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Dream: Ambushing Enemy Soldiers Suddenly Destroyed by Surprise

I had a dream, July 28/29, 2020. I was high up a tall skyscraper formed out of rock in the side of a vertical cliff. About 20 stories down, I saw a bunch of incoming soldiers in combat fatigues charging toward the base of this mountain skyscraper I was in. They seemed to have landed by ship nearby, intent on fighting an enemy waiting in the mountain.

One or two “floors” directly below me and looking down on those soldiers were more soldiers. They were ready to destroy the guys coming in below them. The soldiers on the ground were entering what might be a trap, totally vulnerable in the open, about to be annihilated by these guys directly below me. I was distraught because I knew the guys coming in on were the good guys and those directly below me, bad, very bad.

Suddenly, to my surprise, to the very right of the enemies nestled below me in the solid rock caves that seemed like balconies, a group of soldiers opened fire on the enemy soldiers next to them and wiped them out entirely. I saw the enemy fall out of their balconies to the ground below, their bodies and weaponry showering the good guys down below, whom they had been intent on wiping out.

Something I realized on Thursday morning, July 30: I didn’t see the soldiers who intervened; I only saw them open fire, I saw the firing, but I didn’t see those who did the firing.

The only concern the good guys on the ground now had was avoiding the falling enemy bodies and weapons falling around them. I watched as they successfully dodged them.

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