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The Issues of Life

In these correspondences, which lasted for about two years – until July 10th, 2006, we shared the questions, objections, and comments of others, with our responses. These letters consisted of debate, discussion and instruction on spiritual, Biblical, personal, business, moral, social and general life issues. We responded by our God-given understanding on matters, addressing particular points of view with which we disagree. There is no sectarianism on our part, no denominational ties of any kind. These letters simply represent an expression of what we have learned in life from God, His people, His Book (the Bible), and His creation.


We welcome you to The Issues of Life


Time for God          [PDF Version]

Salvation for All          [PDF Version]

On Being Your Own Shaman          [PDF Version]

The Difference Between Religion and Jesus Christ          [PDF Version]

For Whom Do We Vote?          [PDF Version]

Is the Roman Catholic Church the Bride of Christ?          [PDF Version]

Why Do We Vote for Jesus Christ?          [PDF Version]

How Do We Vote for the Lord Jesus Christ?          [PDF Version]

Are We Suggesting You Should Put Your Head in the Sand?          
[PDF Version]

Who Are the Peacemakers?          [PDF Version]

Is War a Gender Issue?          [PDF Version]

What Constitutes Godly Government          [PDF Version]

Where Man Has Failed, God Will Succeed          [PDF Version]

Does Peter Have a Hospital?          [PDF Version]

Man's Morality Can Be Hazardous to Your Health          [PDF Version]

What Is Moral and What Isn't?          [PDF Version]

"You Worship You Know Not What..."          [PDF Version]

Life Before Death          [PDF Version]

Who Do Men Say that I Am?          [PDF Version]

On the Question of Suicide          [PDF Version]

Is Disagreement Grounds for a Hasty Dismissal?          [PDF Version]

What Is the Mark of the Beast?          [PDF Version]

What Kind of Faith Do You Have?          [PDF Version]

What About A Course in Miracles?          [PDF Version]

A Course in Confusion          [PDF Version]

The Kingdom of Heaven - Made in America?          [PDF Version]

Various Charges Answered          [PDF Version]

The Narrow vs. the Wide Way          [PDF Version]

The Spirit of Christmas          [PDF Version]

An Example of Great Need          [PDF Version]

Life Above Death          [PDF Version]

False Christianity Unmasked          [PDF Version]

Christ vs. Christianity          [PDF Version]

God Revealed in Christ          [PDF Version]

The Truth of God Is Not an Opinion          [PDF Version]

Will the Real Bible Please Stand Up?          [PDF Version]

"I Don't Want to Argue"          [PDF Version]

Bible Worship Used by Men to Cover Evil          [PDF Version]

"Eat, Drink, and Be Merry"?          [PDF Version]

The End of the World          [PDF Version]

Does Darkness Invite Light?          [PDF Version]

A Matter of Motive          [PDF Version]

The True Marks of a Cult          [PDF Version]

Love, Hate; And Where Is "John Paul II"?          [PDF Version]

Spiritual Reality vs. Make-Believe          [PDF Version]

His Watchmen Are Blind          [PDF Version]

Disdaining None, Judging All, for Good          [PDF Version]

Does God Speak Only Gentle Words?          [PDF Version]

The False Religious Love that Hates (Rejects) God          [PDF Version]

Reality Is What We Need          [PDF Version]

We ARE Here to Tell You          [PDF Version]

How the Lord Exposed Billy Graham          [PDF Version]

Is North America Christian?          [PDF Version]

Goodness and Severity; We Need Both          [PDF Version]

The False and Misleading Gospel of "Accepting" Jesus Christ          
[PDF Version]

The Gift of Faith          [PDF Version]

Dividing the Wheat from the Chaff          [PDF Version]

A Letter to a Mormon          [PDF Version]

One Woman's Treasure...          [PDF Version]

Family Life, Forgiveness and the End of Hell          [PDF Version]

Receiving the Spirit of God - Not a Salvation Issue?          [PDF Version]

The Whole Picture          [PDF Version]

No Place to Hide          [PDF Version]

God Is Finished Winking          [PDF Version]

There Is a Better Way          [PDF Version]

Must Everything Be Spelled Out in the Bible?          [PDF Version]

The Claims of Islam vs. the Word of God          [PDF Version]

A Hurricane or a Hair - It Is All in His Hands          [PDF Version]

A Public Promoter of Falsehood Confronted Publicly          [PDF Version]

The Necessity for Both Law and Grace          [PDF Version]

His Sheep Hear His Voice          [PDF Version]

"Judge Righteous Judgment"          [PDF Version]

"No Man Knows Either Love or Hatred by All that Is Before Them"
[PDF Version]

How Jesus Christ Connects Us to God          [PDF Version]

Where the Axe Meets the Root          [PDF Version]

What the World Needs Now          [PDF Version]

God Wrestles with the Crooked          [PDF Version]

Further Along on The Path of Truth          [PDF Version]

Those Calling Him Lord Surprised to Find He Is          [PDF Version]

Close-Minded to Truth = Open-Minded to Lies          [PDF Version]

Truth, Not Sympathy, Called For          [PDF Version]

The Devilish Notion that Grace Is Freedom to Sin          [PDF Version]

Good Will Comes to the Undeserving          [PDF Version]

The Arrogance of Darkness          [PDF Version]

Unity: Here and Now in the Assembly of the Firstborn          [PDF Version]

The Muslim Scourge          [PDF Version]

The Cost of "Free Speech"          [PDF Version]

"At the Last Time There Will Be Mockers"          [PDF Version]

Shameless Scoundrels Defame Divine Healing          [PDF Version]

Supporting Evil by Doing Nothing          [PDF Version]

Who and Why We Are          [PDF Version]

Behold, Israel and the Jew!          [PDF Version]

"Are You He that Troubles Israel?"          [PDF Version]

Man Mistakes Himself for God          [PDF Version]

The Walk with God          [PDF Version]

Is Your Profession of Faith Vain, Christian?          [PDF Version]



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