Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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False Teacher – Paul’s Note to Jim Watt & His Reply

Paul sent this note to Mr. Watt:

Hi Mr. Watt,

We have now edited and published our paper answering the Derek Prince writing to which you directed me. Here is the link and summary:

Satan’s Redemption

Answering Derek Prince’s “Will Satan Ever Be Reconciled to God?”

Derek Prince says that Satan will burn in hell forever, along with anyone who speaks of Satan’s ultimate redemption. See if this writing doesn’t fully answer all of Mr. Prince’s arguments against the reconciliation that God has destined for all His creation, including the Devil. For reconciliation is the great purpose and goal of His judgment through Jesus Christ. [End of Summary]

Did you read the first draft I sent you a month ago? Any response?

Jim’s response:

Hi Paul – 2009-06-13

Here’s my response to your email – Jim


In July 1992 following a 5 week trip to Jerusalem and Israel, I received a vision. In it God appeared to me in the person of one of His departed servants. He referred to the 12 Embryonic Revival Principles of the 1948 Visitation in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. He said, “Take the torch of that time, and bring to maturity these 12 principles, as linked with the 12 tribes of Israel. They shall be parameters of safety for the last Revival preceding the return of My Son.

One of these principles relates to the tribe of Zebulun (Dwelling), and the Gifts of the Spirit of 1 Corinthians 12:8-11, that follow and confirm the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. The gifts of the Word of Wisdom, the Word of Knowledge and the Discernings of spirits, come under the category of Revelatory Gifts. Dreams and Visions are one of the normal channels God uses to make this confirmation. When we disobey God like King Saul through rebellion and consulting the occult, mediums and demonic spirits – then God refuses to answer us through Prophets, Urim and Thummim, and Dreams and Visions. Saul ended up in the wrong part of the unseen world.

But if like Caleb and Joshua we believe God, and pay attention to His promises and His Word – then He rewards us by not only letting us see the Kingdom of God, but allowing us to enter His Kingdom! Moses saw it, but because of disobedience in striking the Rock (Christ) instead of speaking to it, God refused his request to enter.

Since 1985 I have profited from Dreams and Visions like Joseph and Daniel, and have been able to interpret them. But unfortunately, the best 10 text books on this subject that I could find at that time, were all tinctured with the “occult” through Carl Jung. To safeguard my friends, I ceased after 1996 to teach in this area. But on May 31st of this year, the Day of Pentecost, following a word of ministry I gave on the importance of “Meditation” based on the Word of God – a fellow pastor from Canada gave me a gift of “Dreams: The Divinity Code” – The Keys to Decoding your Dreams and Visions by Adrian Beale and Adam F. Thompson of Australia.

They like myself realized the importance of listening to the voice of God today through Dreams and Visions; but also like myself – were unable to obtain a textbook untainted apart from an occult background. God led them to prepare the above text over a 4 year period, based on true Evangelical and Bible-grounded background, and made it available in 2008.

Following a 10 chapter “help” in dream and vision interpretation, they have then added 101 Sample Dream and Vision Interpretations, based on a Metaphor Dictionary of some 2000 most common Biblically based Metaphors, and also a People and Place Name Dictionary.

I have very thoroughly studied the 10 initial chapters of 124 pages, and spent some time also in their other helps. It is my conviction that God has raised up these two brothers in these last days for a most helpful enlargement upon the tribe of Zebulun, and for evangelism strengthened by “signs following” through a correct method of interpreting dreams and visions.

They like myself do not see Dreams and Visions alone as a cure-all – but part of a package of a number of powerful Revival Principles.

I see the tribe of Levi as representing the 5-fold ministry of Ephesians 4:11-12, sitting in the gate of each city composed of many local churches – just as in Acts 13:1-3, and Acts 15. The Holy Spirit used this group in Antioch to launch the first great missionary outreach. He used the Jerusalem Eldership of the 5-fold to settle the Judaizing controversy.

