Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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False Teacher – Carlton Pearson

Addicted to Show Biz

A “bishop” loses his congregation when he stops preaching the damnable doctrine of eternal damnation (interesting, no?), but continues full-steam ahead in shameless self-promotion. He has not forsaken himself, and still chooses the approval of men rather than God.

Paul’s letter to Carlton Pearson:

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ, Carlton,

Like many others, I listened to your story on "This American Life" last night. Perhaps you have a lot of mail to read today. I have something that could be of great value for you, which I enclose below as a link. It is a writing that comes from one who believes in the complete victory of God in Christ, as attested to in Scripture, yet has been given to see the error and false gospel in which many who run with this truth are snared. It is no different with other truths. For example, many profess that Jesus Christ is LORD, the greatest truth of all, but how many follow Him as such?

Here is the article:

The Deadly Error of the Universalists

Another important one for you:

The True Marks of a Cult

A section you might appreciate, attesting to the truth of Christ’s total victory:

The Restitution of All Things

Contending for the faith, as is good and necessary in the sight of God,


Victor’s letter to Carlton Pearson:

Carlton, Victor here,

I go to your site and I do not see Jesus Christ. I see Carlton Pearson. I see “The Bishop.” I see self-promotion and aggrandizement. I see the works of men, but I do not see the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yes, the Lord will and has saved all. In the fullness of times, all will know this. In the mean time, we play out our parts according to His wonderful design. It is my part to tell you that what you do, while it is a part of His grand scheme, is not right in His sight. You must know that lifting yourself up as you do is destructive to you and to others, especially when in His Name. You need to repent, Carlton. You are not a bishop, nor do you do Him any worthwhile service until you die. You have never been to the cross.

Contending earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints, speaking in the resurrection,

Victor Hafichuk

Victor sent this question 10 months later:

Carlton, why have you not replied to us?


The response from Pearson’s organization:


Bishop Pearson does not reply to these types of emails – if you would like to reach him personally, I suggest that you call or write him at the office. He receives nearly a thousand emails a week.

Best wishes,

Benjamin Shell

Paul’s reply:

Greetings, Benjamin,

What kind of e-mail is our “type”? How is it that a presumed man of God cannot answer letters that concern obviously serious and fundamental issues (we have sent our letters before with no answer)? How is that you, or whoever filters Carlton’s e-mail, cannot pass along such correspondence?

I will tell you what we see. We see Carlton looking for and entertaining those that agree with him. He wants to build up a kingdom just like he had before. He does not wish to answer or to deal with anything “negative,” which means anything that does not suit his purposes.

We are not writing in disagreement with the teaching that all will be (not, are) saved. Carlton needs to read what we have to say in our letters and the linked documents we sent him. Can you not let him know that there is something important for him to read, and forward it to him? Are you going to sit there and let the house burn down, Benjamin, because you are following orders not to report any fires? Burn down it will and must, but will you all perish in the conflagration?

Victor’s reply:

Hi Benjamin, Victor here,

What we have sent can, and will, turn out to be either a great blessing to you, Carlton and to others there, or it can turn out to be a curse. It all depends on your reaction. Now you may be merely an office manager, or secretary, or relative, whatever, but the fact that this correspondence comes by you makes it your responsibility, which affects everyone else there. Even if you are to “do as you are told,” you are responsible to do not what unrighteous man tells you to do (every man is unrighteous), but what the Only Righteous One directs. We have spoken the truth to you by Him. Will you honor it or will you simply fulfill a mundane, drab, empty, meaningless duty and just “do your job”? It is your decision.

Do you have any understanding or knowledge of the Lord yourself? No, you do not. If you did, you would not be doing what you are doing. You are being called upon, by the Lord, to turn from your own wisdom to God’s wisdom, from your works to His, and then you will see true life, full of meaning and purpose, for the first time, guaranteed. We know whereof we speak, being in Him.


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