Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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False Teacher – Jordan Maxwell

Missing the Pearl in His Mess

“A messy man doing messy things – It’s Messy Maxwell.” Those are Jordan Maxwell’s words, not ours. We’ll say this about his attempt at a clever marketing slogan: Mr. Maxwell says some true things about the heathen mythologies and notions permeating mainstream religions, but in the “mess” he creates, he entirely overlooks the Pearl of Great Price, Who is the Reason for all that exists.

Fay writes to us:

Victor, Paul,

Not sure how much of the historical things you have studied… HOpe you will take some time to check this out Egyptian history has been suppressed from all levels of “education”… and institutions.

I welcome your thoughts… I have spent many years studying other religions and ancient historical sites, literature.

Yes Jesus was an activist… he stood up against the pharisees of his day… Good luck with the FLUROIDELETION work… Pivotal. [FFL]

Perhaps we will meet one day soon for a celebration!?


Victor replies:

Hi Fay,

I listened to Jordan Maxwell’s three-hour lecture at the link you sent us – interesting. We’re familiar with much of what he brings up, like the origin and significance of the many symbols, traditions, and rituals employed in world religions, particularly in nominal Christendom and Judaism.

We aren’t ignorant of the pagan mysteries pawned off as true and godly worship. We’ve long ago dispensed with the religious trappings Maxwell speaks of. While the discovery of the symbols and their origins is interesting, the symbols are often perverse and distortionary (which seems to be a major component of Maxwell’s message).

But we who believe and worship the Father in spirit and in truth have no need of external form, because we now have the privilege of knowing the Creator personally. We have discovered the Real, and live in the Reality. More accurately, the Real, Yeshua HaMashiach or Jesus Christ, has appeared and revealed Himself to us, and now all the religious, idolatrous encrustation men have imagined and devised has been consequently and naturally discarded as the trash it is.

We experience the Reality and Dynamic of God through the Son, Jesus Christ, Who is the Way, Truth and Life, as He declared. There is no other way to union with God but by Jesus Christ.

God’s creation is filled with the message of His nature, Law, doings, and will. The heavens proclaim His handiwork, the Bible declares. The mathematical precision, timings, constellations, zodiac, sun, moon, and all of nature have wonderful meaning, and represent Him. All His creation glorifies Him. While men have fallen to worshipping the representations in all error, we are destined to worship Him and Him alone.

What I perceive in Jordan Maxwell’s three-hour presentation is that he throws the baby out with the bathwater. Jordan’s essential problem is that he rejects the Originator, His Person, doctrine, and works, about which manmade symbols and allegories were crudely and rudely fashioned. These symbols originate in fallen man’s evil imaginations and propensity for idolatry (departing from the Living God), causing consequent confusion – darkness breeding darkness.

Maxwell has fallen short of realizing that true faith in God is a meeting and whole-hearted, New-Natured recognition of the Creator of all, both good and evil.

Maxwell has never met Jesus Christ, the Light of all men as we have, and therefore remains in his darkness, which he calls “light.”

We can’t emphasize enough, however, that it is God, the Father and Creator of all things, Who has done this for, with, and in us, through His Son, Jesus Christ, Whom we have come to know personally and intimately. He has broken the power of the carnal nature in us that despises His Law, as encapsulated in the Ten Commandments, and has restored us to Him by His Spirit. In other words, He has delivered us from the power of sin, which separates men from God.

Because Maxwell thinks to have exposed the mysteries of false religion and identified the essence of the world’s ancient usage and meanings of official symbols, he believes he has arrived at the truth. He possibly presumes to be today’s avatar, to which he alludes. However, Jordan hasn’t realized the Real beyond the false (though he believes he has the answers by his intelligence and study).

It seems he views sex as a dirty thing; yet creative energy, including that of procreation, is God’s vehicle, method, and power of bringing forth all creation. It is God’s power at work in all living things, on all levels. That men have defiled anything good doesn’t make its origin or Creator or His ways dirty or evil.

Maxwell takes great pride in his knowledge, scorning others as “airheads.” His contempt is one of self-righteous arrogance. Jordan is truly the “airhead,” and all those who fall for his wise nonsense. I was raised a Catholic “airhead” in the darkened religious sense that Jordan scorns, and then in the early ‘70s graduated to the “enlightened,” Maxwell-type “airhead.” This was with Thurman Fleet and Harry Roder of Concept Therapy out of San Antonio, Texas. At the time, I was thrilled with similar Maxwellian revelations, but that knowledge couldn’t lead this lost soul home, and it certainly hasn’t done that for him or you, Fay.

With prayer and fasting, searching and crying out to God in 1972, Jesus Christ appeared to me and eventually gave me life, raising me from the death and hell I thought was life, the death and hell in which Jordan Maxwell and you still reside. (Not a putdown, Fay, just the facts we now know by a new nature and revelation.)

Jesus Christ also called people names, but with godly rebuke and sorrow, while Maxwell’s spirit is one of contempt and ridicule.

Jordan scorns Hollywood and all its deception and skullduggery, but at the same time, bemoans the fact that Hollywood doesn’t give him credit, financially or otherwise, for using his information and materials. So how unselfishly interested is Jordan in getting the truth out to mankind? He isn’t, plain and simple. He wants credit. Messengers of True Enlightenment shine, whether they get paid or not. The reception by others of their Light is, and can alone be, their reward.

Maxwell is every bit as unregenerate and selfish as those he condescendingly calls “airheads.” Scorning His Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as Someone ignorant masses foolishly worship, he is greatly mistaken. Jordan is not a representative of the True Light as he presumes, not remotely.

I noticed that when someone in the audience asked Maxwell’s take on Jesus Christ, he immediately got into the definition of “anointing” and its practice with oil. But he didn’t divulge Who he believed Jesus Christ was or is, much less publicly acknowledge Him as Lord.

Certainly, Jordan doesn’t confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. In your opinion, Fay, only naïve and ignorant fools would do that. And Jordan’s too educated, enlightened, wise, and clever to need the Savior. After all, he’s been studying these mysteries for 42 years, he repeatedly boasts.

A word for the sour cynic (let him who has ears to hear, hear):

“To the pure all things are pure. But to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure, but even their mind and conscience is defiled” (Titus 1:15 MKJV).

Don’t be offended at the truth, Fay; we aren’t offended by your error. Indeed, we take pleasure in this opportunity to shine the True Light in Jesus Christ.



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