Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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An Advocate for Billy Graham

Passion Without Truth

Raymond wrote this letter after receiving We Are Here to Tell You:

Thanks for writing– I have read closely what you have to say in your news letter—I have been a Billy Graham advocate for many years and I think he has the best way of introducing people to Jesus Christ — Pure of heart with a strong message of what will happen to people that do not follow Christ’s teachings. Then you have a reward to look forward to that is everlasting.

You use scriptures continually but many people do not understand them . You interpret them the way you best fit them in an argument and maybe you are correct AND maybe you are not.

Keep it simple—-
Each day I have to fight the devil and remember that I am in danger of losing the fight to make it to heaven. I ask Gods forgiveness daily.

Gods Blessings to you !

Victor responded and sent him How the Lord Exposed Billy Graham, which had just been written.

Raymond’s response:

You all should be ashamed of yourselfs and pray to GOD for double forgiveness–you all are so full of yourselves I can hardly believe it. None of you hippocrites have in your little finger as much love and knowledge of salvation as B. Graham. It is a shame that you don’t transfer your powers of blasphemy into love for GOD and his people. SHAME< SHAME< SHAME< how can you sleep at night.

Victor’s reply:

Raymond, I can certainly understand your indignation. I was there too, as a Catholic, when those who knew better criticized the Catholic Church. I was quite angry, because I was in darkness. I had no substance, however, to counter what they were saying.

You have written us and told us how you feel, but you have not given us facts. You have not shown us exactly how we are wrong. You have judged Billy Graham, assessing his virtue and contrasting it with us, whom you judge to have nothing in comparison to him. That will not do, Raymond, not even in an earthly court before an earthly judge, much less before the Judge of all the earth.

Passion is not sufficient. Opinion is not sufficient. The believers throughout history did not rely on opinion and feelings. They spoke the truth, and the ministers of the Scriptures to mankind gave the facts. You need to do the same if you are to be the Lord’s faithful servant. You are Billy Graham’s faithful devotee, ignoring the evidence we bring forth, ignoring what God has to say about Billy Graham, but why are you not objective, giving us evidence to the contrary? Could it be that you have none? It is not about emotion and religion, Raymond. Why are you moved by anger and passion? Why are you not fervent for the Lord, as you are for Billy and church doctrine?

You have given us no substance. As a true believer in Jesus Christ, you are obligated to give us substance, showing us exactly where we are wrong, if you are going to criticize us. Otherwise, you are in that very wrongful judgmentalism of which you accuse us. We are waiting for wise correction, Raymond.


Raymond’s reply:

You have not substantial evidence about Billy Graham being of the unrighteous and ungodly. The letter from your follower is childess and shallow asking the Lord about BG. saying He never talks about the gifts of the Spirit, tongues, prophecy, miracles, etc. He never raises his hands in praise to You. He never speaks about the baptism in the Spirit. He never says, "Praise the Lord" publicly. Evidently you or this lady have not watched BG or attended his meetings. All of the above is untrue.

Now , I will abstain from all evil to the best of my ability because the bible tells me so, and not any other man. I feel the evil permeating from every email you send so I must not communicate anymore.

may GOD help you and those that believe in you. Goodbye.

Victor’s reply:

Raymond, again you speak with judgment and criticism but without substance altogether. Yet you condemn us. You are the one in all evil, as a brute beast without reason or understanding. No wonder you are upset.

Truth works that way. We have spoken in and of the Lord Jesus Christ to you, and as with so many others who go their way and are destroyed, so you live in destruction already. Things are not going well for you, and it will not get better. You are an ungodly man who professes faith, but in what or in whom? In Billy Graham. You are altogether in darkness in evil. Go with your gods and be destroyed with your gods, as you insist.


Raymond’s response:

one more time. You have a deaf ear as usual. The words I spoke had meaning but you did not listen –it bounced off your evil shield. BG is not my god, only an instrument that has brought so many people to the knowledge that our Lord is God.

You on the other hand are somehow pretending to be the only person who has reached the zenith of Godliness in earthly men.

