. Malkmus (Just a sinner saved by God’s grace)

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