Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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False Teacher – Larry Tomczak

Charisma of a Counterfeit Spirit

The trademark of religious Babylon is mixture of holy and unclean, taking God’s precepts and framing them by man’s righteousness, which perverts from an uncircumcised heart. This is what Larry Tomczak serves up in his Charisma enterprises.

This is how Larry describes himself at his website, “Larry Tomczak Ministries”:

Internationally known leader, best selling author, & cultural commentator. 44 years of trusted ministry experience.

Can you see the apostles Paul or Peter naming the ministry of the Lord after themselves? Or describing themselves the way Larry does?

“Paul, an internationally known apostle, best-selling author and cultural commentator with 44 years of trusted ministry experience” (Galatians 1:1?).

For more on this self-glorifying, man pleasing anti-Christ approach, read: Counterfeit Christianity

Larry Tomczak started out as a Catholic charismatic, later becoming independent. He runs Charisma Magazine and Charisma News websites, which are disseminators of “cultural commentary” from a conservative “Christian” perspective, including sensational spiritual content – news geared towards men’s interpretations of Biblical prophecy, along with the prophecies and teachings of various false teachers such as: Steve Hill (Falsehood Written All Over Them), Todd White (The False Gospel of Todd White), John Hagee (Friend or Enemy of Israel and the Jews?) and John Eckhardt (Powered by Satan).

The editor of Charisma magazine, Jennifer LeClaire, presents herself on her website ( as “an internationally recognized author, apostolic-prophetic voice to her generation….” She is another phony. As with Larry, she sells her spiritual materials and solicits donations, something you’ll find faithful servants of God don’t do (see The True Marks of a Cult).

In his commentary, Larry takes a positive stand on some issues, such as being against pornography and homosexuality, or for Israel and corporal punishment. There is good mixed with evil, as in most ministries of men. Some good doesn’t make one right with God or prove a ministry is His work. On the contrary, what is seen and promoted in Larry’s websites and work is Incompatible Mixture, unacceptable to God and deadly to man.

People, it was because of mixture – believers marrying unbelievers (sons of God and daughters of men), that the earth was filled with violence – “unjust gain,” which displeased God and moved Him to destroy the first world in Noah’s day. It was iniquity (lawlessness) overtaking mankind. God’s Law was contemned; “every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”

The Name of God is being blasphemed through false doctrines and unholy practices such as pagan-laced celebrations of Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, “crusades” (originally papal-driven undertakings with questionable agendas and actions in the Name of God), church “services” full of formality and pretense in the guise of worship. Yes, Mystery, Babylon the Great, otherwise known as Nominal Orthodox Christianity, has polluted the earth with her beauty and pleasures, overpowering and slaying souls.

Now God brings judgment to sweep away the refuges of lies (churches and religious organizations) and cleanse the earth by fire, once for all. One of His instruments of wrath, Islam, rages in all contradiction, condemning Christians and Jews for their error, falsehood, and hypocrisies, while itself committing every heinous crime imaginable, as inspired by its diabolical anti-Christ prophet as laid out in its holy books.

Islam appears to honor Jesus Christ as a prophet while it belittles and blasphemes Him, declaring Him to be a liar, saying He did not raise Himself from the dead. They make of Him a mere prophet, lesser than Muhammad, far less than He is, which is none other than Almighty God, His Son raised from the dead. Islam attacks the phonies and erring by being perfectly evil itself. God fights fire with fire, rendering to each man the fruit of his own doings. What men have sowed, they surely must reap.

I digress somewhat but not much. Larry Tomczak and countless others are belittling and blaspheming God in apparent sincere worship and must suffer God’s fiery vengeance on those taking upon themselves the Name of the Lord in vain. They break the One Commandment that carries with it the warning that He will not hold such as break that Law guiltless.

The Day of the Lord is here. It is a Fearful Day for the inhabitants of the earth, but a Glorious Day the saints and prophets have been waiting for several millennia. The Day for the Establishment of the Kingdom of God is upon us. What a Great and Terrible Day it is, such as has never been seen nor ever will be again!

Victor Hafichuk
May 31, 2017

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