The North Battleford Visitation of 1948 brought a powerful Restoration Impetus to these two principles. A third restoration principle brought Worship back to a new dimension through the Heavenly Choir. “Forty Years of Signs and Wonders in the Life of Mrs. Maria Woodworth-Etter” triggered further to see this Restoration take place 61 years ago in Edmonton, Alberta.

Biblical Meditation along the line of Joshua 1:8, Psalm 1 and 1 Timothy 4:15 – was triggered by George Whitefield and George Muller in past centuries, but is still relevant and necessary today. Paul and Smith Wigglesworth both experienced and witnessed to the release that comes by much use of one’s devotional prayer language (praying in tongues). It is as a launching pad or space platform that launches the other gifts of the Spirit.

Much of the above and more can be seen on our Website <>. It is in the progress of being completed – but rather than hold up to full completion, we have opened it up in a yet unperfected stage. Please overlook this, so that you can see the full 12-fold Embryonic Revival Principles both in Teaching and Prayer Format – even in this incomplete stage.

It is true that like most revivals, the 1948 Canadian Visitation had man-made teachings added to what God initiated in purity. I was one of the 7 elders in the July Camp Meeting that summer, but withdrew with my wife Marie in March 1949, because of an extreme teaching on the “Manifestation of the Sons of God” that gained entrance in October ’48. Following that, Ultimate Reconciliation crept in (successfully confronted by Derek Prince and George Muller of Bristol, England) plus 5 more aberrations including Replacement Theology through the teaching of “British Israel.” Nonetheless, the initial “baby” of this visitation is Scriptural, and blessed of God. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater – but do take the “precious from the vile” (Jeremiah 15:19), and then you shall be as God’s mouth. To see the pros and cons of this Visitation, the Precious and the Vile, you can order 3 DVD’s produced by Dr. John Roddam of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church of Seattle (the church of Dennis Bennett fame) and Stuart Spani of N. Vancouver BC. John interviews Marie and myself in 10 thirty minute segments, documenting our insights on that visitation. To obtain this, see <> and click on “Catalogue” and then “Biographies”. Many have testified to the help they have received from God’s insights through us . It was produced in our home, so you can also enjoy some of Marie’s cuckoo clocks!

At the beginning of this article I mentioned that the 12 Embryonics of 1948 brought to maturity – would serve as “parameters of safety” for the last great move preceding the return of Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords. In saying this, God knew how important and necessary these parameters would be.

Recently I received a phone call from Montana. A believer here has teamed up with a friend in Alberta, and together they have constructed a Website that will effectively lead any astray who swallow the legalistic and unscriptural positions set forth. So many sound teachers such as Derek Prince are raked over the coals by these two brothers. They unfortunately have latched unto the majority of the 7 aberrations that slowly moved into and killed the 1948 Visitation: Ultimate Reconciliation and Replacement Theology being but two of them. Beware of <> the Website of these two deceived brothers.

Concerning Ultimate Reconciliation or Universalism: a lady approached Dr. Thayer of Greek Lexicon fame and asked him, “Dr. Thayer, I am confused over the nature of hell and its duration. Could you help me on this?” His answer was, “There are 4 adjectives relating to hell or Gehenna, the Lake of Fire. One is AIon, age; next aiON, ages; then AIon of aiON, age of ages; and lastly aiON of aiON, ages of the ages.

These same 4 adjectives are also applied to God in the Greek New Testament. So however long God exists, so will hell.”

“Why Dr. Thayer,” she replied, “that makes it so simple and understandable. Why don’t you preach and teach it?” My dear lady”, he responded, “I am a Unitarian, and do not believe the Bible. But if you are a God and Bible believer, then you have no choice but to believe it and present it in the same clarity as God through His Spirit has presented it here.”

I personally believe that sometimes the testimony of enemies is even more powerful than that of our friends! This is an example.

Now hear the position of George Muller, one who before the 20th Century prayed in $8 million to support 10,000 orphans; over 170 missionaries; Bible, Book and tract distribution in large numbers; Sunday schools, Day schools, Adult Schools both in England and abroad; a church of over 1200 members in 5 locations in Bristol, and many others started from these – and untold numbers of souls saved, including 1000’s of his orphans – and all this without ever telling one soul of his needs, nor ever asking for a penny! Over 50,000 specific answers to prayer are recorded in his Journal of over one million words. Tell me, would God have honored such a man as this if he was in error like my 2 friends mentioned above?

