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Years before I believed, when we had a rock band in the sixties, we only played songs famous entertainers had recorded. Though I played guitar privately until 1973, the year I was converted to Christ, I still composed no music. It was not until I received the Spirit in 1975 that I was given the words and music to my first song, “Walk By Faith.” It was summer and we were on a road trip from Manitoba, Canada, to New York, USA, on our way to Europe.

I did not intend to write a song; it just happened. “Walk By Faith” described how our lives were and would be. Then, over the years, other songs came, inspired by revelations, circumstances, and people brought into our lives. I cannot, and never could, sit down and deliberately write a song. While I would say that God gave me these songs (and I know He did), I have heard many unbelievers also report the same sort of experience, that they were inspired without deliberation. The important thing is their kind of influence.

We know that these songs will speak to, inform, strengthen, and encourage others in their walk of faith in Jesus Christ. They already have. I am thankful to God for them.


 Walk by Faith 

 The Power of Jesus 


 Life’s a Road 

 Cause Me to Hear 

 The Walk with God 

 The Butterfly (or) The Shadow of the Gallows Tree 

 Do We Thank God and Live? 

 A Deadly Pull 

 Up Is Down and Down Is Up 

 The Path of Truth 

 The Father Gave Me Words 


 It’s Great to Be Somebody 

 His Yoke Is Easy 

 Look to Him 

 What Will Be Will Be 

 Growing in Christ Jesus 

 There’s Lots to Be Thankful For 

 The Very Best 

 Loving You 


 The Victory of the Lord 

 You Don’t Have To 

 I’d Give Anything 

 The Work of God 


 There Is a Place 

 A New Song 

 Got Nothin’ to Live For, But Don’t Wanna Die 

 Do or Die 

 I Want You to Know 

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