I seldom have many faces but seldom an un-Godly face but when I do I pray for forgiveness . DO YOU?

Paul’s reply:

Raymond, Paul here. What are you talking about? I have known Victor for going on 30 years. He is not pretending to be anything. What are you pretending to be? You don’t answer our request for evidence, yet condemn what we have written. What has God shown or given to you? Evidently nothing. So who do you think you are that your opinion matters so much? Are you not being arrogant? Has it not occurred to you that you might be blaspheming God? You are.

We know that Billy Graham has talked about the baptism of the Spirit. I seem to recall he even wrote a book about it. He does so to deny the baptism, if not in letter (even there, he does), certainly in spirit. But you know nothing about these things, being deaf, dumb, and blind. We are telling you these things so that this could change for you. It will certainly never change when the blind follow the blind, as you currently do.

Billy Graham’s god is himself, which is yours as well. That is why you follow false teachers, because they teach and justify you as being legitimately able to sit on the throne of God, showing yourself that you are God. That is how and why both you and Graham condemn the works of God. To do so you would have to think yourselves to be God. You are walking and reveling in the abomination of desolation. It does not get any more ungodly than that, Raymond.

You need to do more than pray for forgiveness. God does not hear the prayers of a sinner. You need to repent, stop your blaspheming, and listen to what we are given to speak by Him, or you will surely be destroyed in your sins, even as you are already.

Raymond’s response:

Hello Paul,

I am not pretending to be anyone. I am a human being that GOD created with flaws just like you and Victor . Listen Paul ,I did not intend this to become a name calling arguement over who is right and who is wrong about salvation. This all started when you gentlemen sent to me your unsolicited newsletters and in every letter you guys were answering people one after another with little respect. I know you probably couldn’t see this but we could. I want to apoligize if I seemed disrespectful but I don’t like to be called a bunch of names . I just cannot believe BG is as bad as you all think he is. Do you have any proof of this? If you think BG is going to hell then my GOD look at this and see what it would mean. I can’t fathom this.

Paul’s reply:

It is unbeknownst even to you, Raymond, that you pretend to be a Christian. You are not a Christian. This is not a matter of calling names, which you accuse us of doing. Such would be born of pride, hate, ignorance, and childishness. You falsely accuse us of evil. On the contrary, we are speaking to you soberly, in love, with true knowledge of God that saves those who hear and turn from their illusions, errors, and sins. You are in darkness and error. We do not condemn you, but we tell you the truth in hopes of repentance and the grace of God that will heal you and give you sight.

It is not so much a matter of Billy Graham going to hell, as that he is already in hell, as are you and the multitudes that follow a false gospel. We are sent by God to speak the true gospel of Jesus Christ to destroy the works of the devil, by which the world is kept in hell (the place of darkness).

“He that commits sin is of the devil, for the devil sins from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8 KJV).

The works of the devil are particularly religious, which give a show of godliness but deny the power of God to deliver from sin and unrighteousness. All this was made evident when Jesus came in His flesh and was opposed by the religious, those whom He called sons of the devil and whom He castigated for not delivering others from hell:

“But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the Kingdom of Heaven against men. For you neither go in, nor do you allow those entering to go in” (Matthew 23:13 MKJV).

You have been taught an entirely wrong notion of hell and the judgment of God. God’s ultimate motive and purpose in judgment is to bring salvation, not torment, to everyone. The religious (of which you are one) have blasphemed God by attributing their own evil thoughts to Him. Men are willing to punish others with no purpose or end other than spite and selfish hatred for having been rejected. But God died for all even when all were in such a state of hatred of Him! He has paid for the sins of the whole world in Christ, and He will not stop even if he has 99 out of a 100 in His fold. He will yet go out and find that last lost one. It is His work all the way. If He saved this sinner by grace, then I know that He will save all sinners in the same manner.

Read our section The Restitution of all Things, Raymond. Stop being so proud and stubborn. Listen and learn something, for a change. Also read The False and Misleading Gospel of “Accepting” Jesus Christ.

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