Besides this, Muller was fluent in English, German and French, and during his World Tours from the age of 70 to 87, he ministered either in these 3 languages, or through interpreters. He was an excellent scholar in Latin, Hebrew and Greek, and had memorized much of the Old Testament in Hebrew. He used both Hebrew and Greek in his devotions much of the time. Tell me again – is such a man as this, who was reading the Bible through 4 to 5 times a year on his knees his last 15 years – going to be mistaken in such doctrines as Universalism – with such a background? I think not. Hear: – let not your life be led astray by those who think they are scholars and teachers – but are not. 2 Peter and Jude warn us of false teachers and prophets in the last days – open to doctrine of demons – and leading many astray. Such are the two I mentioned above. I have shared their Website and teaching with sober, spiritual, Word-oriented friends, and their unanimous conclusion is – “Don’t waste your time with such mistaken, proud and arrogant would-be and so-called teachers!

I have personally copied out by hand the Greek New Testament, and typed in a good English translation by Ivan Panin. I have spent well over 60,000 hours in outlining God’s Numeric Interlinear Greek and English New Testament, and have led in over 40,000 hours of Greek Word studies of the major NT words, based on the same, plus Englishman’s Greek Concordance and John Stegenga’s Greek Lexicon.

George Hawtin of North Battleford looked over my shoulder in 1948 when at the age of 25 I was already involved in this, 61 years ago – and said, ”I wish to God, Jimmy, that I could do what you do.” I thought – “What will happen to this movement if you don’t?” The 3 DVD’s mentioned above tell this sad part of the story.

In 1844 at the age of 39, George Muller visited Stuttgart, Germany and there ran into Universalism. Here I quote from page 190 of “George Muller of Bristol” by Dr. A. T. Pierson – “A more serious and dangerous doctrine which it was needful to confront and confute was what Mr. Muller calls that “awful error,” spread almost universally among believers in that land, that at last “all will be saved,” not sinful men only, but “even the devils themselves.”

“Calmly and courteously, but firmly and courageously, these and kindred errors were met with the plain witness of the Word. Refutation of false teaching aroused a spirit of bitterness in opposers of the truth, and, as is too often the case, faithful testimony was the occasion of acrimony; but the Lord stood by His servant and so strengthened him that he was kept both faithful and peaceful.”

Then on page 461 he has a further word on “Universalism” or “Ultimate Reconciliation”, just as clear as the late Derek Prince ably wrote on it. “In reference to universal salvation, I found that they had been led into this error because (1) They did not see the difference between the earthly calling of the Jews, and the heavenly calling of the believers in the Lord Jesus in the present dispensation, and therefore they said that, because the words “everlasting,” etc., are applied to “the possession of the land of Canaan” and the “priesthood of Aaron,” therefore, the punishment of the wicked cannot be without end, seeing that the possession of Canaan and the priesthood of Aaron are not without end.

My endeavor, therefore, was to show the brethren the difference between the earthly calling of Israel and our heavenly one, and to prove from Scripture that, whenever the word “everlasting” is used with reference to things purely not of the earth, but beyond time, it denotes a period without end. (2) They had laid exceeding great stress upon a few passages where, in Luther’s translation of the German Bible, the word hell occurs, and where it ought to have been translated either “hades” in some passages, or “grave” in others, and where they saw a deliverance out of hell, and a being brought up out of hell, instead of out of the grave.”

I bring out the above as an illustration of the Word of the Lord to me in 1992 – “The maturation of the 12 Embryonic Revival Principles of 1948 will be Parameters of Safety prior to the last Visitation before My Son returns.”

The Soundness of the text on Dreams mentioned at the beginning, plus the principles referred to on our Website, will guard and protect from the many false voices in our world today! – J.A.W.

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