Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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False Teacher – John Paul Jackson

Another of Many Impressive Shysters

After you get past the razzle-dazzle of a charlatan, plentiful are the indications of falsehood. But one must get right with God to see, because these things are only profitably known by walking in the light with Him.

We are asked:

John Paul Jackson – TRUE or FALSE prophet in your opinion guys?

I read a some of your articles and I don’t find anything about this man.
This is very serious for me.

PLEASE! Answer me.
I really need SERIOUS answer from Victor and Paul.

Andrzej (from Poland)

Our reply:

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie, so that all those who do not believe the truth, but delight in unrighteousness, might be condemned” (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 MKJV).

Andrzej, we will not give you our opinion; we will tell you what we solemnly know.

John Paul Jackson displays so many signs of falsehood in the sight of God, we could spend hours only briefly listing and discussing each of them. Without getting into personal details, we can tell you this man is not to be followed and believed. He is not a man sent of God, though he prophesies some true things and though events appear to confirm his words. This isn’t to say his prophecies are true. I’m not familiar with his utterings and don’t need to be.

Many today can stand up and predict the obvious just by familiarity with the past decades of events. This is nothing extraordinary. Furthermore, spirits of divination can also give revelations to deceive and seduce those who aren’t established in the Lord by a sure love of the Truth. Jackson is just another of many impressive shysters taking advantage of crowds of fools.

No prophet of God presents himself as smiling and attractive; it DOES NOT HAPPEN. But it does happen with many false prophets, though not all.

No prophet of God proclaims understanding of visions, dreams, and mysteries as “the work” they are given from God.

No prophet of God solicits funds for the work. A man of God is amply provided for without dependence on men. Jesus proved that to His disciples when He sent them out without purse or any extras. By those to whom God sent them, He provided all their needs. When they returned, He asked if they had lacked anything and they replied, “Nothing!

No man of God merchandises.

No man of God names a ministry and registers with the government or issues tax-deductible receipts.

The list is endless.

This fellow Jackson associates with the most prominent scoundrels, thieves, murderers, liars, and robbers in the business, such as The 700 Hundred Club, It’s Supernatural (Sid Roth: It’s Super-Slimy), Benny Hinn (A Deliberate Liar and Scoundrel), the presumptuous and blasphemous Kansas City Prophets, the Vineyard Movement, John Wimber, Toronto Blessing, Bob Jones, the diabolical Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Mike Bickle (, and so many others.

Now, study Diabolical Doctrines and The True Marks of a Cult. These documents identify the evil works of men. By these documents, you’ll be able to recognize most false teachers. This is Lord willing, for you must be right with God to be able to see these things with a clear eye from a clean heart.

How do you get that which you, Andrzej, do not have?


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